Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez documented her first week in Washington on Instagram
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez documented her first week in Washington on Instagram

100 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez documented her first week in Washington on Instagram

  1. Inaugural address. Cool. We finally have a female prez. Because Congress simply gets sworn in. She broke the glass ceiling. I love learning geopolitics from mellinials. Congrats. Madam Prez.

  2. Talks directly to member and constituents… Refuses interviews from people who ask her basic questions about her economic plans. I hope she keeps talking, it's doing wonders for 2020.

  3. In British and I live in Germany and my girlfriend is polish. We all love AOC. also all of Europe has a crush on her lol

  4. I just wanted to say that finally a person who stands for something for the "people" as opposed to helping the rich get richer and the hell with anyone who makes less than 6 figures, go get em AOC Sam from Nova Scotia – like the majority of the planet I'm disgusted by American politics , which seems to be gov of the poor by the rich for the rich

  5. Alexandria, you really need to mature, you don't know anything about economic, nor how finances works. We, patriots are watch dogs on the vanguard for our country, U.S. will never be a communist country.

  6. Now that's she's been there for a few weeks, her inane and wildly crazy statements on the economy are getting pretty tiresome.
    But then, good for her – with such 'transparency' – she's blowing up the Democratic party.

  7. Trump and AOC as a bachelors in economics.

    But Trump knows economics way better and he actually used his degree working for the Trump Organzation.

    Ran a very successful business.

  8. This woman is an upstanding,
    well educated and beautiful
    person who may one day
    lead the Democratic Party.
    She is a symbol of progress
    that America seriously needs right

  9. She does not have even the basic understanding of economics. She is so absurd I wonder if she has been planted by the Trump administration to turn people off from Democrats. So far she is doing an outstanding job in that area.

  10. My first question is why didn't your parents use condoms then we wouldn't have to worry about you. In case you don't know it's called birth control.

  11. She’s like an eighth grader. She’s not emotionally equipped to be in any kind of office other than the DMV. Where’s the 12 year catastrophe information coming from? Why doesn’t anyone question her on where she comes up with this? She needs to grow up. She’d do better in a Haribou Gummies commercial.

  12. It seems a little self aggrandizing to me. Do something in your job and show that to us, showing a video of you doing your laundry is what I do all the time.

  13. Does Ocasio-Cortez suffer from hyperthyroidism and Graves disease?
    If you look closely at Ocasio-Cortez’s proptotic eyes it may cause you to think she might be suffering from the disease that has been known to affect a persons mood and thinking. Which bears the question does she have hyperthyroidism and beginning graves disease That may possibly be causing some affect on her thinking and mental health. And if so Is she being properly medicated for this condition. And has she recently begun wearing glasses to hide her proptotic medical condition?

  14. Sandra from Yorktown has fooled so many because like her they reject Jesus Christ and believe in fairy tales of the devil. what fairy tales that mankind can control the weather that a man can put on a dress and be a woman that dictatorships and socialism is not of God and Evil.

    thank Jesus Christ to know the real way and to reject lying hypocrites like Sandra from Yorktown!

  15. Just like a good little socialist, she’s now under investigation for campaign fraud.

  16. Yeah, she transparent alright. A transparent fake…. Didn't take you long at all before the dirt about your campaign violations became known. Oh and excellent tactic by sending Ms. Omar out to say something stupid. It definitely took the spotlight off you for a little bit. Who's next, Rashida ? Let's see what her plan is next week, I'm getting anxious. And when the game playing is done, hopefully you all will get exactly what you deserve. Making an example out of you since it all seems like fun and games to the 3 of you, removal from Congress and a lengthy jail sentence may be just what you need to wipe the smiles off your faces. Working for the government is nothing like attending Harvard so show some respect !!!

  17. I love how she is breaking down walls. So many citizens have no idea what actually happens on capital hill

  18. There is a difference between a documentary and trying to copy of an episode of a tv drama. Real issues need to be addressed.
    My opinion, no better than the rest. Just not smart enough to hide it.
    Goals may be admirable, tactics not so.
    Should have paid a little more attention in history class.

  19. AOC figured out what Trump figured out and outside of Trump she is the most popular and well known hot topic in politics now. Her policies are downright ignorant and scary, but you have to respect the innovative approach everyone’s favorite communist has taken.

  20. Did you hear her talk without her scripts? Please do! She can blow your mind with ignorance! She’s a paper puppet!

  21. All this crap don't matter. Because of global-warming & cow farts, the brain-stem of A O C has predicted the end of the Earth in 12 years.  lol !

  22. Too bad her priorities have so soon moved away from the Bronx supporters and going after her person agenda that attracts more attention in feeding her person goals of implementing a socialist government.

  23. gotta say that she really missed her calling as a kindergarten teacher. that being said, HOMESCHOOL people!

  24. She has her Idiots guide How to be a congress person. There should be some kind of standard to be in congress because its just bad that other countries have to see how far we have falling. I least pick up a book on the subject and read it.

  25. Imagine video taping yourself, where only you are talking to you. Now, how crazy and narcissistic would have to be? Stupid millennials. Truly the dumbest generation to ever live. I know, I'm one of them.

  26. It’s funny how everyone is ok with Cortez posting stuff on Instagram but hates Donald Trump for posting on Twitter I guess he chose the wrong app lol. It’s also funny how they claim Trump is racist against Mexicans but Cortez hates Jews. 🤔

  27. I'm Super righty but I love this chick,finally a hot politician I would marry this chick and it'd be the perfect marriage because she would argue and I'd please that booty

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