7 Instagram Hacks That Will CHANGE Your Life 2019! Get Verified on Instagram?!
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7 Instagram Hacks That Will CHANGE Your Life 2019! Get Verified on Instagram?!

these should be the new categories close
friends ex-boyfriends people who ghosted you that you want to impress I don’t
know hey guys it’s Adrienne welcome back to my channel today we are gonna talk
about Instagram hacks new improved great balm Instagram hacks haven’t done a
video like this in a little caught second so we’re just gonna get right
into it if you guys are new subscribe to my channel so excited for 2019 and
and-and-and-and-and follow me on instagram because i don’t know you don’t
have to but I think you should anyway let’s get into the video so the first
hack is for how to get verified on Instagram I’m gonna walk you through how
you can request to be verified I’ve applied like 10 times so we’ll see what
happened in order to get verified on Instagram you have to follow these four
requirements number one you have to be authentic so your account must represent
a real person so you or a registered business or entities so if you have a
shop or whatever else you have to be unique so it has to be really you you
can’t have like five different accounts with you only one account per person or
business may be verified like I have an Instagram account but then I have like a
fake side account that’s just like funny stuff I can’t have both be verified it
has to just be like my main account your profile has to be complete so it has to
have a profile picture and a bio you have to post it at least one photo and
you can’t have in your profile anything that says like add me with links to
other social media so if my youtube link is in my bio does that count as that I
don’t think it does I think I would have to be like I’m me on Twitter or with
like my handle so I think I’m fine and then I can’t count and then number 4 you
have to be notable so your account must represent a well-known highly searched
for person basically that’s just saying like you got to be someone I’m not
really someone so in order to request verification you need to go into your
settings you go into your account and then you click on request verification
it’s gonna ask you your username your full-name what you’ve named you’re known
as and what type of account you have and then you’re also going to have to attach
a photo of your driver’s license or your photo ID and then you send it so why not
take a stab at it I mean there’s nothing really to lose so a hack number two is
to download all of your photos from Instagram that you’ve ever posted like
download all of them probably don’t have all of them and with all the new updates
and rollouts and all these social media platforms closing and all this weird
stuff happening in digital you just never really know it’s
to happen and so if you want to back up your Instagram photos I’m gonna show you
how so you’re gonna go to your Instagram profile first and then click on me like
three lines at the very top and click on settings then you’re gonna go down to
nope not account you’re gonna go down to privacy and security and then you’re
gonna click on download data so basically this is gonna get a copy of
what you’ve shared on Instagram they’ll email you a link with a file to your
photos comments profile information and more in 48 hours so that’s awesome I
mean why not just do it and see what’s there I guess yeah that’s cool the next
hack is a program you can use to get a lot more followers and engagement and
likes on Instagram so I’m using this for my professional Instagram that I just
started but I have used this service before and basically what it does it’s
called explode social basically what this service does in order to gain new
followers and more engagement is it goes and target followers of accounts that
are either similar to you or certain accounts that you choose that you
customize it goes and it engages with their photos and with their profiles and
it also engages with your own fans profiles so essentially like I want to
engage with everyone but I literally cannot do that every single day so what
I love about this is it will like engage with people for you it’s an automated
system so it’ll like people’s photos and it’s like I’m choosing the accounts that
I want it to do it for who I want it to like the photos of or follow them or
whatever and in return you get so much love back it’s just instagrams a
community an Instagram wants you to engage with each other the more you
engage with other users and follow them and like their photos the more they will
engage back and therefore you will get more likes which will get your profile
seeing more and more people will be able to follow you because of course
Instagram favors you getting the most engagement on your post within the first
like two to three hours I think so a service like this just helps you to
engage with other users so that they engage back with you ultimately
resulting in a lot more followers so I love this because I just think it’s such
a genuine thing like engaging with other users on Instagram is what I want to do
I do support all these users so you guys can totally try out explode social I
have a link down below in a coupon code right here on the screen for 10% off
I’ve been using it now for like almost a year I think and I just love it and then
I get messages all the time like I’m gonna do
my photo and I’m like yeah girl yeah I did because I did and I see what I liked
it I know people are very skeptical of services like this out there but this
one is completely legit I would never ever ever promote something like this I
didn’t think was 100% legit and great and not sketchy and not scamming okay
ramped over so the next hack is that Instagram just literally I think today
added a feature where instead of just asking questions on your Instagram
stories where people can respond to the questions you can now ask people for
music recommendations which i think is so cool so I’m going to show you how to
do it so let’s just say we take a pic okay so then you go up to your stickers
and you click questions the way you would before but now you can actually
click on this little music symbol thing and say what’s your fave song right oh
you can also change the colors finally I’ve wanted to do that forever I didn’t
even know you could so then as people answer I think you’ll be able to
actually play the song back I’ll get back to you on that one
I’m editing this and realized I forgot to stick the music in so here it is look
you can do this and it’s cool and yeah so it worked
the next hack I’ve talked about before a long long time ago but I just want to
remind you guys that don’t think a lot of people do it if you want to get
custom fonts on your Instagram stories all you have to do is go to this website
called cool symbol comm and if you click on fancy text you can just choose any
sort of text that you want you put in your text here so let’s put cool fun and
then you can customize like whether you want a black bubble you want a little
bar code okay I’m pushing copy gonna go to my
Instagram paste yeah how cool is that man speaking of cool customizable fonts
on Instagram stories another half is to use this app called hype type you can
just animate your text more so unfortunately if you don’t pay for the
version of the app there is a little water market it says like made by hype
type but I just think it’s really cool that they have different styles of
animation and you can kind of like make them even more your own which is super
nice and easy and sweet so why not customize your IG stories this is so
funny I’m really filming in front of a green
screen could you probably knew if you saw man screams who are you definitely
knew all right the next hack okay we all know that hashtags make posts more
discoverable make even stories more discoverable and people who see your
stories will likely follow your profile if they like them so one really neat
hack for how to get hashtags on your stories that not have anyone see them
and not have it be very obvious that you’re using them it’s either to type
out the hashtags and then make them so small that you can kind of like push it
away off the screen because it’ll actually still be there which is kind of
weird and that was a weird way to say that but it’s fine but these seconds
that you can do that I never thought of before is you can just blend in the
color of the text with whatever the surroundings of the photo are so
literally just like scrunch it down and then just make the text the same color
as the background and no one will ever know that they’re there which is funny
and if someone ever clicks on it and sees it they’ll be like whoa that’s
crazy yeah that is all for these hacks
remember if you guys want to try explode social click my link down below and use
the code for 10% off and without anything else really to say I’ll see you
guys in my next video also secret tip for the secret people on the tubes right
here I think I’m starting a new channel like completely new because the
algorithms just broken I’m sure you’ve heard so many youtubers talk about it
but I’m gonna start a new channel where I’m just my weird
and I just like do weird things and like do my Adrienne on the street videos
again and all that stuff if you made it to the end of this video thank you good
job and you should comment make a new channel exclamation point or don’t make
a new channel whatever you think about I’m curious if you think I should do it
okay I love you guys so much thank you for watching I’ll see you my next video

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