50 Cent Discusses His Instagram Posts | Ridiculousness | MTV
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50 Cent Discusses His Instagram Posts | Ridiculousness | MTV

– [Rob] 50, I appreciate this man. So tell me about growing
up in New York City, man, you’ve been around the world. What is it about New York
City that you love so much? – Ah man, New York, you
got enough influences around you to make you
wanna do positive things, or make you do negative things, or try to achieve it too fast. That instant gratification will make you do the negative
things that are there. – Did that motivate you? Did that motivate you when you were young? – Yeah. – Well first, let me just say. Me and you were in a movie
together called Righteous Kill. – [50 cent] Righteous Kill, yeah. – You played Spider, right? I believe you were a gangster. – Yeah, yeah.
(audience laughs) – [Rob] I played Rambo. I was a pimp. (audience laughs) – Skateboard pimp. – Okay, and basically what
Righteous Kill was about, was guys like me and you,
drug dealers and pimps, (audience laughs) somebody out there killing ’em, because it was righteous kills. Just like me and 50 getting killed because we were pimps and drug dealers, everybody in this category
deserves what’s coming to them. Here we go! What, you (beep) with this? You got a pink one, I got a green one? (beep) you, bitch. All right. (audience gasps) What happened last night? I stomped that guy out? No. (audience laughs) I’m gonna tell you what. (beep) a monkey. What? – Then he went right back
to the position he was in! – This is a true street monkey. He knows people. I know exactly what the (beep) that means. (audience laughs) Uh uh, uh uh. Okay, go back, go back, go back. For context, he’s on the
wrong side of the road. This guy is literally
trying to run him over. Tell you what you ain’t ever gonna do, is jeopardize my ninja. What? Oh, we oh, it’s, Hi, we’ve just been smoking crack for like three hours, (laughing) and we thought she was a spaceship! (audience laughs and applauds) (muffled yelling) – [Motorcyclist] Did
you see what the (beep) you just did to me?
– I don’t care, I don’t care. – [Motorcyclist] I got that
(beep) on god damned camera. No, bull (beep). – Boo yah. (audience gasps) – [Rob] Hey, your girlfriend’s ugly. Ugly girl. Oh what, what? Left, right, right, left, left, left, hoo-ah, hoo-ah, hoo-ah! – He like I got all day,
Imma keep whooping yo’ ass. – Ain’t it tight man when you’re dressed in a coordinated jumpsuit like that? Like, you know his arms
are moving, you know? You stealing, mother (beep)? Because if you are, oh no! Oh no! – I love it yo, I love it. – This is the most disrespectful. He keeps saying, if you
ever steal from here, I’m gonna slap you. – Yeah. – [Rob] While he’s slapping him. I said if you ever steal from here, I’ll slap you, I’ll slap
the (beep) out of you, while he’s slapping the (beep) out of him! (audience laughs) There you have it, for righteous kills. (audience applauding) All right 50, we found a
photo on your Instagram, I’d like to put it up real quick. All right so. – [50 Cent] Oh yeah.
– [Chanel] What? – [Rob] This is how a
cake look in the hood? They love me, at least I got a cake! I mean, what happened, man? – That was at my grandfather’s house. – And then what?
– [50 Cent] I got there, – They just didn’t know it was ice cream? – ‘Cause he, they left it to all melt, and that’s what it looked like at the end, that’s the last birthday cake I got. And then they really gave my
grandfather a piece of it, And he tasted it like
what kinda (beep) is this? (audience laughs) – Well, I’ll tell you
what, this entire category is dedicated to people
having crappy birthdays. Take a look. (electronic music) (explosion) (audience gasps) – What the? – [Steelo] I love her natural reaction is to check the mirror first,
and make sure she good. (explosion) Watch this, watch this, watch this. Am I good? (audience laughs and applauds) I’m good! We good, then! (bleep) it! – She just lost all of her hair! – Oh (bleep)! ♪ Celebrate, celebrate ♪ ♪ We hate you ♪ (champagne cork pops) (audience laughs and applauds) – Look at his face! – [Steelo] I gotta go back. – [50 Cent] What the (bleep)? – There’s nothing more
inappropriate, though, than him getting that
bottle ready, right there. I got you! We gonna get this thing going! (audience laughs) – [Rob] Ah yeah, everybody’s happy now! (audience gasps) Oh hell no, Phantom of
the Opera me, will you? (bleep) that (bleep)! (audience laughs and applauds) – What the (bleep)? – [Rob] I mean, at least you hit 102. – [Woman] Blow it out! (audience gasps and laughs) – [Rob] Ah, man. All right, you stand right here, you want a birthday celebration
like you’ve never seen? (audience gasps) – The worst Spider-Man! – Even the kid’s like, man,
Spider-Man don’t wear Nikes. (audience laughs) There you have it, if
you ain’t a superhero, know your superhero limits. We’ll be right back with
more Ridiculousness.

100 thoughts on “50 Cent Discusses His Instagram Posts | Ridiculousness | MTV

  1. Chanel looked so hot in this episode, now she just looks like a fat hoe. She was amazing, but that plastic surgery fucked her up…

  2. I'm a caregiver with an awesome client. We love watching ridiculousness back to back all day. Even though we've seen everyone of his shows. We cant get enough. Shout out to Rob ,Chanel , and Steelo!!! Y'all are awesome !! From Lynn and my client Ron in Colorado!!🤘🤟

  3. It’s about time they put the episode on YouTube with 50 cent. Because I saw the episode on tv when it first came on with him on it a few years back. And I was looking for it on YouTube and never found it. It’s about time.

  4. Dude just basically said pimps and drugs dealers got it coming to them to a ex drug dealer and the guy that made p.i.m.p.

  5. I know I'm not the only one thinking 50 definitely slept with Chanel the look she gave him no doubt in my mind

  6. Glorifying pimps and drug dealers….really. Glad he made it out of Queens, But why do black people have to constantly accept criminalization. Guess if its true. It's just ridiculous i know that you people dont like decent folk but im not reinforcing stereotypes to make sexists, racists, and low leveled people feel better. I cant. REDUCING BLACK MEN AND WOMEN TO CHILDREN AND DRUG ADDICTS AND CRIMINALS. Youre all rich and famous up there but for poor people its just a ticket to prison, or jail.

  7. Some of the best clips I've seen on ridiculousness in a while 🤣🤣 especially the biker headbutting the dude from the white truck and the guy who slaps the theif 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. 50 Цент: о рэпе, стендапе, Comedy Club (Вечерний Ургант)

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