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American Media, Soviet Tactics

The communist government of the former Soviet
Union thought that by controlling access to information, they could keep their citizens
in line. Consistent with the Orwellian nature of the
Soviet Union, the country’s most important newspaper was Pravda. “Pravda” is the Russian word for “truth.” But Pravda was not truth. It was full of lies. But here’s the thing: Almost no one in the
Soviet Union was fooled. They knew they were being lied to. Ironically, unlike most citizens in the Soviet
Union, citizens in 21st-century America are fooled by their news media. We think we’re getting the real story from
our major media, but we’re not. When we tune into the networks, or read the
New York Times or the Washington Post, we’re actually getting a sharply slanted version
of the news. Slanted to the left. This should deeply concern people on both
sides of the political divide. To make informed decisions, a free society
needs a press it can trust—not one that is hopelessly biased. In 2017, Project Veritas sent out undercover
reporters to see how committed the major media was to objective news gathering, specifically
as it regarded the newly-elected president, Donald Trump. Our first report focused on CNN. A producer there, John Bonifield, acknowledged
the lack of evidence for his network’s efforts to link the Trump campaign and the Russian
government in a plot to rig the 2016 election. Bonifield told us, “I think the president
is probably right to say, like, ‘Look, you are witch-hunting me. You have no smoking gun; you have no real
proof.’” So, why was CNN so relentless in hammering
the Russia collusion narrative? Ideology—”the election wasn’t legitimate”—and
ratings. As Bonifield noted, the Trump/Russia collusion
story was “good for business.” Next, we released another series of reports,
these on the New York Times. First, we heard from Nick Dudich, the paper’s
“audience strategy editor.” Dudich told our undercover reporter he was
responsible for choosing which New York Times videos go on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Dudich boasted, “My imprint is on every
video we do.” And what was that imprint about? As Dudich, who worked on both the Obama and
Hillary Clinton campaigns, told our reporter, he hoped to use his position to make the president’s
life as difficult as possible. “I will be objective,” he told our reporter
with undisguised sarcasm before revealing his true intentions: “No, I’m not. That’s why I’m here.” Dudich told us he returned to journalism precisely
in order to remain politically active. Next, we met Des Shoe, an editor for the paper. She made it clear where she stood. “I think one of the things that maybe journalists
were thinking about is, like, oh—if we write about [Trump], about how insanely crazy he
is and how ludicrous his policies are, then maybe people will read it and be, like, oh,
wow—we shouldn’t vote for him.” According to the Times’s own handbook on
journalistic ethics, journalists “may not do anything that damages The Times’s reputation
for strict neutrality in reporting on politics and government.” So, given such a breach of the Times’s own
standards, we expected the newspaper to come down hard on Dudich and Shoe. Instead, they came down hard on us! Executive editor Dean Baquet said I was a
“despicable person” for recording one of his employees telling the truth. Yet, when the Times publicized a 2012 undercover
video of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney saying that 47 percent of Americans
wouldn’t vote for him because they were dependent on the government, they praised
it as “offering a rare glimpse of [Romney’s] personal views.” In fact, in his attack on us, Baquet unwittingly
gave the whole American media game away. A real journalist, he told a panel at the
National Press Club, “has to have in his or her heart a desire to make society better.” The Times’s editor is wrong. Real journalists want to pursue the truth. Then they let the citizens use that truth
to build a better society. When journalists shape news to fit their vision
of a better society, they’re not doing their job. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad if the major
media would just admit their political motives. But they don’t. On behalf of their own narrow agenda, they
lie, distort and exaggerate. And they expect us to call it Pravda. But, with each passing day, fewer and fewer
Americans are willing to do so. I’m James O’Keefe, founder and president
of Project Veritas, for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “American Media, Soviet Tactics

  1. Russians themselves set up a totalitarian government and the propogand media, and then do not believe them themselves.

    Oh this mysterious Russian soul.

  2. Epic FAIL!!!👎👎
    PRAVDA does not mean truth!
    Two words, TRUTH and JUSTICE fused together give unique and powerfull TRUE meaning to the word PRAVDA. Only found in Slavic language. If you can't do proper thorough research of just one word, in this case very important one…So, why would I believe anything that you present in this video, is correct? Quite shabby dude!

  3. Just keep the #soviets out of Afghanistan cuz they aren't welcome there no matter what they're talking about. Just ask the #Taliban 😂

  4. This Left Bashing presentation was brought to you by "PragerU (short for Prager University) … an American non-profit organization that creates videos on various political, economic and philosophical topics from a conservative or right-wing perspective".
    Conspicuous by it's lack of mention: Fox News.

  5. Tell me it's no so Batman….duh no kidding it's been socialist propaganda since the late 60's. As well as universities and filtered its way into high schools and now to all grades including kinder garden and first grade for those too stupid to know that .FACT . it all started back in the early fifties ….Commrad

  6. you think that American media's biggest enemy is Russians ??? they hate us Muslims more than anything that exists

  7. How do you get socialism approved in America? Start with smaller less strong countries. Then there is noone who can bail America out like we did with Germany.

  8. I for one do not believe everything they say. I use common sense through reading his Tweets and watching him live to know he is not discrimatory. In my opinion, anyone who buys the crap is a complete retard(In their own imaginative minds in their own dellusionary fantasy world devoident of any common sense with insane arrogeant stupidity away from the real world we all live in).

  9. Mainstream media is just a political arm or collection of activists. Not worth my time to even glance at it anymore. And yes, just like Pravda.

  10. We need to deport leftists. Imagine how many personality disorders we will get ride of!?
    Make Narcs & sociopaths live with each other.

  11. Liberals love rigged elections, oppression, dead babies, forcing you to accept their way or else, racism, etc.

  12. Yeah I remember seeing a video maybe a couple years ago one thing in particular the press wanted to make a change like this is their way of contributing to the better of everything who made you holier than they are full of it everybody else needs to wake up to how these people think

  13. seeing the lies and manipulation of the msm is a bit like looking at a magic eye picture, once you see it it jumps out at you all the time. i cant believe i used to ready a newspaper, (and watch tv ) and believe it as possibly the truth.

  14. Same is true here in the Philippines, with the msm outlets ABS-CBN and GMA (as well as fake blogging site Rappler) demonizing the government's policies to further their delusional agenda.

  15. Communist China owns Big Tec, msm and Hollywood in the United States that's why we're in the shape we're in today Americans got to wake up and smell the coffee.

  16. Mr. O'Keefe, there's no two ways about it, your work is CRITICAL. ESSENTIAL.
    But you have a full fledged scary looming moral obligation to spread your findings WIDE. And I want to make sure you know, GOD WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU IF YOU DON'T.
    The information you have is a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. If you don't get this out and in the right hands, you have blood in unimaginable amounts on your head!

  17. So, if American media is like that on domestic matters, I wonder how biased they might be on foreign matters.

  18. So, what about tuning in to some foreign media every once in a while to balance things out and have a different perspective on stuff?
    Sure must press is anti-Trump any where (no one likes that guy…) But you might get a more balanced opinion on other subjects like climate change, foreign affairs, gun control or trade disputes.
    I do it all the time, I don't only get my news from my countries media but also from Canada, Euronews, Germany, UK, Japan or even Al-Jazeera. Worst case scenario, even if they are ALL biased in the same direction, are least you get news on different subjects with would not get if you only watch your national media….

  19. The elites, their cable news spin doctors, and their Democrat puppet rulers are still losing; despite having every conceivable advantage. Goes to show that the people aren't as dumb as they thought, and the free exchange of ideas is more powerful than centrally planned propaganda.

  20. And anyone who doesn't recognize this is being used as a mindless tool to benefit malevolent manipulators. To them I say, congratulations– your life has purpose. It's a worthless, even damaging purpose that makes the world an increasingly worst place– but hey– at least you weren't just born to consume material, produce excrement then become fertilizer.

  21. Great commentary. Journalism as a professional has been destroyed by these propagandist. The 4 th estate is dead.

  22. Its just a matter of time until TRUTH will rule the day, and when it Does the Main Stream Media will come tumbling down like Humpty Dumpty

  23. I'm not even gonna lie, The media had me fooled for a while , but now I just don't watch the news and many people that I know don't watch Much of the news either . It just brings people down , even Angry. I don't know why the media doesn't report on more Useful information to be more productive in our communities and bring together people.

  24. A person can always improve themselves if they want to, so I quit my job at CNN and started cleaning porta potties….

  25. Hmm the channel uses CNN, The New York Times, and the Washington post as examples of media outlets that distort the truth, all coincidentally have a reputation for being considered leftist media. On the contrary, the channel also “coincidentally” decides not to depict Fox News, who “coincidentally” has a reputation for leaning towards the right. It seems PragerU is bias by only demonizing news outlets they deem too liberal

  26. I am truely devastated after reading the comment. The main problem here is, weather we like it or not every media will have bias.. Just as CNN and Times, fox news is also biased. It is our responsibility to understand the basic of politics and search different sources to see more objectively. But we are doing the worst thing, we are relying on news outlet to do the job for us. The news outlet that we know are getting paid by either of party. and then we complaint why it is not true. Imagine for moment you just watch news from one channel all the time. You will simply belive that other are telling the lie and they are the one who tell truth. If you stop reading different news media and let the outlet decide for you, you are doomed. Then you are nothing but play toy but if you read and analyze from different source, you will confront contrast and that is what we are afraid of. We need to grow the hell up and accept the fact that truth is something you gain not by sitting and watching TV. If you have never been in contrast with newsmedia you watch or the people you talk, then you have not truely think for yourself once. You have been just easy prey for others to manipulates and that is why the news is biased. Because we are lazy and afraid to think.

  27. Wow!
    The media have such a power ,,, (consideration in progress) ….
    PragerU has the needed common sense people need to have.
    By the way:
    YouTube don't let me "like" your video! The counter is blue – but it doesn't give you 'one more like' … .therefor it doesn't count.

  28. Its not even a slanted version ofthe news anymore. It's now slanted version of a totally false narrative. It's a house of cards, lies built upon lies.

  29. I have no faith in the news media I don’t believe the news media they lie and I don’t listen to them.

  30. I apologize folks but I have to disagree a little bit, because both sides of the political system are biased, but the truth is the right has and is getting less and less room in the media, and I think that the media should be neutral but is not and that is the fascist truth.

  31. The USA hasn't had trustworthy news since the 2nd gulf war and the "weapons of mass destruction" hoax to push the public into war support. If an entire year of fake hates crimes doesn't make people realize the news is fake, nothing will.

  32. Here in Argentina, kirchnerism (using the same tactics) installed the moto "everything is political". Allowing them to have partisan journalist, judges, teachers (who tried to brainwash kids with political propaganda), etc.

  33. American broadcast news is garbage. Hard lies from the left and soft truth/hard hype from fox and none of it intended to inform you on what's really happening in the world. Consider the combined effect. It's the same as congress: Aggressive lefties and fake republicans who sit on their hands. Consider the combined effect Why you'd think the whole thing was rigged by somebody.

  34. Growing up during the cold war I was wondering, why no previous presentation on this most OBVIOUS TOPIC ! Yes , unlike the Soviets our society has fallen for communism!

  35. The national enquirer used to be considered a laughable rag, now mainstream media is competing with it for the most outrageous stories.

  36. Anyone who still chooses to be part of the Left, with all of the evidence of their evil corruption, are just as evil and corrupt. Period.

  37. Prisoner is the same policies that the democratic party pushes in America they believe in the new World Order and are controlled from those people from within the EU and the new world order the Deep state who is busily replacing your politicians is subservient people to vehicles

  38. Depressing Europe and across America are singing from the same prayer book yes the ideology of a communist ideology very much like China wear your freedom of speech liberty and democracy. Dissolved and you will be ruled by an elite who would carry out ungodly acts against the Citizens of your country to such an extent that will carry out the job what the Nazis didn't do but they will be doing it on a bigger scale and once they control the media and the internet you will never know how many millions are being murdered by these people

  39. This man here speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth and if you do not remove those from power and they're doing this they will carry out the ultimate crime Against Humanity and the carry out genocide on a scale you would never seen before on this planet please understand if you believe in God and you believe in humanity and justice and truth you believe such men because they are the tellers of the truth considered to be the enemies of the site when you censor my suck my words you are just being a part of the ultimate solution the murder of millions

  40. Aug 2019: now we know through Mueller report that Russia did interfere in American elections that lead to Trump's victory


  42. Instead of "googling" something use the search engine duckduckgo . Its better and faster (imho) than Google , and non biased.

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