A social network that serves the world – now is the time.
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A social network that serves the world – now is the time.

Last night I thought about the words that I would use for this video. I was thinking maybe this is the most important video of your life. And maybe yes. Maybe it is so. If you have a closer look at Human Connection you will discover a big dream that can come true now. My name is Dennis Hack. I’m the founder and architect of Human Connection – a social, knowledge and action network. A network that shall serve all people. And that’s what it’s all about. We cannot deny that the world, the future of our children, life and nature is in danger. And we must not wait for a single super hero to make the needed changes for us. It will need a million steps to make this giant leap happen. It’s about connecting people from all over the world. To take part within a software that systematically can change the world for good. We want to find the better together. A better together to use the potentials, the power of knowledge, for a solution-oriented and descent world. For the benefit of all and the dignity of all mankind. In short words, for all our children. I hope to see you soon on Human Connection. Because the chance is now.

6 thoughts on “A social network that serves the world – now is the time.

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! I have been working on a similar personal project for the past year… and this comes close to what I was imagining… I HOPE WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

  2. Human Connection is the solution to our world's challenges! Together we can work on moving #socialgood and #socent projects forward. I'm happy to support you guys!

  3. this VISIONary OPEN SOURCE network-project is made from the HEART – made for CHANGE MAKERS and LIKE-MINDED people. Human Connection is a social network that goes beyond the POSSIBILITIES of what you have experienced so far! WE can make the change NOW <3

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