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Amara Drops An Unexpected Bomb On Evan | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

Thank you. Thank you for seeing me
on such short notice. What do you need,
[INAUDIBLE] Hughes? I’m extremely busy
as you can imagine. Yes I know and I’m sorry
for the loss of your father. I got to know Senior
a bit through Rondell. He was a very kind
and loving man. No one knows that
better than me. But you didn’t come all the way
down here to pay your respects. I have a few questions
regarding Daphne Manning and Hershel Cooper. Happy to answer, though I
doubt anything I have to say will be much help. I’ll ask anyway
since you’re willing. Will this take long? I’ll try to be as
succinct as possible. So here’s what I know. The city procurement officer,
a member of your cabinet, and also your
mistress, was operating a pay-for-play bribery scheme. The building permit
supervisor was her accomplice. First of all,
I’m a married man. Having a mistress
would be immoral that would go against the
vows I made to my wife. Secondly, if you really had
all that on Mrs. Manning, you’d have arrested her by now. Why go for a guppy when
you can land a shark? May I continue? By all means. I’m very close to
proving that Stephanie’s top client, Greg
Peters, benefited from Daphne’s malfeasance. Did you benefit as
well Mayor Lancastor. Careful, you could be
dangerously close to slander. If you have any chance of
salvaging your political career not to mention
staying out of prison, you’ll tell me
everything you know. Is this the
hardline tactic you used when you drove poor Hershel
Cooper to take his own life? You’re not the only one with
a law degree, Mrs. Hughes. Surely, you aren’t trying
to hang a federal case on the cobbling together of
unsubstantiated claims and city hall gossip? And I’ll ask you the same
question I asked your wife. Why are the Lancaster’s
protecting Peters? A man who most likely
had your father killed. Tell me Evan. What does he have on
you and Stephanie? – Greg Peters is the last person
on the planet I’d protect. In fact, I’d declare
a city holiday if you actually did your job
and prosecuted him successfully, Amara. Since we’re using first names. I’ve struck a nerve. Well, you claim to
be my sister’s friend. So you must know
Peters repeatedly threatened her
because of Rondell’s fight to save the banks. Now I’m aware. I’m also aware that you did
precisely little to stop him. Now why is that I
mean you certainly have very strong negative
opinions about the man whose construction business has
broken ground on project after project, after you
have been elected mayor. All fast tracked by
your cabinet appointee. Unlike you I don’t
allow my personal feelings to dictate how I conduct
government business. Come on, Evan. I went to college
with Stephanie. We were best friends. I’m all too familiar with how
the Carlyle’s conduct business. Did they force you
into bed with Peters? Should I have had
my attorney present for our little conversation? If you’re referring
to your wife, Stephanie’s too busy throwing
herself at my husband. Oh you didn’t hear? I caught her half naked
in Titus hotel room.

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