Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting: A Research Method for Finding Relevant Cold Audiences
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Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting: A Research Method for Finding Relevant Cold Audiences

– Targeting your Facebook
and Instagram ads is one of the most important aspects
that you need to get right and dialed in if you wanna see results from your Facebook and Instagram ads. Unfortunately, it’s one of those areas that most people get
wrong and is the result of them losing money on their ads. I’m gonna break down exactly
how you can be attracting your ideal audience on
Facebook inside of Ads Manager. (music) This is a big mistake
that I see people make with their Facebook and
Instagram ad campaigns. They don’t get the targeting right. I first wanna start this video off by describing the three
different audience types that you need to understand
for your ad targeting. So, the first one is your warm audiences. Your warm audiences are
your website visitors. They’re warm audiences because these people likely know who you are. The second audience is colder audience, not quite warm but not quite cold. These are your lookalike audiences. Lookalike audiences are
additional audiences based on one of your warm
audiences, people who have engaged with your Facebook page
or Instagram profile, people who have visited your website. Your base audience that you’re creating a lookalike audience from needs to be at least 1,000 people. The third type of audience, the one that we’re gonna be talking about here in this video, is
your cold audiences. How do I find people on
Facebook and Instagram who are my audience? How do I put my ads in front
of my ideal target audience? What is going to separate you from all your competitors out there? Doing the research first. Let’s just say I’m in the yoga niche and I’m selling yoga mats, or
maybe I have a course on yoga. Most people would go “I wanna
target women between 25 and 45 “who have an interest in
yoga” and they stop there. It’s not a bad thing. There’s so many different levels, and so many different
layers of that audience that I wanna be clear on. The first thing I wanna start off with is really thinking through
my target audience. What types of brands is
my target audience into? Where do they shop? What are their hobbies? Do they read certain books? Do they watch TV shows? That sorta thing. Maybe they shop at Whole Foods. Maybe they’re interested
in brands like Lululemon, or Lorna Jane, or Athleta. Maybe they read Yoga Journal Magazine. These are all different
options I can target. The other thing to remember is that there are different levels of people within your target audience. If I’m targeting women who have an interest in
Yoga Journal magazine, I’m gonna be speaking to them differently than I would somebody
who is just starting out. And so, that’s why it’s super important to understand the
different types of people within our target audience. I like to keep a running
list of the targeting ideas that I come up with. Once I get that list, then I use Facebook’s targeting
capabilities and tools to add to that list. So, the first tool I
wanna take you through is audience insights. Go to, and from there you go to the three lines in the upper left hand corner. Facebook calls this the hamburger menu. Go to the All Tools, and then
click on Audience Insights. In the left hand column here, we have these different options. I’m gonna go down to Interests. Let’s just type in hot yoga. The first thing that
Facebook’s gonna show us is the demographic breakdown. You can see here that of
the people on Facebook who have an interest in hot yoga, 82% of the audience is women, 18% is men. And then the majority of those
people are between 25 and 44. Why is that information helpful? Now, I know to be targeting my ads to women between 25 and 44. I’m gonna click on the Page Likes tab, and then scroll down to the bottom here. As you can see here, it’s giving us a list
of different interests that are similar to hot yoga. And this is really where it gets fun, because maybe I didn’t even think of Spiritual Gangster
as a targeting option that would have my yoga audience in it. I would add Spiritual
Gangster to my running list. What I wanna do here is
keep adding to my list. I can click on the See More option, and then keep scrolling down. Here is Yoga Journal
magazine, or theSkimm. Maybe I never thought of
Brene Brown as an option. And this is a perfect example
of where most people stop. I would absolutely test
targeting Brene Brown because the primary audience of
Brene Brown is mostly women. I wanna go back up here
to the Interests section. I’m gonna X out of hot
yoga, and in the Interests, I’m gonna add in here Yoga
Journal and see what comes up. Now, I’m gonna look at different options that are in this list that
weren’t in the other list. Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I didn’t see that in the previous list, but that might be a great option to test. I wanna add that to my list. So, I keep taking
options from these lists, and add it back to the interests list, and keep doing the research to
compile a nice targeting list to reach my target audience. So, in addition to audience insights, you can also do targeting research right inside of Ads Manager,
inside of the campaign setup, and you would do this at the ad set level. Right now I’m gonna take you over inside of the ad set level, and show you exactly how to do more target
audience research using the detailed targeting section. So we get to that inside
of our campaign setup. Now, let’s type in the exact
same thing we just typed into audience insights and see if we get any different things. So, I’m gonna type in hot yoga. Here’s my Hot yoga option. Now I’m gonna click the Suggestions link and see what options come up. Now I get Yin Yoga, Bikram
Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga. Here’s our Yoga Journal,
here’s Brene Brown. Here’s yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance. Here’s meditation, meditation
is the perfect example of something that maybe we
didn’t think about before, but probably, people who are meditating are interested in yoga. So, I would add meditation to my list. You can use the Suggestions
link right here in the detailed targeting section to find new ideas to target our ads, too. As your compiling your targeting list and you’re gonna be
setting up your ad sets with your targeting options, what I recommend that you do is group together similar
interests within an ad set. I have Hot yoga, let’s click on Yin Yoga, and see what that does. That jumps me way up
to 6.4 million people. Maybe I’m gonna stop right there. I’m just, out of curiosity,
uncheck Yin Yoga, and if I click on Bikram
Yoga, what does that do? That brings me up to a million people. All right, cool. I wanna choose one more to see if I can get that a little bit bigger, and I’m gonna add in Hatha
Yoga, and see what that does. So, now I’m at 3.2 million people. The ideal potential reach
audience size is somewhere, at least a million people,
up to a few million people, maybe three, four million people. The more data that we can
give Facebook’s algorithm to work with for our ads, the better results that we’re gonna get. What we’ve talked about
today is I recommend that you start with a
warmest audiences first. The second type of
audience that I recommend that you prioritize is
the lookalike audience. And then again, the third priority in your targeting priorities
is the cold audiences. If you don’t have any warm
audiences, no worries. You can start right off
with the cold audiences. But if you do have warm
audiences, start there, create look alike audiences
of those warm audiences, and then also include some
cold targeting audiences like we talked about today. So, there you have it, the fundamentals that are gonna get you results in reaching your exact
target audience on Facebook, through Facebook’s cold
audience targeting. Make sure to watch my
friend Mari Smith’s video, which is on the screen right here, where she’s gonna be talking about how to increase your organic reach. Also, if you’ve not yet watched my video that’s also on the screen here, where I walk you through, step-by-step, how to set up a profitable Facebook and Instagram ads campaign, make sure to watch that video as well.

12 thoughts on “Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting: A Research Method for Finding Relevant Cold Audiences

  1. Great insight by Rick. Can you just put an explanatory video on the modest budget to start with your ads for cold and warm audiences. Also, please mention what is the right time you should wait for a pixel to populate before deciding whether the ad is working or not.
    Would like to hear the views of SME FB Ads experts on this.
    Once again thank you for the video and keep producing valuable content.

  2. I love this!!! What a fantastic video and I can really use these insights. One thing I might add in your titles is the year. Facebook just like You-Tube is always changing things up. Have you ever gone and search for a topic and what comes up is a video so old it is no longer viable to what you want to do? Just a thought.

  3. i am your subscriber but leave this video at 2:51 bacause i'm not understand what are you told. any way love from india

  4. This is a great video. I got a lot out of that. I like how you can use the Audience Insights tool to research lookalike audiences. Cool stuff.

  5. Thanks for this video! A quick question: you found out that the target audience is female, 24-44. When you typed in the interest "hot yoga" you have not changed age and gender above. Why? Shouldn't it be set first and then look at the page likes? When I do this to find my cold audience I have very different results in page likes leaving age 18- and gender all vs. the age group I found out in the demographics section. Thanks for your answer

  6. Thanks for a great video! However, do you have any ideas for smaller geographies? I live in Sweden, and none of the above works for us. In your example, you can search for hot yoga, and it seems as though ALL of the interests and page likes listed below are then searchable as well. If I limit the geography to Sweden and search for "hot yoga", none of the resulting interests or page likes are searchable. Maybe we are just too small?

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