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Action Buttons on Instagram

Want to use Action Buttons on Instagram?
One of the most frustrating things about Instagram is you can only have one
link on your profile. Well that all changes with Action Buttons. Let me show
you what they are and how to use them right now. What’s up busy people? Welcome
to Five Minute Social Media. If you’ve had “figure out social media” for your
business or brand on your to do list for a long time but it just keeps getting
shoved down because you don’t know where to start, it’s overwhelming, it seems like
it’s gonna be too much work, you’re in a great place right now. Every week we
put out a new video teaching you a different piece of your digital
marketing strategy. So if that sounds like something you could use go ahead
and hit Subscribe, click that bell so you’re notified when a new video comes
out. My name is Jerry Potter. By the end of this video you are gonna know how to
use Instagram Action Buttons. In fact I’ll go ahead and say you’re gonna be an
expert at Instagram Action Buttons because that’s how easy they are! So for
a long time you could only have one link in your Instagram profile. Then when they
rolled out Business Profiles you could add directions to your physical location,
buttons to email, to call or to text. Now we can add links to make reservations, to
schedule time, to sell tickets, all kinds of stuff, with Instagram Action Buttons.
So in Instagram, on your profile, you want to click Edit Profile, then scroll down
under Business Information where it says Contact Options. Click on that and then
underneath your contact information you want to click Add An Action Button. Now
these are all the different services that you can connect and have as Action
Buttons on your profiles. You can see there’s quite a few – you can sell tickets,
you can give away tickets to a free event that has registration, you can do
restaurant reservations, you can schedule time and appointments with different
programs – so a lot of different stuff here. But for this example let’s go ahead
and use Eventbrite which is a ticketing service if you’re not familiar. So I
choose Eventbrite. I hit next and then now it’s asking me for the URL, the
website address for Eventbrite for your event.
It doesn’t require a login or anything like that. It’s just a link to that page.
So I’m gonna go ahead and paste in this random event that I saw because I’m not
currently doing an event. And now you see it’s says Action Button: Get Tickets, it’s
all set up. That’s it! Now let me show you what it
looks like. Go back, hit Done. If you look at my profile now here it says Get
Tickets. Click on that and there it is – a real estate agent throwing a broker
appreciation brunch. So you can see this is a free event but you can still use
Eventbrite. So that’s how easy it is to set up an Action Button on
Instagram. So now that you’ve got an action button how will you use it? I want
to give you a few possible ideas on how to promote it, but real quick, are you
gonna use the Instagram action button? And if so, which service are you using it
with? Let me know down in the comments right now. So let’s talk about how you
can promote it. First of all, if you’re putting up a picture or a video in your
Instagram feed you can now say, “Hey you can order this without even leaving
Instagram, Just go click the link in our profile. You can obviously do the same
thing in Instagram Stories and then a third option would actually be put
something in your actual bio. So if is “schedule time with me” for example you
can put that in your bio and then of course the link will be right there! If
you want to track conversions from Instagram you could always offer a
coupon code ,if that’s something you offer, specifically for Instagram users,
and that way you’d be able to see where that traffic is coming from. I hope now
you feel like an expert on Instagram Action Buttons because they’re really
pretty simple to set up and use. If you’ve got further questions drop them
in the comments or join us in our free Facebook group. You can just search
Five Minute Social Media on Facebook and we’ll accept you and you’ll join in
there. Otherwise if you liked this video give it a Like, hit Subscribe. you’re not
only supporting me but also my two tiny superheroes at home. Thank you so much
for checking out Five Minute Social Media

45 thoughts on “Action Buttons on Instagram

  1. If you'd like to see an Instagram Action Button example, you can check out @seastarbellevue's Instagram. FYI, this only works in the IG app, the Action Buttons won't show up in browsers.

  2. Awesome stuff. I actually found out about action buttons a few weeks ago and start playing around with it. It's kind of weird for realtors because it doesn't have schedule an appointment. It has call me, email me and then I chose reservation which links to my Yelp cuz I was trying to build my Yelp profile up but I think I'm just going to put my website that I just had done there.

  3. Thanks a lot for your show
    Please help me solve the problem
    It's when I try to post this url:

    A red measage is displayed and says "the url is not supported for this featured "

  4. I see a lot of profiles with the action button message for DM. When I try to add it to my page it's not there as an option. Can you update us with
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  6. Hi, how to add those circles in my Instagram the one above the action buttons. appreciate your assistance in advance 🙂

  7. I’m not seeing the add action button option at all. I’ve updated and I’m using a business account. Is there another tip for those to show up.

  8. Hi! thanks for your videos! love that they are short! 🙂 Id like to add an action button to direct people to subscribe for my emails on my website. how can I do it? TIA!

  9. Hey,you have a very useful channel!
    I have a small question to ask,

    I cant add the directions button (I have fill the address options but the button doesn't come up …)

  10. I'm trying to connect my Instagram ad which is actively being promoted, straight to my website not to my posts. Any thoughts , thank you

  11. Thanks for the video. You mentioned that you can add an action button on a picture in your feed to order it . How do you do that ?

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  13. Hi,
    When I'm adding the domain of the business website, it shows URL is not supported for this feature. Could you tell me the reason why I'm unable to add the website domain in the action button?

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