100 thoughts on “7 social media predictions that will happen by the end of 2019

  1. How many of you have noticed that your social engagement has dropped? If it has, leave a comment below with “yes”. If it hasn't, leave a comment with “no”.

  2. My second questions
    Does uploading podcast on the blog post is helpful for SEO, Well, it is going to helpful for the user

  3. Great video. I agree that everyone, in general, is tending to focus on fewer social networks. As content creators, we're often told to focus on 1 or 2 networks only, but many of our audience may not touch these particular networks. I think that's why it's still almost impossible to completely ditch Facebook. Whether we like it or not, nearly everyone is on Facebook – and increasingly, Instagram too, depending on demographics. I'm very focused on Pinterest, and try to focus on Twitter too, but there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, and effectively. Social media overwhelm is real…!

  4. Great info as always Neil. I did have a question though…I've been uploading videos to both my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page, and wanted to know if you think the relevance of hashtags and tags are the same on both. Right now, Facebook doesn't give you much room to add tags to your videos, but there's ample room to add hashtags like its going out of fashion (in your description). I just wanted to know, what do you think is more relevant….hashtags or plain ol' tags. Thanks in advance!

  5. My social engagement has definitely dropped a lot.
    But this enables me to get more work done and stay focused on the noise.
    Though this process was intentional and took some effort from my side too.

  6. I'm not sure what you mean by building a brand in this context. You name speaking at conferences as a way to build one, but how would fb/insta/google actually know that you are doing so? By seeing your brand name posted on other sites?

  7. When I visit your website and look at all the companies that you helped, I don't have pockets anywhere near as deep as theirs.. How can you help me at all? I'm willing to pay for help, but I don't have $100,000 to spend on it..

  8. omg you are sooo right about video
    Video is not coming to LInkedIn as well.
    this is why I started my Youtube channel also… it's all about video now
    thanks for awesome content Neil

  9. Sr Neil Antes podía verlo cuando tenía la traducción en español. Por favor trate de poner a sus vídeos para la comunidad hispana. Hasta pronto.

  10. Great video,
    Neil Patel you are great every video you post are very useful and easy to understand thanks for providing these helpful tips. Love you….

  11. Sir, your videos are really helpful. Can you suggest me some books on SEO, Digital Marketing and related to these stuffs. Thanks.

  12. Good stuff, Neil. Thank you for putting all of those tips together in one bucket. I've not been tracking sociaal media, so I'll stay out of the yes/no vote.

  13. Well Neil, You might be speaking the truth but that leaves a newbie blogger like me
    so discouraged. Already it's a hard getting into the algorithms and SEO of things and now this.

  14. Hi Neil. Love your videos. Lots of value. My question is about branding. You said that social media sites will give preference to brands. As a local chiropractor, how can I position myself on FB, IG, and YT as brand? Thanks.

  15. I’ve heard that video is going to dominate social media which is why I’ve started doing videos and started my channel.

    I can get so many likes, shares and comments on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest yet I can’t get barely one like on Facebook it really sucks man so I focus on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest the most.

  16. So for small businesses without a budget for advertising to get more exposure videos and substantial comments will be most helpful to survive all this. Right?

  17. So whats to become of CNN, as one of the biggest pushers of fake news? Sounds like the bigger will get bigger and smaller will get smaller- a familiar concept

  18. Thank you for stating this Neil! I’ve been trying to get this in my clients head for the past few months…sidebar… I would love ❤️ build sweat equity for your company and brand. Anything I can do to help ( edit, write, walk your dog) just let me know bro. I got plenty of time for you😁

  19. Isn't that bad.

    The old fashion it would be: Grab the FB user attention, send him to your website. But this doesn't mean that all you 1,000,000 FB followers will visit your website.

    Why just make the close upfront on FB ?
    Of course.. you'll need like a new selling strategy for each and single social platform out there.
    But is fine ! Just have to get like 10 purchase a day on a platform, and then start building another.

    Now you have to get all your attention on one single thing at a time !

    Still, a website it will be the base.
    You won't make the best sells on it ( unless you're high on google ) but it is needed for organize purpose.
    At some point someone will want something more from you than a FB page.

  20. Engagement has dropped, except for LinkedIn. We are stepping up our LinkedIn game given that reach. Great video!

  21. Hii Neil Thanks for your content, I always love your content as it is so precise and you don't try to sell anything. I want your advice on something I am struggling on. Basically, I have an e-commerce website, I want to know whether it is worth it do Pinterest ads actually I am a beginner and I am scared to run Facebook and Instagram ads so I want to know whether to run Pinterest ads for my store. And one more request Neil I noticed that you have written many blogs on Pinterest ads some time ago, I want to know whether that is still relevant or not. Thanks

  22. Which advertising platform will choose in 2019 ? Facebook or Instagram? and why? Please don't reply just "It depends" 🤗

  23. hey Neil its great to see you again with a great trick.. I have a channel that is not performing that great just wanted to know should i stop the channel little confused need help .

  24. Your predictions are a very good reason to do the opposite and not continually support the main social media sites. The more we support them, the more we will have to support them. Offline media is still quality media. Online media is not except where it reposts offline media. Much of it is fake. Let it crush offline TV and print reporting and what will we be left with? There is a world beyond selling Neil. What kind of world do you want?

  25. Thanks for sharing this Neil! Definitely going to focus on video for 2019. Interesting thoughts on going live more often, creating different content for different social networks and aiming to get more comments. Very interesting stuff and will definitely be implementing those points

  26. You are so right! I am moving into video. Marketing takes much more now. I am only just beginning to learn this! Thank you for your insight.

  27. In light of prediction #3 I am leaving a comment 🙂
    Seriously, though, great predictions. I especially liked prediction #2 – I didn't even think about that. I always believed people trust people more than brands, but since 2016 I do see the shift in fake news and can see that branded content now gains more trust. As always, I love listening to your videos, I always leave with a couple of actionable takeaways!

  28. just came across your amazing content, thanks for sharing your insights, learned already a lot after visiting your website, watching 3 of your talks and 3 of your social media predictions:))) greetings from Austria, Vienna, Christine

  29. Good predictions! Definitely agree that comments are the most important engagement metric, but also the hardest to get!

  30. Very interesting, I agree with the idea of picking one or two social media channels and growing on
    Them instead of
    Trying to do all of them.

  31. The Social Engagement at my company is only increasing, but that’s because they never really did Social before.

  32. Neil always dropping fire 🔥 his videos helped me go from broke depressed college dropout 😰 to making my first $1,000,000 online at age 26💰💰🙌🏼 thank you Neil🙏🏼 I still watch your videos to this day

  33. Thank you Neil, great video. Would you consider to make a video about ''what you schould consider while making content for each social platform''

  34. This is definitely going to happen as people are going to focus on only one particular social network. Currently Instagram is riding high with high engagement. Great video 😎

  35. Too much video – everyone is doing video BUT what are they saying ? I don't prefer video over written content

  36. I'm gonna take a risk and be honest. I always enjoy your videos. You are clearly clever when it comes to marketing and you are very articulate which is a breath of fresh air on any social platform. However, I think you might be pulling out some of the proverbial "inspire-by-fear" tactics used by advertisers in the 1980's when you suggest "…unless you follow the tips in this video, you're not going to do well." The truth is, unless social media developers figure out what it is THEY want from their Frankenstein experiments, none of us are going to do well. When the public begins to revolt and executives line up for their turn on the Senate floor, it's a sign nobody really thought much about strategy when they unleashed their creations to run roughshod over the surface of the Earth. /End rant. Overall, though? Really great stuff, Neil! 🙂

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