Aleister Black crushes The Singh Brothers: Raw, Oct. 7, 2019
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Aleister Black crushes The Singh Brothers: Raw, Oct. 7, 2019

WWE showcase seemed like
a perfect place for 205 Lives greatest tag
team to come back to Monday Night Raw which is
why your favorite boys from.>>[NOISE] Bollywood. Are about to give you
an award winning statement,>>We are gonna prove to the world why we should be the top draft
picks on Raw and Smackdown. So Aleister Black. We want to pick a fight with you. Here’s a Bollywood song for you. [MUSIC]>>I don’t know if that
was a good idea guys. So much for that song. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]>>No.
[APPLAUSE]>>That’s all it takes, those quick strikes of Aleister Black. Well, camera action, lights out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>As Aleister Black just staring down and-
>>You hurt my brother. [APPLAUSE]
>>Guys I don’t think the Singh brothers were ready for this match [CROSSTALK]
>>No. Can we cut?>>I don’t think there’s
any cuts here King.>>Can we do a retake?>>The Singh Brothers. What a jumping knee from Aleistar Black. We’ve talked about the quickness,
the sudden impact of Aleistar Black, that is now Black setting and well this
is the advantage of a two on one matchup. [FOREIGN] [NOISE]
>>Whoa,>>There’s not a lot of advantage to the ring with Alistair Black
as he delivers Black Mass. Another quick kick and
now, a stinging elbow.>>Look out.>>And now look at, a submission quickly locked in and
a quick tap out for Aleister Black.>>Where did that come from?>>Here’s your winner. Winner by submission Aleister Black.>>I said he was something, you know what we may be looking at
it actual top draft pick right here.

100 thoughts on “Aleister Black crushes The Singh Brothers: Raw, Oct. 7, 2019

  1. It really feels like the WWE has no clue what to do with Black or the Singhs. It's a shame as with a little effort all three can be solidly entertaining.

  2. I just dont understand why these fools( Singh bros ) have to turn up once in a while to make Indian wrestlers and by extension all Indians look like fools……..😕

  3. Aleister black is definitely the futur of wwe. He should won the wwe championship or the universal championship to become a futur main eventer

  4. Are they going to have someone who ACTUALLY poses a threat to this guy pick a fight with him? I think the only one to knock on his door was Cesaro right?

  5. 2:00 तू कुछ नहीं हेगा, तू कुछ नहीं हेगा! ओ मेरा प्रां हैगा। -Samir Singh

    Sameer Singh was speaking in a mixture of Hindi and Punjabi (two main Indian languages). He meant "you're nothing, you're nothing! He's my brother."

  6. Just imagined if the fiend came out and not aleister black? Even though I'm glad Aleister came out and demolished the singh brothers.

  7. that was an interesting variation on the Dragon Sleeper? Wonder what they'll call it…probably something simple, like 'The Blackout'?

  8. Alister wants competition yet when Brock was beating up Rey's son he didn't come out to help him he just wants fights he knows he can win

  9. The Bollywood boys being destroyed. So much could have been done with them. Tag titles , too heels, babyfaces after breaking up with Jinder but Naah. The get up and sunglasses made em look like some sort of characters. Can we get them to nxt , make them more credible ?

  10. They actually think they are the greatest tag team. They actually think they are 2 of the top guys… Well, i guess Aleister Black proved them wrong.
    That's what happens when you run your mouth and decide to pick a fight with Aleister Black. You get put in your place

  11. WWE really needs to step up their game with actually catching the black mass on camera. Too many times has it been hit only to have production miss the moment of impact because they were too busy focusing on the opponent's face.

    It's especially frustrating considering that besides the Fiend, Aleister Black is the only main roster wrestler I'm actually invested in.

  12. They are from Bollywood what? I dint see them in any movie.. And about draft you are not even drafted for local wrestling

  13. I hope Aleister will do more from here on out. I understand the whole "pick a fight with me" thing, but its getting old.

  14. More Aleister Black please! He keeps vanishing. He's better than a large chunk of the make roster. Keep it up! I do have to admit, it does tickle me how he isn't even breathing heavily and his opponent is down.

    Face jobbers so that means in like 2 months is when theyll really use him just like braun

    My 3 fav wrestlers
    1 jeff hardy
    2 aleister black
    3 adam cole BAY BAY

  16. All time best wrestler and biggest attraction for me after WWE Raw this past Monday night is WWE super star Aleister Black. He made a powerhouse showing this past Monday night. Pre-WWE RAW my biggest interest in WWE was The Fiend. But Aleister Black completely stoke my attention in his match Monday night. I was absolutely taken away by his whole emo rock star look presence and entrance; his solemn and no nonsense attitude; somewhat oriental presence between the Indian style of sitting posture, high impact and karate wrestling, technical moves in the form of that most unique submission finisher, etc. His emo rock star entrance absolutely captured me. His most clever hairstyle captures me. As much as I love the Fiend and still do, Aleister Black completely and 100% stoke my attention. I want Aleister Black to get a huge push. He impressed the glory hell out of me. Please put major focus on Aleister Black. He is my new favorite superstar!!!!!

    Aleister Black is a major contender with a lot of character and wrestling style. He made a great showing on Monday and I want to see him have a major push. I love his sort of mixture methodical slow yet fast furious at the same time style and high impact wrestling. His solemn emo Rock Star character is the best. Love his wrestling attire as he uses full body tattoos.

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