Alundi, the social network for employees

Alundi is your new must-have
collaboration tool connecting blue color workers and desktop employees in one
user-friendly platform. Our handy app lets every team member access the information
that’s important to him or his team. The perfect fit for shift workers and
on-site employees. Alundi empowers everybody with clear-cut one-to-one
messaging. It’s HR 4.0 with bulletin boards for all your teams and divisions.
Mini surveys to keep your finger on the pulse at any time. A video sharing
functionality fit for training purposes. Team libraries to organize and update
documents. And targeted emergency alerts in case of purl.
Let’s optimize collaboration between all your employees and improve
decision-making to the full. Controlling and managing all conversations is what
makes Alundi unique. No need for email addresses a simple mobile number
will do. Alundi is easily scalable that makes it the ideal tool for companies
with at least 100 process operators. Try Alundi today and prepare your workforce
for the future. We’re happy to meet you and show you all the specs.

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