7 Social Media Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Business – DMW #27
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7 Social Media Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Business – DMW #27

YouTube Gets A Facelift! 7 Social Media Mistakes You Can’t Afford
To Make SEO Predictions For 2017 And Beyond It’s Friday the 5th of May, and this is
Issue 27 of Digital Marketing Weekly… Each week, DMW reveals the biggest and most
important news that impacts your business, in the fast moving worlds of Video Marketing,
SEO and Social Media! Alright, let’s get started… YouTube Gets A Facelift! To celebrate its 12th birthday YouTube has
rebuilt its desktop website with a brand new The new website is faster, cleaner, simpler,
and consistent with YouTube’s mobile apps. There are also a handful of new features including…
a new dark mode tweaks to search and channel pages
and an updated large theatre mode for watching videos without going full-screen
You can try the new website out by heading to www.youtube.com/new and clicking the ‘Try
It Now’ button. 7 Social Media Mistakes You Can’t Afford
To Make This week SmartCompany.com.au shared the Top
7 Social Media Mistakes to avoid in your business. These are the things that can easily derail
your social media efforts: 1. Going in withouta plan Before starting a social media campaign you
must have a clear objective, identify your target market, and decide on what content
you will share. 2. Not assigning responsibility Someone needs to be responsible for driving
the overall strategy and the content shared. 3. Targeting the wrong people Know who your target audience is, and optimise
your content for them. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time,
effort, and money. 4. Ignoring your customers Existing customers will reach out to you on
Social Media for help. Make sure you answer them, or at the very
least politely direct them to your official support channel. 5. Not answering reviews Ignoring a bad review won’t make it go away. The person who left the review may not read
your reply, but thousands of potential customers may read the review and judge your company
based on the reply you provide. 6. Scheduling and forgetting Scheduling tools such as Buffer.com automatically
trickle feed your content. But always remember that what is relevant
now, may become an offensive topic next month! 7. Posting inappropriate content There will come a time when a post goes out
that shouldn’t have. The best thing you can do is own the mistake
and openly apologise. SEO Predictions For 2017 And Beyond The easy SEO tactics of keyword stuffing and
automated backlink building no longer work. If you want to remain competitive, you have
to know where to focus your efforts… This week Ryan Shelley of SearchEngineLand.com
made 3 predictions for SEO in 2017 Here’s what you need to know: 1. User Experience (UX) is going to play a BIG
role Google is obsessed with user experience, and
you should be too! Search results are becoming more and more
personalised for each user. The top results are occupied by engaging content
that delivers a great user experience. Part of delivering a great UX is knowing what
users actually do on your website. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search
Console have more than enough information to help you get started and they are completely
free to use! Find out what content is appealing most to
your users, and create more of that content. 2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will be a ranking
factor The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an
open-source initiative aiming to make websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful
and high-performing across all devices and distribution platforms. At the moment AMP isn’t a ranking signal,
but it’s only a matter of time before it will be. You don’t want to wait until AMP is officially
a ranking signal because by that time you’ll be too far behind your competition. We suggest you start building AMP pages for
your website now. 3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will run search Machine learning is a hot topic at the moment. Companies like Google and Facebook are investing
heavily in AI, in an effort to give users exactly what they want. AI is a good thing for SEO, as it will weed
out black-hat techniques, and put more emphasis on high-quality content that delivers genuine
value to users. Based on these latest predictions, the best
thing you can do is to focus on creating high-quality content. And also Implement basic on-page SEO, such
as keywords in titles, headlines, body text, and image tags. Ok, that’s what’s been happening this
week in the world of Video Marketing, SEO and Social Media… If you’re not already subscribed, then make
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week you’ll get the inside scoop on the latest developments to keep you and your business
on the leading edge of digital marketing. Bye for now… Oh, you’re still watching? Check out last week’s DMW by clicking here!

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