8 Things To Learn About Instagram TV | Part 1
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8 Things To Learn About Instagram TV | Part 1

oh hey how’s it going I’m just replying
to your DM’s you guys ask some really awesome questions let’s just see that
should I use hashtags in IGTV videos? yeah yes of course
we need this video intro… Salutations everybody my name is Benjamin Brandon if
you are new here this channel is all about vertical video. I’ve dedicated
this channel to teach you everything that I do from a vertical filmmaking
perspective IGTV whatever so if that sounds like your bag baby totally hit
that subscribe button and notification bell because you know I don’t ever know
when I’m gonna upload and with that said let’s move on into 8 things you need to learn about Instagram TV first off this video will be split
into two parts teaching you a total of 8 things that
you need to learn about Instagram TV and since there’s 8 tips, 2 videos today
will be 4 things to learn about Instagram TV I can do math so the
motivation of this video is literally Instagram DM’s I am fortunate enough to
have a lot of you message me on Instagram asking you know my advice in
regards to IGTV from a strategy perspective a Content perspective video
production #VERRT all that you be asking and I be telling so let’s get into 4
things to learn about Instagram TV shall we tip number one when it comes to
descriptions use an external app yeah that’s right home skillet and here’s the
reason why as you can see here especially on desktop the UI is super
annoying because it doesn’t expand as you type so you can’t drag that box up
or down to make it bigger or smaller depending on how much you’re typing
super annoying this was actually a question that came up in the#VERRT
vertical video community Facebook group on Facebook link below if you want to
join that I’m not gonna call it a glitch because it’s not a glitch it’s just a UI
mishap so what you should do is create your description in an external app
whatever it’s a word processor or personally I just use notes typing
everything that you need in regards to your description add your external links
and make sure you use hashtags we’ll be getting to that one trust me and the
cool thing about Instagram in general is it keeps your formatting appropriately –
so whether it’s line breaks or anything like that
you can just copy and paste right into the IGTV app or the uploader on your
desktop it also just looks better too so just keep
in mine let’s move on the number 2 IGTV pro tip number 2
beware of the thumbnail safe zone now this is another one of those learn from
my mistake situations as you can see in some of these thumbnails here some of my
text is covered and just doesn’t look at the greatest so I’m sure you’ve noticed
when you made that sweet tasty thumbnail and you’re ready to upload it into your IGTV videos and send it out to the masses you just get so excited you just hit
the publishing draft button and just oh it’s covered with the UI and just to
make the point more thorough here’s an example of a bad IGTV thumbnail not
using the safe zone and here is an example of a good thumbnail with the IGTV safe zone in mind it’s the easiest way to think about the safe zone is just
add any important visual elements of your thumbnail in the middle the
technical way to explain it is keeping in mind the dimensions of 420 by 654 or
a 1 by 1 ratio so if your boss in Photoshop that makes some sense to you
now when I talk about the UI covering your thumbnail there are three key
elements within that UI that you need to look out for the first is your video
title displayed by IGTV the second is the video length marker up at the top
right corner and the third one you’ve probably seen here and there and that is
a circle with a checkbox at the top left corner
that’s an IGTV symbol of letting you know that you’ve watched this video or a
completed video watch now the way I personally avoid all of these is I’ve
created a Photoshop template in which I always use for my thumbnails and I just
kind of have the every visual element marker right there in the template so
when I add my photo and all the visual elements I make sure I know where the
safe zone is so I don’t do yeah that because that just in great news I will
provide that template for you and it’s free so you know I’m broke son I’m sure
you are too this YouTube thing ain’t cheap anyway it’s link below for you to have
as well so you can use it for your IGTV thumbnails because I’m all about
supporting the IGTVness… the #VERRT so once you use that template or
either keep in mind the safe zone you can defer to tip number 3 which is an
Instagram TV thumbnail preview heck yes I know crazy
now as IGTV is still technically kind of a beta thing it’s not even a year old
yet there are some very annoying things such as the description and tip number
one but this is also another annoying thing you can’t preview your IGTV
thumbnail and you can’t modify them which means if
you upload them the first time that’s it no so keep that in mind
so this hack will help you see exactly how your thumbnail looks on the
Instagram UI before you publish it I know pretty cool so here’s what you do
for this it’s best to refer to the desktop uploader and what you’re gonna
do is just simply upload your IGTV video as normal add your thumbnail and
wait for the processing to complete and once you do save it as a draft and when
you save it as a draft is essentially like YouTube’s private option in which
you know you can just have it on the platform but no one can see it it’s the
exact same thing for Instagram TV so the cool part is you can refer to your
drafts and see if that thumbnail looks good on the UI and if it does sweet post
it away but let’s say it doesn’t look good you didn’t follow the safe zone
well you just have to you know delete it make another thumbnail pop it back up
rinse and repeat all that goodness you’re welcome moving on and tip number
four I’m not gonna get crazy into it but it’s super important to understand the
new IGTV preview feature holy moly it’s changing the world now I
said I was gonna go to in-depth into it and that’s because I made a video about
this particular feature from start to finish how to use it why you should use
it all that goodness I’m bringing it here on this video because people are
still not aware that you can upload a one-minute preview of your IGTV video on
your Instagram feed your followers will see it they get ranking hashtags it’s
just a yummy process so take me as an example when I upload a vertical vlog
organically not even promoting it just blending it out to the masses and
letting Instagram just pop up a little notification that not many people are
using right now I typically get about 500 to 700 views just organically now when
this popped up double that just right away just five hundred to a thousand
just whoa now keep in mind guys your first minute of your video needs to
be extremely good and awesome for people to continue to watch if you’re wondering
how long a person needs to watch a video before it’s considered one view yeah
that’s a question actually get alot which is over 3 seconds so if anyone
watches your video for 3 seconds that’s considered one view it’s all in a ranking
hierarchy with the algorithm where views count as a certain amount of points
heart or a like counts as another point a share counts for the most points so on
and so forth so keep that in mind now that’s all good it’s three seconds but
views aren’t necessarily the most important metric on IGTV audience retention
now I go in depth with audience retention in the IGTV Master class which
we’ll talk about in a bit if you haven’t seen it already its an online course about
IGTV and all this stuff times 10 but I mentioned in the course that audience
retention is your number one way to succeed with Instagram TV hands down how
long people stay to watch your video is super important the vertical videos that
I’ve done that gone viral on Instagram TV had audience retentions of over 40
percent so make sure your first minute of your video is awesome that way people
will go into that video and continue watching the rest of it boost your
audience retention boost your views boost your self-esteem actually don’t
use views to boost your self-esteem oh use your mom my mom is really good at
that too there you have it 4 things you need to learn about Instagram TV now
as I mentioned this is a two-part video so you will get another 4 Pro tips
that you need to learn in the next video which I’m not sure when I’m gonna upload
that it will definitely be within the next seven days but I would totally hit
notifications so that way you know when that video is out if any of these tips
help you out of course and if this video did provide you some value do me a favor
here it comes and smash that like button for me just just take your finger just
get after it subscribe for more videos just like this to enhance your IGTV
success and your vertical films and I my beautiful VERRT friends will see you on the
next one which will be another IGTV pro tip video yeah that’s right I’m gonna disappear now I
made this tutorial by the way if you want to learn how to do this so just
links down here okay

32 thoughts on “8 Things To Learn About Instagram TV | Part 1

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