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Algebra Disorder || EP 09 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

Yes, bro? – Have you started yet?
– Yes. Where do we go after bunking classes? Do you got money on you? – What for?
– Well, to make boats with the currency notes. Bro, my brother isn’t so well off.
– It is India versus Pakistan match day. Let’s place bets. Oh, right! Today is the match day.
Can you lend me Rs. 5000? I’ll return it after India wins. Never trust a girl to pay bills and friends to win bets.
– Bro, this time it will be different. Cut it! You took money from me and placed it
on Afghanistan to beat Australia. You still owe me that money. Come along only if you’ve got money.
– Fine! I’ll try to get some from my brother. He still hasn’t left for work.
Now is the time to ask. What are you staring at?
– What plans for the weekend? It is MS Excel all week and Surf Excel on weekends.
Anyways, why didn’t you leave for college yet? Today is the match day.
– So? – I want to watch the match with you. I’ll watch the match at office.
You go to college. Brother, I need Rs. 5000. – What for?
– To perform a puja for the Indian team. Rs. 5000 for a puja? It can be done even with Rs. 20.
– It is a special puja. – What? You always flunk your exams.
Did you ever perform a puja to pass? No. You and your wife will pray for me. But who will pray
for those guys who are representing the nation? So, I’ve decided
to take up that responsibility. Can it!
– Brother, please.. – Go to hell! I’ll have to watch from home now. Instead of watching TV all day,
why don’t you go and prepare for exams? Who will study when India is playing Pakistan?
– India is playing Pakistan? – It is the world cup match. India Pakistan match shouldn’t be viewed so silently?
– Shall I play some songs then? No. We should make it more spicey.
– What do you mean? – Let’s place a bet. Sure. I’ll bet on India.
– Everyone bets on India. Alright, you bet on India winning
and I’ll bet on Pakistan losing. Deal? You deserve nothing more than soap operas.
– But why? – India winning and Pakistan losing is the same. Tell me, who do you like?
– My husband. – Ask him to make it to the Indian team then. I’m asking you amongst the cricketers.
– I like Dhoni. – Nice. Place a bet on Dhoni to score a 100
while I’ll place a bet on Rohit Sharma. How much is the bet worth?
– Rs. 100. – What nonsense. Even the granny next door is placing a bet of Rs. 1000.
– In that case, I should atleast bet Rs. 2000. I’ve Rs. 2000 which I sometimes steal
from your brother. So, I’ll bet that money. Why isn’t Dhoni out to bat yet?
– He’ll be coming soon. She doesn’t know Dhoni will not be left
with enough time to score a 100. You said something?
– Nothing. Look, Rohit just hit a six. And now a four!
– When will Dhoni come to bat? – Pretty soon. Yes! Rohit scored a 100!
– Wait for Dhoni, he’ll score a 200. Yes, Dhoni has finally arrived! He’ll score a 100.
– He can’t. There are only 12 balls left. See, the innings is over and Dhoni didn’t score a 100.
Pay me up. – Fine! Why is he calling now? Yes, sir?
– ‘When will you return my money?’ – In a week’s time. ‘I’ll come and talk to your brother.’
– No, please.. – ‘I’m on my way to your place.’ What is the matter? Tell me?
– I’ve borrowed some money. – How much? Rs. 25,000.
– Rs. 25,000! What did you do with so much money? Before I could do anything with it, I spent it all.
– Idiot! You’re ruining my hubby’s reputation. I’ll tell him. Don’t! Even Shastry says he’ll tell him.
– Who is Shastry? – Jigelu Shastry. And who is he? – The priest who performed your wedding.
– What! That priest is now into money lending business? His usual fee to perform a wedding is Rs. 25,000,
but he cheated and took Rs. 40,000. To teach him a lesson, I’m not repaying the loan.
– Good job. – But he says he’ll complain to my brother. Don’t worry, I’ll handle him.
Even I should get even with him. – What for? He brought me a stupid match
and ruined my life. I mean, go and hide.
Hurry up! Since she said she’ll handle it, I’m now safe.
But what is her plan afterall? He has come already?
– There comes Shastry. Greetings, Mr Shastry!
– Greetings! All good? – Sort of. How are you?
– I’m good. Where is Mr Ravi.. – At work. And Sunny? – He is at home.
– What the.. Why did she say I’m at home? I shouldn’t have trusted her.
– I got to have a word with him. – Please, come in. ‘I know how to deal with you.’ Why are you sitting on the floor?
– He is not. – On the floor? I’m sitting on the sofa.
– What nonsense. The sofa is here. But, the sofa is here.
– You seem to have an issue with your eye sight. The sofa isn’t there.
– You mean the sofa is there? So, the sofa is here?
– Yes. Please, be seated. I’ve come in a car and I’ve been sitting all along.
So, I rather prefer to stand. It is your call.
– If you can call Sunny, I’ll speak with him and leave. Will she now call me out?
– What do you mean? Sunny is standing right next to you. ‘Next to me? Then why can’t I see him?’
– Next to him? Now I get her plan.
– There is no one here. – What is wrong with you? You imagined the sofa to be there when it is here
and now you say you can’t see Sunny. Nothing is wrong with me. I’m healthy.
– No, something is wrong. – Is it? You’re suffering from Alegbra Disorder.
Even one of my friend’s brother suffered from it. Alegbra disorder?
I hope he didn’t see me. I thought she was weak in Math, but no.
– What are the symptoms? They can’t see things which are there and vice versa.
In the 2nd stage of this disease, you can’t even see people. That is why he says he can’t see you, Sunny.
– But I can see you alright. Tell me where I am standing.
– Right in front of me. – No, I’m here. You said Sunny is here.
– No, I said Sunny is there. You are even getting confused with directions?
I think you’re in the final stage of the disease. Let’s have lunch. Did she serve me anything?
Screw this disease of mine. I’ll pretend to eat. What curry is this?
– Curry? I served you pudding. I knew it was pudding. It tastes so good. What pudding is this?
– It is brinjal pudding. – Brinjal pudding? Sounds interesting. Should try it once.
– Could you tell me the recipe? I’ll ask my wife to make it. Sure. You’ll need a litre of milk,
150 grams of sugar, 250 grams of brinjals half tea spoon of Elaichi powder,
15 pieces of cashew and raisins and finally one person
who’ll eat it without complaining. That’s it. You are home already?
– Shit! My brother is home! I checked my horoscope today. It predicted I’ll be home
by lunch time. To make the prediction true, I’m home. Mr Shastry, when did you arrive?
– A while ago. The brinjal pudding your wife made is amazing! Brinjal pudding? I don’t see anything here.
– Shit! He is ruining everything. Wonder what my sister-in-law will do now?
– There is nothing here? – No. There is nothing here, right?
– No! – Do you see a sofa there? A sofa? No.
– Do you see a sofa there? – Yes. Sunny isn’t in this room, right?
– Sunny? No, he isn’t. What is the matter, Mr Shastry.
– Your wife has been confusing me saying all sorts of things.
– What is going on, Gautami? What is going on?
– Why is Mr Shastry speaking so weirdly? What do you mean?
He is having his lunch in peace right here. What nonsense!
He is sitting here. My sister-in-law is the greatest actress ever!
– What happened to you? You seem.. He seems to have an issue
with his eye sight, right? I’m having an issue with my eye sight?
Then why did you nod your head looking at him? No, I was looking away from him.
– What happened to you, Gautami? No. Something happened to you. Let me call Sunny here.
– Yes, please. – Sunny! Now, I’ll nail my character.
I’m coming, sister-in-law. Greetings, Mr Shastry.
Having lunch, huh? Good for you. How come you are home already, brother?
– What the.. Isn’t Mr Shastry sitting here? What has happened to him?
– He seems to have.. – Oh, cut it! I have no issue with my eye sight.
I’ve the best eye sight humanly possible. I’m tired hearing it again and again. What is going on?
– I’ll tell you. Your brother took a loan of Rs. 25,000 from me.
Now, he and your wife are trying to fool me. Is it true you took a loan from him?
– Says who? – Says Mr Shastry. Did you hear that Mr Shastry?
My brother says I borrowed money from you. You heard that?
– Hear what? What did he say? He says he borrowed Rs. 10,000 from Sunny.
– What nonsense! You owe me Rs. 25,000! He is yelling
and you won’t even answer him? He is yelling?
He is busy licking his fingers and you say he is yelling? Mr Ravi, are you sure I’m here?
Or do you think I passed away on my way here and it is only my spirit that is here.
– ‘His legs are in place like they should be.’ ‘Or are these two spirits?
No, they too have their legs in place.’ ‘Or did I die?
No, even I have my legs in place.’ Don’t worry.
I’ll handle this matter. Sunny, where is Mr Shastry?
– Right here. Where is Gautami? – Right here.
– Where are you? – I’m here. Where am I?
– Right here. – Now, where is Mr Shastry? You are asking about Mr Shastry?
He is here. I know how to deal this. Where is the dining table?
– Right here. – Where is the sofa? – There. Where is Gautami? – Over here.
Where am I? – Over here. Where are our parents? – In the US.
And you? – Over here. – And Mr Shastry? Well..
He is over there. So, Shastry is over there? – Yes.
– And not here? – How will he if he is here? So, he isn’t here? – No.
– He is over there? – Yes! Why are you getting so confused?
– Mr Shastry.. – You want Mr Shastry to say he is over there? Mr Shastry, tell us, where are you? Don’t worry, Mr Ravi.
I have no confusion now. I’ve to leave now.
I’ll greet him and then leave. Mr Shastry..
– He is standing. – Well, I’m touching his feet. I’ll take your leave.. Can you see me?
– So, did you like the lunch? What a silly question.
Why would he see me? What has just happened?
It felt like I was watching a Korean film without subtitles. Sister-in-law, tell him everything before he goes crazy.
– So, what happened is.. I get it.
So, I owe Sunny Rs. 25,000. And this, you kept it
as a secret from Mr Shastry. Brother, it is like we were talking about ‘Mayabazaar’
and you are talking about ‘Paathala Bhairavi’. Still, KV Reddy is the director for both the films.
Go pack my lunch. I’m gettig late for work. You’ve just come home from work.
– What nonsense! I just woke up. I’m getting late for work and he for college.
And I’ll pay Sunny Rs. 25,000 after work. Did brother go full retard?
– Seems like it. Who cares? I’ll be getting Rs. 25,000.
– Rs. 15,000 from that is mine. But, it is all because of me.
– And I planned it all.

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