7 Best iPhone Apps For INSTAGRAM Photo Editing!

hands up guys it’s Adrian welcome back
to my channel and welcome to another episode of ten not ten seven iphone apps
that I guess the series is just called seven iPhone apps so if you guys are new
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every single time I post a video this series is where I go through my top
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other iPhone app videos you’d like to see simply comment them down below and I
always listen to your guys’s recommendations so in today’s video we
are doing my top 7 favorite apps or Instagram editing these are apps that I
use to edit Instagram photos and also apps that I don’t necessarily use every
day but then I think you guys will benefit the most from what the bottom
line is I’m gonna show you guys all the best apps for editing Instagram photos
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get into it so the first half I’m going to talk about is vsco cam or vsco cam
this is not only my favorite Instagram photo editing app but it’s also the one
I always use first this app is my favorite because it has so many awesome
filters to choose from you can buy some that are very very cheap but it also
comes with a lot for free you guys are probably pretty familiar with this app
so I won’t spend too much time on it but I will show you what I do to my photos
on this app so as you can see there are so many different filters they have they
have all sorts of different series black and white all these different packs
I have bought pretty much all of them because I’m just obsessed with Instagram
that one looks really good so sometimes I just go through and I see which one
looks best for the particular photo that I’m editing or I find that when I want
to have a theme and I want everything to go together using the same filter really
really helps so lately I’ve been using the hb2 filter this has been an original
favorite of mine for a really really long time especially in the fall time so
once I click on the filter I basically just drag it along you can kind of do
whatever you want with it I like to I’m pretty intense what’s also nice
about base codes that you can actually go in and edit all the other parts of
the photos like the exposure the contrast things like that you can
straighten I like to sharpen the photo a lot and saturation you can turn up a
little bit I like to turn the temperature down just a tad so it’s not
super orange and a lot of people lately have been using this grain effect
because they just think it looks kind of cool I think it looks better on like
close-up portrait type photos like this photo for example it looks really good
with some grain it just kind of makes it look more artsy I don’t even really know
overall that is typically what I do on Fisk okay the second half that I’m going
to show you guys it’s facetune too now I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard of
facetune as an operating kind of like ultra yourself and a lot of people make
their photos very fake and they make their butts look bigger so yes you can
totally do that on facetune but a lot of people overlook the other really amazing
features that facetune has to offer and I’m not gonna lie bass tuned to has so
many more features than face tuned one who do have to pay I think it’s dollar
two dollars to download the app but you guys it’s so worth it one of my favorite
features on face team 2 is that you can desaturate just your skin in a photo so
look at this photo for example obviously the background colors I wanted very
bright so I turn the saturation really high but then look how orange I made my
skin look because I am kind of Tanner sometimes and so it makes my skin very
very orange so my friend Morgan actually showed me this but one of the best
features and that I love about face you too is if you click on the black and
white feature and you just run it all over the part that is orange or too
saturated and then you simply bring it down so there’s the original and you
kind of just bring it down until it gets to like a normal tone that’s all you do
that is my favorite feature on piece tuned – I love this glow button because
if you just kind of put glow around the outside it can brighten up a photo and
flaunt it can also make colors a lot brighter but without totally exposing it
too much obviously here’s the reshape features another really cool thing you
can do is actually add a backdrop to a photo so you can choose from any of
these backdrops so once we picked the backdrop all I do is run my
fingers along it then there you go that’s not too shabby honestly I mean it
looks kind of funny but you can do this with so many different types of
backgrounds like look I’m just putting myself on any of these backgrounds are
just so cool another really cool feature that I like on here is the D focus
feature so as you guys know people with really high quality cameras or even like
the iPhone 7 plus or 8 plus that has that portrait mode basically what that
does is it blurs out the background and really focuses on the subject so I did
this with this photo and as you can tell this is the original and this is when I
did the blur focus original blur focus and I actually added that little light
flare at the top as well and by the way how I got those light
effects is it I clicked on light effects and they have a bunch of cool like
rainbowy effects that you can use which are kind of cool like kind of looks like
there’s a rainbow in the sky you can play with a lot of them and so I like to
use kind of the ones that look like Sun flares the rainbow things are really
cool in my opinion the next app that I’m going to talk
about it’s called after light I do not personally use this app as often as the
other ones I use vsco and based YouTube every single time I edit a photo
absolutely is really cool because you can add a lot of cool effects that you
can’t on other so for example if this is the photo that I’m using again it has
all of the basic photo editing effects which is just really nice to have all in
one place the contrast brightness saturation all that kind of stuff grain
because apparently everyone looks great now and then when you go to here we have
a bunch of filters as per usual but the most important thing in my opinion are
these light leaks and these like dusty little filter things so these kind of
give photos like a little vintage you look which i think is really cool it
doesn’t work for every photo but for some of them it really looks cool and
obviously once you click on one you don’t have to have it be so intense you
can kind of bring it down so these have similar light leaks to facetune too but
they are just different and you can flip them you can do whatever you want so I
just think these are kind of neat because it really just adds like a
different perspective I’m sure there’s a lot more that you can do with after
light that I haven’t discovered but oh hold on like this oh that’s really cool
so if you wanted to do like a cute little graphic design I don’t know it
could be cute to like print these out and put them on your wall or something
anyway next up I’m going to talk about is called perfect 365 now this app is
pretty much solely for selfies it is for fixing your makeup or adding makeup to
your face if you don’t have any on and it is incredible the technology that is
armed here so I’m gonna go ahead and take a picture of myself and here’s my
face as you can see and then basically it puts these dots on where all of your
features are so if anything is off it usually does a pretty good job of
estimating like where your eyebrows are where your lips are if anything is ever
off you can adjust them there which is super nice then basically it has all
these different makeup looks like everyday look smoky looks chic looks and
if you click on them it’ll basically just like put the makeup on you which is
so cool so look at my makeup looks changing like right in front of your
eyes if we go to the smoky looks they’re like a little bit more aggressive like
whoa so obviously some of them look a little bit more unnatural than others
but for the most part they’re really really good oh my even that doesn’t look
that unreal like it okay but if we just go back to one of these everyday looks
you can also adjust it however you want so if you click on tools you can fix
your blemishes you can brighten your skin if you go to your lips you can like
actually alter your smile we’re just crazy like look I’m smiling wider and
I’m smiling less it’s a little bit like creepy and unnatural I don’t know it’s
just fun to like play with you can even put lip tattoos on I like it you can
change your eyelashes woo oh my god you guys you can change your eyebrows wow so
it actually does a pretty good job of like getting rid of my stray eyebrow
hairs I’m acting like this is the first time I’ve used this I definitely have
used this before that’s what I would look like with a blue eyes weird
right okay that’s really weird purple hair right so the next photo editing app
I’m going to show you is called n light now I actually downloaded this fairly
recently so I’m not a pro on it but it has a ton of really really really cool
features that I want to learn so just because I’m not a pro on it yeah I’m
gonna show you guys the tutorials that they have on here so these are some of
the looks that you can achieve you can literally take photos and kind of blend
them with other photos to get look like this which i think is really
really cool you can do things like this which i think is also really really cool
just things that look super unique so if you’re looking for a unique interesting
feed this is an app that makes it really easy to do really cool looking features
like making this background sketch this personally is one of my favorites the
breakout mask I’ve tried really hard to do this well but it was kind of hard
I’ll show you guys the one that I did this is the original photo and then this
is the one that I made it’s not amazing because I don’t know how to do it yet
but I’m gonna figure it out well you can have two different filters going on at
once and that’s really cool it’s really cool okay
the next app I’m going to show you it’s called colour-pop now and this is just
basically an app that’ll let you have a picture in black and white but add
little pops of color I know there are lots of apps that do this but I have
found this one to be the easiest but you just obviously have the photo in there
and then you take the parts you want colored and if you need to just a little
bit you can and the last app that is my favorite is Lightroom on your phone so
Lightroom is an Adobe suite program it cost some money and it’s a lot more for
like professional use you do need to have a membership and have paid for
Lightroom so if you have my room this will work if you’ve done you can’t
really utilize it to the best of its ability but by the way I paint like $10
a month for Photoshop and Lightroom on my computer and obviously on my phone so
I recommend it I really like the things you can do to in you can change a lot of
the colors that you can’t change on other apps like for example this picture
this was the original and then I kind of made it a little more teal and that is
something that you can’t do on a lot of other apps and again I did the same
thing with this photo so it’s just a little bit more advanced in that regard
like I took this photo one from that to that Matt for that so I suggest
Lightroom there are so many different effects you can actually do on here that
I can’t even go through all of them but if you are familiar with Lightroom I
just wanted to let you guys know that they have an app and I highly recommend
using it alright that is all for seven iPhone apps that I think are the best
for photo editing especially for Instagram and
are my top favorites let me know down below if you guys have any other
suggestions for this type of video and also what your guys’s favorite editing
apps are cuz I’m always looking for new ones I find photo editing and video
editing so interesting and fun so let me know if you guys have any other
suggestions and not further ado you guys I will see you in my next video I love
you thanks for watching and give a thumbs up if you enjoyed it

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