6 PROVOCATIVE Japanese Trends on Social Media
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6 PROVOCATIVE Japanese Trends on Social Media

Pulled my shoulder Are we ready for the video… Why’re you always dancing? I think you wanna be a dancer
or something You always wanna move around What is this? What is this?
– You moved them I’ll readjust for you Nooo That segues nicely into our 6 Provocative Japanese Trends
on Social Media Provocative, revealing, risque Possibly risqué Doesn’t always have to be We’ll go through them in order of least revealing to most revealing Baby…peach What? Is that ok…. I dunno This is certainly revealing but it’s not so much risqué This trend just happened or it’s still happening Japanese parents have been
sharing photos of their baby’s butts
covered up with peaches Oh my god Aww, that’s cute Who came up with that? There’s actually a long history
of associating peaches with the buttocks area
so it’s not so random Look at that one Twerking Dude that’s… That one is weird
– That is not a baby This is…this is pedophillic Nina Why’re we watching this? Why is there a cherry? Cause she’s Asian
she has a tight butt She looks pretty old Posing provocatively as well Speaking of taking things too far apparently some adults have taken
the trends as well Some things are not for adults No no We’re not gonna do that
with my butt So this trend started
when one Japanese person wondered if leaving their
cosplay costume folded up outside the
bathroom door would make it look like that the character
was actually taking a bath inside Oh, alright Very random This idea quickly gained momentum I’ll show you some pictures but um Butt But then we don’t watch
much anime and so we probably won’t pick up
what characters… Oh oh, so it’s a guessing game now ok Where’s Dragon Ball? Where’s Dragon Ball… It’s the only one we’ll recognise Ok, well, hold on a second Didn’t we cover this already
in a previous video? and wasn’t it Chinese? I gotta make a clarification here It actually started in Japan and once China got a hold of it
man it went global It just took on a life of it’s own So I’m not gonna get
too deep into this cause you can check out our
Chinese Beauty Trends Weird Chinese Beauty Trends
on Social Media video But, well moving on there is another
under-the-boob trend that’s Japanese Inspired by the anime character Hestia from ‘Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls
In A Dungeon?’ Hestia, one of the main characters is notable for her use of a blue ribbon which she hangs over her arms in an attempt to help
support her breasts The ribbon is tied so that
when the arms are lifted so are the boobs And a particular scene featuring
the 2 main characters in the show including Hestia managed to gain popularity which had them doing a dance
while brushing their teeth Yeah, so that caught on Various Japanese Twitter users
started to test if the ribbon could actually give
a real life boost to their boobies Ooh I doubt that I feel like it’s just in my way Cause if you lift your arms
the strap comes off right? Yeah I don’t think it really works I think you’d have to walk around like this
all the time Hello… Hello boys… That was really creepy wasn’t it pulled my shoulder So girls around Japan
started tying purple ribbons just below their cleavage
to see if it really works as an enhancer Might hurt What if you like…. and it’s like… You’d knock yourself out I would think like… what the hell I’m sure you’re not surprised
that unfortunately it didn’t work If you pull too much
you’d just slice off your breasts Something out of Resident Evil So we’re getting into the
more revealing end Huh? So it’s a period of time end of April
to beginning of May longest stretch of time in a row where most people get time off work Unfortunately, there are some people
who for whatever reason put in the time during this period when everyone’s having fun outside and I guess it’s primarily men because Japanese women on social media
have teamed up to create a hashtag devoted to cheering up men who are stuck in
the office during over Golden Week #ShowLegToShowSupportForSalarymen It’s just leg shots basically Pornographic a bit But I don’t think that is.. Why does that make them
support them in some way? Cause men are pervs Nina But isn’t that distractive? Cause men are pervs Nina Lots of upskirts They could show their peachy butts Guys who are working overtime
during Golden Week commented on Twitter: “I feel reenergised” “Thank you, thank you!
This is important so I’m saying it twice!” “This made my train ride home from work
a lot nicer” “Thanks for this!
I’ll be checking in again at work tomorrow :)” “Can I look even if I’m not at work?
Because I already did.” oh my god Why make it so freaky creepy? I think that was my fault
by talking like that But you know what
this is sexist isn’t it? What about for the salarywomen? You’re right
– There should be a hashtag for them #ShowAbsToShowSupportForSalarywomen Yeah, you can go first No, I’ve got a 1 pack Well you can be the first one
and then the better ones come after Can we move on
I’ve got a 1 pack So girls, Japanese high school girls They basically do this: What?
– I’m sorry I should have given warning Warning Sorry that was too late Basically do that continuously
to the song Party Monster and girls do it to each other What? I don’t understand In public They’re so goofy I think that girl’s funny I’m from this country Nina That is just weird Well that’s not even the right song
what the.. No energy there Arthritis Ok Don’t touch stuff in the men’s toilet I don’t know what to say
– A far cry from baby peach butts Yeah but it wouldn’t work for guys It would hurt them too much Oh if guys did it they will be like… ..oh sorry, sorry bro Is that a flash light or..? Party Monster Dance Do it to me, do it to me No, I feel weird No, I feel weird, I can’t do that
oh my god I felt some contact there You sold out Nina
You sold out Go No I’ll do that
– Aaah again

100 thoughts on “6 PROVOCATIVE Japanese Trends on Social Media

  1. If you think the party monster is bad just youtube Jamaican dancehall party and you'll see even more lol

  2. wait omg …what is this song you used in this video? I have this song playing at work and its songs nobody knows and its so weird hearing it here I have to know what song this is ?!?!

  3. I'm 100% Japanese , teenager and I often use twitter but I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY OF THEM!!! That might be a thing but plz note only a few ppl do that . No all Japanese are weird. I quite enjoyed this video tho lol

  4. OMG u just made me rewatch "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon" thx also its 10/10 unlike the second season 🙁

  5. I'm only half Japanese and don't really use twitter but I found this hilarious, specially the last entry of the list.

    I have to say, it would be ashamed if I wasn't aware of… well people liking being stupid on the internet (I'm not saying this to offend anybody but comedy is more or less a universal form of expression, it could be these kinds of things or some guy dancing to a weird song or even a meme video, at the end of the day none of that is serious nor done with any intention other than amusement/laughter)

  6. in many country's the pen under the breast was seen as being bad, the young and beautiful would stay perked while the pen demonstrated older age and sagging. this isn't just a sudden trend this method has gone back 100s of years

  7. there are some japanese men dressed as women quite alot if you research Japan…so this could be not just women doing monster dance against other women…..Monster Tranny Dance maybe…..now do you get it?

  8. Japan's experimental culture is why they are so technologically advanced but with that comes a lot of shit like out takes in films.

  9. Edward and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood or not, whatever), Lelouch from Code Geass, some Pokemon character maybe? I'm gonna guess Shakugan no Shana for that red robe and sword (But I'm probably wrong) and there's probably a Cardcaptor Sakura costume there somewhere or maybe that's a Kagamine Rin costume, idk, and maybe a Prince of Tennis costume??? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, maybe???

  10. party monster is simple women asserting themselves as men over other women, bet they would do that to a men 😉

  11. They do the party monster thing in America to but not exactly to that song and it's called dubbing (?) I'm scared from middle school dances ;-;

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