Amazonas-Flussdelfin “Baby” im Zoo Duisburg 💧 über und unter Wasser |
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Amazonas-Flussdelfin “Baby” im Zoo Duisburg 💧 über und unter Wasser |

Hello, today we visit the amazon river dolphin. Aline Steinbach (caretaker at Duisburg Zoo): Here you can see the amazon dolphin’s back pool. You can see him here next to us in the shallow water area. He can come here, when he doesn’t want to be in the big pool. When there are a lot of visitors he sometimes comes here. That’s why it can occur, that the visitors are not able to see him, but then he isn’t away, but choose to come here in this so called medical pool. There you can see a little passage. He can easily swim through it to get in this pool here, in which we do medical training with him. During this we use a target and guide him to the shallow water area, so that we can train him to get touched or other medical treatment. We touch him from the bottlenose to the tail and he amazingly takes part in this training – even in his high age. We enrich our river dolphin a lot like for example many toys. He has different balls in different sizes. He has a lot of small balls, he like to take in his mouth and bring them underwater. One ball is filled with water and is kind of weightless in the water. He enjoys this a lot. Most of the balls swim at the surface but he finds balls that swim in the water more interesting. Moreover, some divers clean up the whole pool and he likes to interact. He likes to be touched and playing together with the divers with the toys underwater. He enjoys it a lot. Sometimes he tries to steal the diving fins. Of course, he shouldn’t do it, but he likes to play games like this. Maybe, he’ll now come to us. If you liked our video, I’d be happy about a thumb up and if you have got more questions write them down in the comment section below. In order to never miss a video, subscribe our channel.

7 thoughts on “Amazonas-Flussdelfin “Baby” im Zoo Duisburg 💧 über und unter Wasser |

  1. Kennt ihr auch schon unser erstes Video zum Flussdelfin Baby? 💦
    Also check out our first video about Duisburg's River dolphin Baby: 💙

  2. Tolle Aufnahmen, wie der Delfin neugierig in die Kamera blickt und er sich ganz sanft der Hand der Pflegerin nähert.
    Zwei Fragen hätte ich zu diesem Video:
    1. Wie heißt die fröhliche jazzige Musik, die zu Beginn des Films kommt?
    2. Auf der "Backbordseite" im hinteren Bereich sieht man bei "Baby" irgendwie Dellen am Körper. Was ist da passiert? Hatte er mal einen Unfall oder wurde er in seiner Jugend mal von einem Hai "angeknabbert"?

  3. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Baby der letzte Flussdelfin in eurem Aquarium bleibt. Diese wahnsinnig klugen Tiere sollten in Freiheit leben dürfen. Man muss einfach mehr für den natürlichen Lebensraum der Tiere tun, damit sich der Bestand erholen kann.

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