Ad Targeting 101 for FACEBOOK for less than a PENNY!
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Ad Targeting 101 for FACEBOOK for less than a PENNY!

– [Jennifer] Today I’m gonna show you how to research audiences on Facebook. I have to research an audience for one of my pages, Smart Fun DIY and I thought I would show you guys how I research audiences
for DIY here on Facebook. Now, this is using some of the strategies that I learned from Rachel Miller’s Facebook Massive Growth Strategies class, and I will share an
affiliate link to that course here in the description. And if the course is not open yet, the link will take you
to a wait list page. Make sure you sign up for that. And then it will take you to
join her free Facebook group. The majority of this strategy is things that I learned
in Rachel’s course and then just a few little
tweaks for our DIYers. All right, so when you
go to Audience Insights, it gives you an option to
choose everyone on Facebook or some other options. I’m actually in the wrong ad account, so I’m gonna go over
to a different account so that I can make this audience in the right account. Now, it might look different for you guys because I’m using Business Manager. You don’t need to have that turned on unless you’re managing multiple pages, you need multiple Pixels, you’re running ads for other people, that’s when I would use Business Manager, but I manage 14 or 15 pages without Business Manager
for a long, long time. It wasn’t till this year
that I really needed to start purchasing ads for other people. Okay, so you wanna change the age here to, I like to start at
about 24 up to about 54. You want people who have disposable income and who are willing to spend. So though a lot of crafters skew older, we wanna make sure that
we are targeting people who actually have money to spend and who are going to
be active on Facebook. The older we get in our demographics, the less active they are
probably gonna be on Facebook. Now on the lower end of the spectrum, sure, kids do lots of crafts but they’re not making
purchasing decisions. They’re probably not the people you want to be fans of your page. You want people who are buyers, who are active on Facebook, who will then share your content with their active buying friends. So that’s who we’re targeting. Now, I like to install
the Pages Facebook Ads app on my phone, and I
suggest that you do that because it will give you
suggestions when you’re doing ads and it will tell you things, like, “This ad is cheaper for
people aged 36 to 44.” So then you can go in and adjust the age of your audience
for that particular ad and get a better return
on your investment. Facebook itself doesn’t really
give you those notifications in the Ads Manager. You have to use the app to get those. All right, so we’re also gonna target
women because it’s craft. Men are typically a little
more expensive to target but we’re gonna target women
also because they make crafts. And the next thing we’re going to do is start taping in some interest. So I have a crochet post
that’s doing really well and that’s the ad that I wanna run. However, my page is not about crochet, so I do not wanna target crochet people because that doesn’t necessarily
mean they’re crafters, and crochet and knitting people, they follow pages that
do crochet and knitting. That doesn’t mean they
wanna follow my page about paper crafts and
making letter boards and all those crazy
handmade stuff that I do, so I wanna target crafters. Let me start typing in crafters and I’m just gonna find
different interests. Sometimes I start with Michaels Stores. Now, the first thing we wanna do is get one interest in there. Then you’re gonna go over to Activity. And from Activity, you wanna
make sure that the Posts Liked, this is all the things they’ve
done in the last 30 days. So on average, people in this 24 to 54-year-old women age group have liked 47 posts and shared
12 posts in the last 30 days. You want this Posts Liked to be at least 30 or
more, so we’re good there. And Posts Shared to be at least 10 or
more, so we’re good there. Now you wanna keep an eye on this as you keep adjusting this audience. Before we go any further, you can also check out
their purchase habits. If you are an online seller, you wanna make sure that these are people that are going to be buying
stuff that you have, right? If you have a kit club,
for subscription service, home and gardens, only 13%, households, 42, sometimes that
might be some craft stuff, what kind of car do they have. They’ve got pick up trucks and Crossovers and SUVs, luxury SUVs. They definitely have families. You can click on Household and you can see how much
credit card activity they have. So they’re… A little bit more of them are using cash than the average Facebook user, but we’re still pretty
close to 50-50 here, so a lot of them still use credit cards. You don’t want it to be
where you got like 80% cash and 20% using credit cards, and I found audiences
like that on Facebook. I think I was looking at primitive living or something like that. Those people aren’t gonna be buying stuff from you online, necessarily. They’re not as likely to
whip out their credit card. Back to Activity, I’m gonna
add another craft store. Let’s try Hobby Lobby. And my Posts Shared dropped a little bit. So if I take off Michaels, let’s
see how bad Hobby Lobby is. Hobby Lobby on its own isn’t too bad. So let’s put Michaels Store back in there. Actually, Hobby Lobby’s a
little better than Michaels. Gonna take that off. This is a really big audience,
this Hobby Lobby audience. Now, I feel like this yarn post might actually interest
my Hobby Lobby people because Hobby Lobby carries a lot of yarn, so does Jo-Ann’s. Michaels, they have yarn, but
it’s not as much as I’ve seen in Jo-Ann’s and Hobby Lobby, and maybe that’s different in your experience, wherever you’re at, but I would just keep
playing around with this, Jo-Ann Stores, to see what you get. So Jo-Ann Stores, still
49 and 12, so that’s nice. This number here, the
million, is really big, so when I go to make my ad, I’m
gonna narrow that some more, and I’ll show you guys how to do that. So now that I have my audience, this is Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann’s, and I think I’m just gonna go ahead and keep Michaels in there even though it drops it just a little bit because it’s still well over my threshold. I’m gonna go ahead and save this. And I like to save it as, it’s not gonna let me move it, but I’m gonna call this Michaels, oops. I’m just gonna call it, yeah, Michaels Jo-Ann Hobby Lobby Females 24 to 54. So then just looking
at this audience name, I know that it’s exactly what it’s about. It’s about people who
like Michaels, Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby, females 24 to 54. So I’m gonna go ahead and save that. Now, once that audience is
saved, I can go and make an ad. So I’m gonna go up here and create an ad. Use ad creation tool. And what we want is an engagement ad, so I’m gonna click on that. And I like to call the campaign, usually just do one campaign a month, so I have all my
September, all my October, November, et cetera, post. But for this one, just to keep it simple, I’m just gonna call it Crochet Shark Socks ’cause that’s what it is. Continue. I copy the name so that I can
name the Ad Set the same thing because I don’t know what US
Women, blah, blah, blah, means. So, because I clicked Create an Ad right there from the
Audience Insight tool, it just pulled that audience in. But I can also click here to
go ahead and pull that in. Now, I wanna edit this
and I’m gonna save it as a new audience at the bottom here. You have a couple updates. So this reach of two million
is really, really too high. I want it to be about 100,000. So as little as, like 90, and maybe as high as, like 120. So I’ve gotta narrow things. Now, because my page has a
good amount of likes on it, I’m gonna click Pages, and friends of people who like my page, and I’m gonna type in
the name of the page. So let’s see how that puts me at 160, so that’s really good. I could put here also that I wanna narrow my audience in another way. So the way these boxes work is
they have to fit one of these and one of these. If you did excluding,
that would be stuff for, like I’m gonna put people,
like giveaways, freebies, that kind of thing in there. So for my ad, I wanna do people who also, maybe they like babies, cute babies. I don’t know how active cute
babies people is though. Okay, so that’s 20 people, so
that’s just way too far off. You can monkey with this a lot. I feel pretty good about the 160,000 now, so I think I’m gonna go with that because these are definitely my people. They’re friends of
people who like my page. So I’m gonna go ahead
and click Save As New. It’s gonna ask me to change the name. And so on that, I’m just gonna say FoF SFD, so I know it’s Friends of, Likes for my Smart Fun DIY page. I probably should have
changed the name from copy but that’s okay. All right, so now I’m
gonna go Edit Placements and this is all stuff that you can learn in that Moolah course, how to do this, and why we’re not doing
certain types of ads. But for the purpose of this one, I just want it to go in the feed. I’m just gonna do $2 a day. I don’t like to run it continuously because I feel like people
will get out of control or Facebook gets out of control. And we’ll just keep going
and going and going, and then I wanna be checking this everyday to see how it’s performing. And then from there, I adjust my audience or adjust my budget or just turn the ad off
or I can change my caption or if it’s not getting
the reaction that I want, I could just start changing it, but in order to put money on it first, I made sure that it’s a
post that is doing well. Sometimes this dropdown is
taking a little while to start. It takes a little bit to populate. Now, what happens if, got
a lot of stuff in here. I gotta try to find the post. What happens if you can’t
get it to dropdown in here? So this is the post. You can enter the post ID. So I’m gonna show you how
to find that right now. So we’re gonna go to Facebook and I’m gonna go to that page. And I’m going to find that post. When you have a post that’s doing well and you’re posting pretty often, I like to go here to the notifications because I can find the
post a little easier by just looking at what people
have commented on recently. And then click the permalink
to open that in a new window. And up at the top is a permalink. And you guys can’t see
it because of the way that my screen is recording, but up in the top in the permalink, there’s a series of numbers. So this one says blah, blah, blah, slash, and then it starts this
long, like 15-digit number. That’s the post ID. So you could copy that,
so I’m gonna copy that, and you could go over here to Ads Manager and I’ll say Enter Post
ID, I’m gonna click that, and click Submit. And sometimes it will say, “Do you mean this other one?” Facebook’s glitchy sometimes, so it might be doing this wrong. Okay, there we go. So, it’s still the tiny shark ’cause I had to put that in
there, but it’s the same post. So that’s how you find the post ID. Once you’ve done that, we don’t need to track with the Pixel. It’s the wrong Pixel. Then we can go ahead and approve the ad. So what was on this page is this post and you just click Confirm,
and now the ad is confirmed. And it’s gonna take about 24
hours for it to be approved. So there’s the Page Likes tab, which means everybody
who likes these pages who’s in this age range, the toymen on Facebook
also like these pages. It means the vast majority
of them like these pages. So this can give you some insight as to who these people are. They’re parents, they
like saving money, right? Another coupon, coupon, Crock-Pot, they’re busy, another Crock-Pot one, Disney Junior, that means they have kids, Hallmark Channel, they’re sentimental, the stores they like are home goods, Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby, so they’re trying to make
their house look beautiful. They love Joanna Gaines, Michaels, American Girl, so they’re buying things for their kids, HowDoesShe. So I would use, like HowDoesShe, or some of these other sites,
like Allrecipes, et cetera, as places, Pioneer Woman, places where you could go find
content to share to your page because your people
are interested in this. So that’s gonna help them also to identify and connect with your page ’cause they’ll see something that they recognize and say, “Oh my gosh, “I feel like I fit here because
they’re sharing something from Pure Women,” or whatever, as long as that fits
what your page is about. The other place you can look at, there’s all these tabs here, you can really dig in here
and look at a lot of stuff. But one of the things that I like is Facebook has these axiom descriptions for the different groups and this is kind of how
they’re self-described. So, the majority of this
group is Country Comfort. They’re rural, white-collar
and blue-collar families, some are self-employed,
mixed-age children, and they’re 16th in household income, high percentage of working women. So, value, convenience, is
very important to these people. So it gives you some insights as to, “Okay, if this is my target audience, “what kinds of stuff
is important to them?” And then that will help you figure out, “Okay, what kind of
stuff should I be posting “that they’re gonna be excited
to like, comment, and share?” So I hope that was helpful. If you have any questions, put them down on the comment
section of the video. And I hope to see you in the Facebook Massive
Growth Strategies class the next time it’s open.

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  1. I've been looking for a good video that covers audience insights. I think you did a fantastic job, and I really found it useful to see how you use the audience interests to generate content ideas (i.e. Go to those sites and see what THEY are posting! or Share from content from those sites.)

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