A “NOW THIS” Social Media Style Video Adobe Premiere Pro CC Template
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A “NOW THIS” Social Media Style Video Adobe Premiere Pro CC Template

Hey everybody its Premier Gal here and
in this tutorial I’m going to be showing you how to create that popular Now This
social media style video there the square videos with on-screen texts that
are catchy with music and stock video the thick text different colors you’ve
seen style before so I’ve created a template of this exact style that I’m
calling the blah blah style I think it’s actually going to go down in the history
books as the blah blah style we’ll see if it last going forward but yeah it’s
so interesting to me so I was like a lot of people have asked me for this in
tutorial requests so I thought you know it’ll make a template if you guys don’t
want to watch how to create this full tutorial cuz it is a longer tutorial
here you can just go to my store link in the description box below to purchase it all right so I’m inside of Premiere Pro
CC 2017 and I have here a new sequence that I’ve created and I’ve already laid
out the footage from pond5 by the way you can get 10% off clips from pond5 or
templates using my code PremiereGal10 but it does expire on the 20th so just
one day left just an FYI so let me just play these clips here I have some a
little background music that I got from audio network music so it’s just this
little koala sleeping and then waking up and eating the eucalyptus super cute and
then at the end I have another shot of it on a tree again so as you see inside
of the program viewer I have a little text here and it says source and I just
put pond5 premiere pup is drinking water sorry about that so all of now this
basically has that sort of like source footage so the way that I created that
you can see in my sequence here I have a layer called source
pond5 and all I did was I created text in the essential graphics panel
using the type tool rather than having it be horizontal I just changed the
rotation to be minus 90 and then of course the iconic now this logo I made
as blah blah in the upper right hand corner and the same thing I use the
essential graphics panel and I drew two rectangles and each rectangle I filled
it black and then I also added a 15 stroke width to each shape and
duplicated that and then I just created a text in Helvetica new bold around 60
font size now it’s time to add the on-screen text so usually with now this
style videos or social media videos in general you want to start with a fact
that will be like oh that’s interesting so actually the Australia the Australian
koala foundation has a bunch of facts on koalas and actually they need to sleep
18 spike sorry about that premiere pup they need
to actually sleep 18 to 22 hours a day so I was like that’s a fun fact why
don’t I hot start it off with the Koala just sleeping and we’ll add that fun
fact so let’s go ahead and use the type tool click on the type tool and then I’m
just going to click on the program viewer and type out and then use all
caps because the now this style uses all caps but it really just depends on what
you want to go for so with the now this style to make this better you can
highlight command A (ctrl A) select all of the text let’s center it over here center
the text and then we can align it to be in the center and let’s make it a little
bit bigger let’s make it about 90 and then we can bring it down just a tad
using the selection tool down just a tad and now there’s also a drop shadow
usually so let’s go ahead and create a shadow there
and let’s maybe increase it to about eight that looks good so now it really
is contrasty and you like that but we want to maybe make the 18 to 20 stand
out so we can actually change the color of just that text here let’s just make
it the bright yellow that now this likes to use I was like a neon color so that’s
how you create that’s sort of now this text now if you’re like where is this
text actually it it created it above this layer so I’m just going to bring
this down to video layer three here and so now like you can just duplicate this
layer what I do is I hold option alt and click and drag that text layer over and
let go and it just duplicated it and I’m going to do that again and so you can
duplicate it as many times as you want and then you can add in your new text so
here I’m going to just type out blah blah blah blah so you get the idea you
can go in and add in your own text to tell the story right so really you just
need to identify what facts what little tidbits of information do you want but
the idea of this video is I’m showing you the style right you just want like a
thicker text with a darker drop shadows so you can contrast but there’s
animations as well so I love film impact transitions I use this push animation
and it saves me a lot of time so for example in this first bit here if I
wanted this text to animate from the bottom to the current location I would
just go under my effects and go to film impact and I love the push
where it here it is I love the push and just drag and drop it on there
and what’s great about the push is that you can actually change it to animate up
from down so then it will animate on screen like so and you don’t have to
keyframe and then you can copy by hitting command C (ctrl C) that transition and
then hit command V (ctrl V) to paste it on the end and then you can change that to be
down you can apply those transitions to each text element on your sequence If
you want more of these types of videos where I sort of break down how to create
social media videos let me know in the comment below and give this video a
thumbs up I make new video production tutorials every week so subscribe to
keep up with the latest trends thanks so much guys see you soon bye

84 thoughts on “A “NOW THIS” Social Media Style Video Adobe Premiere Pro CC Template

  1. I made something similar recently! Lots of text, took me 3 hours to make lol. On another note: do you have a video on making your own transition effects instead of buying?

  2. @PremiereGal
    Hello, lovely woman. Thanks for sahring amazing tips and knowledge.
    one question: where to find that incidental music like the one you used, without infringing the copyright law?
    Thanks again for your help!!

  3. how do you end it like the Now This videos? that square that closes everything? or is that only possible with After Effects?

  4. Hi Premiere Gal! Loving it as ever. One question though. I've filmed my latest film in landscape. Now I want to make it square and FB friendly. It's cut out a lot of cool background – is there any way of getting round this? Would you advise filming on your phone in portrait? What are the optimum settings for square??

  5. i down rated you because u dont explain how u set any of this up. also went to your site to buy the template and upon installing it, saw absolutely nothing. u didnt even bother to make a video on how to import and set up your template. u flat out con people…… more over you dont even bother to read your comments and reply to people from what i can see.

  6. You have great After Effects script for this style of videos:

  7. Hold on, so your video about how to make these things is actually about how to buy your templates and other people's transition packs? I wanted to know how to do the cool text animations, not how to buy your blah blah packs.

  8. I love your channel! Normally I would join a Facebook group and ask questions, but the current groups don't allow noobs.

    Question: how do I keep my text from pulsing during video playback? I seem to have this on all my videos. I'm just not sure where I'm getting it.

    And…the shadowing. Yours is so crisp! I played with mine and couldn't even get it close. Comes with practice, I guess.

  9. look dear i have downloaded all ur videos in the list and i am watching them offline ,because i enjoyed i thought i should come
    back to the video URL and pushing like and adding a comment as supporting to ur efforts …
    Thanks a lot


  11. This is the 2nd video I have watched and I just wanted to say I really dig your channel. Thank you for the value!

  12. hey can you help me out please how do i save it as a preset or an template please help out so i dont have to start from scratch all the time

  13. Do you know how to make the moving border that Unilad have on their videos? It's kind of a time thing where they have a red line creeping round the edge of the frame until the end of the video. I think Daily Mail have started doing it too.

  14. Omg you just saved my ENTIRE life putting this together! You have no idea how much I appreciate you for this!!! *totally not about to cry

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