Alright! | Desi Boy Vs. Social Media ft. Ambrish Verma, Akhilesh Vats
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Alright! | Desi Boy Vs. Social Media ft. Ambrish Verma, Akhilesh Vats

Please subscribe to “ALRIGHT” Ladies and gentleman First of all I want to thank you all.. for showing up here today to listen to the Red talk of a small man Sunil Dhankad There was a guy at backstage who said that.. today I am here to tell my success story Key to success But I am sorry, because I am here to tell you my Failure story So, my story started like this few years from now I decided that I will be famous on social media but why? I had a very solid reason for that I’ll will be famous you just wait and watch Saejal Kumari What have you done? For a struggling tiktok artist you left me? Rishabh she left me!! Bro the day I’ll get 1 million subscriber.. and if she will text me.. giving her a reply no way, I’ll not even see that message Since, how long I have been asking you to make rap videos? Do you even know how many boys from our society are famous now.. by making rap videos When will you get famous? How will you take revenge from my sister-in-law? You just said the truth bro.. These guys who are worth nothing are getting famous now and I have so much talent in me Bro that’s what I am saying don’t supress you talent let it come out Are you sure? Yes, I am Sure? Sure? Sure? Yes let Sumit Dhankad come out Hello friends, the way you have showered love on other youtubers and made then famous.. just like that shower some love on your Haryana boy Sumit Dhankad.. and this channel should at least With whom permission you are making video in my street? I’ll hit you very badly just leave from here Look You will hit me without any cause What happened? What happened? What happened?? what happened? Now, what happened Rishabh? It’s been 3 weeks, why views are not increasing? Only 90 views are there bro 70 views are mine I have watched 12 times That means only 8 people have watched this video Bro don’t tell anyone This will be very insulting What if you get less views and likes.. will you look for a teacher? that sir, teach me something, help me in getting famous Bro no one is that dumb Sumit bro, Sumit bro Lalit Shokeen’s new video is out Today’s world is all about social media.. and the amount of talent you hold.. that needs to go viral But who will help you in getting famous? Who? My name is KayJo and I am world’s number 1 media strategist.. I have changes so many people’s luck.. and now.. It is your turn.. call me at 9999420999 There is no such thing.. It doesn’t happen like this Sir Sir, my name is Sumit Dhankad I know, I know You are here to become famous right? How come you know this? Sumit bro What do you think Bhuwan, Bhadana and many more.. how they became famous? You made them famous sir? No But, I will make you go viral Sir I have posted more that 12 videos on internet Initially, one street dog knew me now other street dog knows me.. rest nothing has changed sir Big bro to trend on social media is equal to breaking nuts with your own hand We will make you such a big influencer.. that companies will hire you to sell their cloths, houses, soaps, condom.. everthing Sir protein shake too.. there is this guy from my hometown his photo come on the protein shake jar Just go and submit your fee As you say sir Listen Do social experiments it’s trending in market these days surely you will be getting famous Do you have faith in god? God has sent me.. with 2000 rupees Cut It was a brilliant take.. brilliant Hey you give me my money back That beggar torned my 2000 rupees Those 2000 rupees got wasted It’s ok if social experiment didn’t worked.. now we will do a prank It is trending these days We will invest money and boost it, Just deposit your fee in account office Baby, you didn’t tell him about our unborn child What is all this? Who are you? Nothing has happened till now, but now it will happen It is a prank, see camera is there Just deposit fee in the accounts department Where is the camera? It was there.. If you will do things according to you then how will you get famous Just do what others are doing Create a tiktok video Who asked you to act stylish cry people want to see emotion cry cry like a baby, cry like a girl If you will keep crying how will we build an audience We want both the audience Make one video where you will cry and laugh simultaneously So, the guy tried with hook and crook and the teacher also tried almost everything.. but student was not getting famous But every teacher have one final move that they use in the end Today what I will make you do.. will surely make you go viral just go inside the room, everything is ready for you What is inside that room? Just go and look yourself they will tell me inside yes Your team will be there Sir Please forgive me, I know I said somethings Hi Handsome Just come inside What happened? What is all this sir? There was a girl inside What kind of video were you going to shoot? This kind of video trends on every social media You don’t have to do anything.. just take off your cloths and lay down. she is an experienced person.. she has already given 4 trending videos I need to sit inside without my cloths Yes Are you shooting a B*** film? Sir This is something I can not do Please forgive me Just go and do it, you sister-in-law is there and you have to be brother-in-law Sir if you have some other work I’ll do it.. this is something I can’t do Just do it I know I can’t do this Do it my son I can’t Just do it I am saying, I will not do this Sir I’ll hit you really hard this is too much You have been fooling me for so long I have already sold my tracter Have sold almost everything I am not even able to pay my car EMI I have spent all my money here Now, You want me to go inside and sell my self respect too I am ****** because I came here Get lost I don’t want to get famous like this That teacher was a jerk Bro Sir was not a jerk It was me who was fool enough who couldn’t understand his intentions So, guys this was my failure story and bro One thing that I have understood.. that if something is coming out from within.. and you are working with your whole heart.. than no one can stop you.. If we say it in English than.. Good intent with content.. along with hard work.. makes you viral on social media Let me tell you my success story now It is quite small Yes bro Should I? Yes, yes.. So, guys that song which had 90 views now it is having 9 million views give me some beat bro Hi guys look who we have here.. this is Govind from the “RECHARGE” channel you must have watched his videos So, basically guys since you liked our give aways very much we have decided to partner with “RECHARGE” channel and launch our official merchandise these are the merchandise, these are amazing T-shirts Guys, we are planning to give away a TV to one of our lucky winner For which the rules are guys rules are very simple There is a link in the description, just go there and participate purchase these merchandise and the best part is the first 500 likes will have a chance to win a TV Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to “ALRIGHT” and “RECHARGE” and be ALRIGHT

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    Kaise kr lete ho bhai har Tarah ka character or hamesha new role se mindblow krdete ho😙😙😙

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  5. Due to repeated appearance of the same video again & again. It created so much irritation in my mind that I cant can't explain. But what I could do is unsubscribe the channel so I did.
    Thank You channel for what you taught and shown till now.

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