8 Cool SPY Gadgets That You Can Buy Online
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8 Cool SPY Gadgets That You Can Buy Online

Hi, guys! You’re on YouFact channel. If you couldn’t become the agent 007, you
can at least test on yourself these Chinese versions of spy gadgets. Today I will show you such devices that you
can buy online. For hidden video recording the manufacturers
of spy gadgets contrive to build small cameras in anything. For example, here’s a pen with a built-in
HD camera that allows you to record high quality video with sound and make good shots. Another interesting device is sunglasses with
built-in camera driven by a light touch to the earpiece, as if you adjust your glasses;
some models have a wireless remote control so you can manage the camera even without
taking your hands out of pockets. If you decide to feel like a spy, you cannot
do without a night vision device. Today the market presents many such devices
with the size of a conventional smartphone that have a good zoom and even recording of
video. Many models operate in the invisible infrared
spectrum, so you are guaranteed to go unnoticed in the dark. If you want to eavesdrop on someone’s conversations
and at the same time be in a different place, this portable GSM eavesdropping device will
help you. The scheme of its work is the follows: you
insert the SIM card in to the device, set it in the place for eavesdropping, for instance,
somewhere under the table. Then, to start eavesdrop, you just call the
number on your SIM card and listen to all conversations in a radius of several meters. Many eavesdropping devices have a call back
function: if there appear voices in the place of eavesdropping, the device will automatically
call you. To disable this function, you should send
SMS with the specific content. If it is impossible to enter the premises
to install the device for eavesdropping, you can use the gadget to eavesdrop through the
walls. You only need to connect the earphones to
the device and attach it to the wall. If you connect your device to the recorder,
you will be able to record the conversation. To track the location of a desired object,
Chinese sloggers created a lot of different GPS trackers. Like the eavesdropping device, this GPS tracker
works via the SIM card, transferring information about the location of the object at specified
intervals of time. Tracking occurs with the help of GPS satellites
and cell towers with accuracy up to 5 meters. A GPS tracker can be used both for tracking
of anyone and for the security of a loved one. For example, some models are equipped with
SOS button, after clicking it you will be able to help the person by the transmitted
coordinates. If you’re a known spy and want to protect
yourself from surveillance, or just want to make fun of your friends, use portable jammers
of communication. Such jammers can disable cell phone signals,
wifi networks, GPS devices, and even to cause interference to voice recorders. You just need to turn on the gadget in your
pocket and all these devices in a certain radius will break down immediately. Keylogger is a device that remembers all the
keys that are pressed on the victim’s computer. It looks like a flash-card and can memorize
a huge number of characters and symbols, including passwords to various accounts. The device requires no power, it is not detected
by the computer as a system tool and any anti-virus can’t detect it unlike the software Keylogger
version. You just need to quietly insert the gadget
into the USB port of the system unit, and then extract it imperceptibly. The directional microphones allow you to hear
conversations at a distance up to 100 meters. A monocular, built in microphone, allows you
not only to listen to conversations at a distance, but to follow the monitoring object. Many microphones are equipped with receiving
parabolic antenna, but there are more compact models that are equipped with a special antenna
that helps to reduce the size of the device. The microphone can also be connected to the
recorder and record all of the sounds in the distance.. You can find the links to the gadgets in the
description of the video.

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