Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks popcorn, politics and DIY with Instagram followers
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks popcorn, politics and DIY with Instagram followers

I’m coming at you from
my apartment in DC, that has still not
been furnished. So I got sworn in on 3 January.
Today is April something and I still don’t own a chair. Until today, when I got a folding
chair delivered to my apartment. [Unclear] says wine and popcorn
are almost all I eat when Daniel is gone.
We have something in common! I’ve been living, like, a completely
depraved lifestyle. I’ve been sleeping on a mattress
on the floor but it’s like the mattress and then under
the mattress is the plastic wrap that the mattress came in. I’m just spilling all
the secrets right now. Someone asked me a similar
question earlier today. Just, like, how do you stay
grounded and focussed on issues when there’s so much nonsense
and craziness and personal insults and bullying and concern trolling
and “this isn’t realistic” and bla, bla, bla going on? I try to look at this present moment
through the eyes of my grandchildren. Or I try to look at this
present moment through the eyes of people
70 years from now, looking back at today
and saying: “What did she do?”
Or “what did this person do?” Or “what was going on?” And that helps me put
things into perspective a lot and it helps me take the pressure
off of the present moment. Alright, I am putting
these things together. Apparently these go round
like this. We got the frame up here. Boom!
I did it. There’s something very satisfying
about putting together Ikea furniture. OK, what flavour popcorn? This is just normal
butter popcorn but I have a secret. I put ground pepper
over my popcorn and it adds a little, like,
savoury dimension. It just makes, you know,
like Pop Secret but gourmet.

100 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks popcorn, politics and DIY with Instagram followers

  1. Ocasio-Cortez discusses policy, popcorn and Republican critics on Instagram ►

  2. Wow if she can’t go shopping and buy herself some furniture in 4 months…..should she be trying to run the country??? Just. Thought

  3. I feel like I'm watching a high school girl. About half way through all I hear is WA WA WA WA WA WA WA WA

  4. You shulld have claimed to be an illegal migrant status, all social do gooders would bring chairs, sofa, bed TV , fridge = whatever, pocket money, food stamps, drivers licence et cetera – free healrh insurance

  5. New Yorkers have lost their minds voting for this chipmunk……. Oh wait, chipmunks are actually cute. Ocasio-Cortez actually look more like a mummified potato.

  6. Wow! Like shoving popcorn in her mouth while talking and pieces spewing out. Like it's one thing to do a causal video, but like eating in such an uncouth matter? My whole life and the country are so much like better off now that we know she can put a piece of furniture together and puts pepper on her buttered popcorn. Way to vote New York!

  7. Yes….she will change the world. NOT….And there are knuckleheads who believe everything that comes out of the mouth of this thing. SMH

  8. Maybe if she got off periscope she would have time to go to rooms to go and pick out a sofa! Reminds me of life in my 20’s

  9. Nice and inspiring to see an smart, authentic and honest women adding freshness and light in the dirty world of politics.

  10. Why is the guardian putting this trash up? Based on the comments, it got exactly what it deserved. Roundly mocked.

  11. Give this woman bonus points I've never heard anybody work for the government living like this have you seen Hillary Clinton's house lately what about Nancy pelosi from my understanding Donald Trump lives in the White House. I think anybody that is a voter andn participates in the politics of America through voting y'all should definitely keep your eye on this lady, and do everything that you can in your power to ensure her protection and her continued service.

  12. All I heard was what sounded like a low IQ teenager chewing popcorn, saying bla bla bla, today is March something, then Boom!

  13. Corn requires greater amounts of water than other crops. Corn also needs so much more fertilizer than other crops. In many parts of the corn belt fertilizer is running off into rivers and streams. So thank you AOC for helping to destroy the environment by you eating popcorn. If you stop eating the popcorn maybe we would have 13 years left to live rather than 12.

  14. Why is this loon allowed to feed this garbage to the people?.Who cares about her lifestyle,she should be in a 'concentration camp behind a wall',as she call it.

  15. Because u haven’t learned how to take big corps money yet aoc..let’s talk in 5 years I bet you’ll be Clinton rich I can’t wait to relieve all of you thief’s!!!itll be a monumental day trust me

  16. She doesn't know the difference between "depraved" and "deprived," and she believes she has the knowledge and intellect to transform the country. AOC, this might help: "Depraved" is the self-righteous greed of socialists to take by fiat what other people have earned by effort, and "Deprived" is the condition of every nation on earth that has claimed to implement socialism.

  17. I can't stand it when people talk with food in their mouths. I really don't think she knows how to chew with her mouth closed. I know she does this to look laid back and cool, but all I can pay attention to is the popcorn rolling around in her f—king mouth.

  18. Why record and post yourself expatiating while masticating? Congresswoman, we voted for you and this seems appropriate to you?… if we were friends I'd have a constructive talk… please represent us with reason, honor, wisdom and dignity while the opportunity lasts.❤

  19. AOC you rock!!!. Keep Ignoring the foolish trolls who don’t know what it’s like to work so much you lose track of the days. Many, many of us Are profoundly inspired by you. We Love You- and love trumps hate.

  20. The Ignorance of this BRAINLESS woman is way off the charts.Can she get any Dumber?OF COURSE,next so will be boiling water talking about something so insane,they should put a "Straight Jacket "on her!! Never has there been a woman so out of her mind,ZERO COMMON SENSE,Makes the most INSANE STATEMENTS about Topics she knows nothing about!!! She is not a Congresswoman,she is an"MTV"puppet!!

  21. Wait a minute, isn’t this person a adult politician? What’s with this childish format with floating hearts and sitting on the floor.. yeah we take you seriously with your 3rd grade slumber party. lol

  22. You talk about having grandchildren, but you said the world is going to end in 12 years. How is that going g to happen??!!

  23. Wow I am 34 years old and I can not believe how disrespectful it is to talk with food in your mouth
    And look at me I put together this ikea thing vote for me I can run a a country
    My buddy charged $120 bucks an hour to help amazon employees put together their chairs and tables

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