Alat Tetas Telur Murah dan Sederhana Media Styrofoam || Belajar Menetaskan Telur Part 2
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Alat Tetas Telur Murah dan Sederhana Media Styrofoam || Belajar Menetaskan Telur Part 2

Back on the Simo’s Farm channel I hope friends have watched the first part of this video. So, in this second part I want to show the results of this simple Egg hatcher At present, the egg has hatched Although there are still a few items. and this is the first egg that I succeeded in hatching on a simple hatch so, it is very satisfying and it is very nice to be able to observe or observe the eggs developing from the embryo to becoming chickens 10 minutes later here you can see, the chicken is a little difficult too out of the shell So, the conclusion is that there are still many shortcomings here a tool is needed to measure humidity. actually, it is very important tool so, try to have it. because if the humidity is too high, it will be wrong too. and if the humidity is less, the results are like this too It’s just not too bad actually For these humidity gauges, you can find a device called a hygrometer So, beforehand I thank the you who have watched this video and waited for this second part. Indeed the results are not perfect, I apologize also because the results are still like this. and also, I am still studying. My goal here is to observe how these eggs hatch. the results are like this, guys. I’ll fix it later, I modified the tool to make it even better. then I will make a fully automatic egg hatcher. use the thermostat and timer to rotate automatically later I will make in detail what ingredients I use. so you can be sure that can make it yourselves finally the baby chick can be released. his head can come off stay his body. we just wait for the results here I deliberately speed up the duration of the video, because in actual conditions I am actually waiting for the results. It’s a nighttime condition finally the baby chick is out. indeed I help a little chicken out of its shell Because I’m pity In the next video I will try to explore more about how the egg hatches, how it processes what needs to be noticed. for example, what is the ideal humidity, idela temperature whatever ingredients we need to use to get good results. now you can see, the chicken can already get out 100% of its shell but, the condition of the chicken is still weak. because the chicken using enough energy to get out of its shell and related because indeed the fur is a little sticky on the shell in the next video I will also explain, anything due to humidity is too high and too low and for the volume of water in the water tray in the hatch box how much, and what happen if too much this condition is 9 hours after hatching and one more, the other egg starts to hatch too. here I am not too much help anymore. I just let him out so, last night there were 2 egg hatching and here it is. this is the third egg the color is black. he hasn’t come out completely still sticky bit sticky which last night was healthy and strong This actually needs to be moved. It turns out I just know too and I realize too, the chicken will be much stronger, healthier later If he comes out by himself from his shell. So, it’s best not to imitate, like I did last night on the first egg that hatched It’s time we move the hatched chicken to the brooding place I use Styrofoam boxes too Because by using Styrofoam, the temperature will be maintained. The temperature is more stable. heat is not wasted out I use used newspapers. this is the base. so that the dirt does not stick to this Styrofoam because I will use Styrofoam again for other purposes. the result is like this The black one was already healthy, already strong. still only 1 hour ago hatched Next, we give the feed. this is actually a feed finisher. The protein is around 15%. That’s not a problem for native chickens because this is for finisher and large rough shapes. so I milled it first. because the feed that I store now is only this it’s already smooth, we just have to give it to the chicken. I use trays like this so just put it inside This is the place to drink So that the chicken immediately learns to eat, then we sow the feed a little on the floor. Like this, it was the last update I could share. for the eggs that I hatched in this simple hatch Hopefully this video is useful. and also hopefully in the future I can present more quality videos. Thank you for watching this video, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you

100 thoughts on “Alat Tetas Telur Murah dan Sederhana Media Styrofoam || Belajar Menetaskan Telur Part 2

  1. gan klu telur embrionya mati umur 15 hari,kira2 apa penyebabnya ya,,sy menetaskan 12 butir telur yg 2 gagal menetas setelh sy buka,,anak ayam mati didalam

  2. nice video brother can u just tell me the width and lenth debth of the carton and how many eggs we can keep at a time .u are very helpful for new farmer.

  3. Maaf mas mau nanya. Box itu ventilasi masuk udara nya dari ganjelan kabel nya apa emang ketutup rapat sekali buat penetasan? Trus yg divideo ini sedikitkah yg tidak netas? Terima kasih n mohon dijawab. Karna indukan saya dicolong tinggal telur 😅

  4. You guys probably do not know that, the chicken's mother does not break upside down to leave the chick, because by doing so chick may be week.

  5. Bang kata guru bio saya kalok ayam netas jangan dibantu biar kekebalannya tubuhnya lebih. Kata guru entah benar atau enggak? Tapi makasih bang buat tutornya.

  6. lampu nya 24 jam harus hidup atau gimana??
    trz klo suatu saat mati lampu seharian ada pengaruh gagal atau gimana? mohon di jelaskan..

  7. Itu mesin tetasnya pakai pentilasi atau enggak bos,,
    Kalau tdk pakai pengukur suhu atau thermostat dan sejenisnya, bisa netas apa tidak pak bos..

  8. Bang murut saya kasih coretan di sekeliling box pakai kapur ajaib supaya gk ada semut mndekat atau masuk… Karna bgitu ada tetesan telur pasti semut mendekat karna amis dri cangkang. Dan jangan di bantu karna pusar dri ayam gak normal

  9. Maaf bang mau nanya kalo beli telor dari warung bisa gak bang apa harus baru keluar dari ayam ??trus berapa hari bisa menetas bang ..🙏🙏

  10. mau nanya bang,, itu selama di sekep 21 hari, lampu nya tidak pernah di matikan,,
    trus klo nyala terus selama 21 hari apa tidak putus/mati bolham nya

  11. FYI……. saya sudah berhasil membuat alat pembalik otomatis mulai dari 2 ( dua ) kali pembalikan sampai dengan 8 ( delapan ) pembalikan dengan menggunakan sistim ARDUINO….bahkan sekaligus dengan monitor kelembaban dan suhu ruang tetas………… yang berminat silakan WA 08118701007

  12. Nanti telur nya di bolak balik gak agar panas nya merata? Dan tanpa bolak balik bisa netas gak telur nya?

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