A Place For Friends – MySpace Trailer (Social Network Parody)
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A Place For Friends – MySpace Trailer (Social Network Parody)

I need to do something substantial to get the attention of girls. Like what? DeWolfe:
Build a website. Be in a mediocre band. Build a website for mediocre bands. Grow a mustache. DeWolfe:
People want to go on the internet to check out porn. So why not build a website that offers the illusion of free smut? The chance to see underage girls in bikinis… …stalk them and find out they’re fat middle-aged men… …with mustaches. DeWolfe:
I’m talking about taking the desires of horny, lonely men… …and putting them online. Greenspan:
Dude, you’ve gotten 37 fake friend requests in an hour? DeWolfe:
Thousand. 37 thousand. DeWolfe:
And Tom. Greenspan:
This idea is worth at least a hundred bucks. And maybe even some free concert tickets! DeWolfe:
Tom’s gone missing. Greenspan:
They’re saying Tom’s not real. I know what it says. Greenspan:
So is he? Greenspan:
A hundred dollars isn’t cool. You know who has two thumbs and is cool? This guy. DeWolfe:
We don’t want to get left behind. We have to stay fresh. Greenspan:
We change our design every week! DeWolfe:
Be more like Facebook. Greenspan:
Add more glitter! DeWolfe:
And applications. Greenspan:
Difficult navigation! DeWolfe:
It’s like a challenge. Berman:
I’m so going to take him out of my top eight. Greenspan:
I can’t wait to stand over your shoulder and screw up your mirror pic. DeWolfe:
We’re the inventors of MySpace… …and we still prefer Facebook. DeWolfe:
Is there anything that you need to tell me? Greenspan:
I killed Tom. DeWolfe:
You didn’t comment on any of the blogs I’ve been working on! I left a picture of a cat! DeWolfe:
Is that your idea of a joke? Do you actually like lol cats? DeWolfe! This is my new profile song! Board Lady:
You’re being accused of intentionally ripping off Facebook… …posting inane survey bulletins… …violating virgins… Guy:
Your best friend wants to buy you on MySpace for 500 dollars. DeWolfe:
As for the charges, I think this board should blame Tom. I’m sorry? Blame Tom. I… don’t understand. TOM.

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