5 WEIRD Chinese Beauty Trends on Social Media
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5 WEIRD Chinese Beauty Trends on Social Media

I don’t know if the camera can catch it Oh you’re too fat by Chinese standards This video is on Chinese beauty trends
on social media It’s received a lot of criticism because
it’s promoting an unhealthy… Unhealthy perspective of women and their body A lot of it is fat shaming
some people would say I don’t think I’ve ever followed
any beauty trends Nooo you’re not that…you’re a tomboy No but I mean that in a good way Alright, the first one is actually what prompted me
to come up with this video cause it just came out very recently The aim of it is to cover your knees
with an iPhone cause that shows how skinny you are All the pictures like it’s not really covering their knees I guess it’s covering their kneecaps? That’s really skinny I don’t think you should be promoting
that kind of skinniness Should we try it? Alright, where’s your iPhone? So i just sit down… Oh your mom called oh well Ah no, you’re too fat
I’m sorry Wait, I’m gonna do it the other way Damn I can see up your skirt I’ll do it like that
– Yeah No you failed What?
Why? It’s covering the knuckles right? It’s not called the knuckles
it’s called your kneecaps If those pictures were passes I guess that’s almost a pass What do you mean ‘almost’? Dude, but you’ve got fit legs I don’t want you to pass this test
in all honesty I will pass this test Look, my kneecaps are here
– Oh… I failed Nina I’m a fat man Waist challenge The aim of the challenge is to
show that your midriff area is equal or thinner
than an A4 sheet of paper I don’t think this is healthy either The smaller girls have an advantage there That one’s not even passing Why is she so proud of that pose? Should we try it? Ok let’s try it out man Alright
– So what do you think? I think you just failed
– Just failed? I don’t know if the camera can catch it but I don’t want… again I don’t want you to pass this one
cause you’ll be too skinny Oh, you’re too fat by Chinese standards great… My turn, my turn I’ve got love handles… I don’t think I’d pass it this way I’m clearly not passing anything Maybe you turn it around
so you can like… the other way What? No, the paper Turn it around like that… Oh I think I do pass this don’t I?
– Yeah… WOHOO I passed it! This is… that’s the male version Dude, I feel so fat doing this I can grab you Wait I’m the one who’s supposed
to be grabbing you Am I not the fattest skinniest person
you’ve seen? Oh I’ve heard of that one Yeah I think this one…
the most famous one maybe? You have to try to hold a pen
under your boob If you are able to hold the pen
under your boob your boobs are great If not your boobs are not Anyone who has hanging boobs would pass I don’t know if it’s like… you mean saggy
– Yeah If it’s saggy I guess it might not hold it Saggy boobs would hold a pen wouldn’t it? Yeah all naked boobs All naked boobs I don’t think we can do this one on YouTube
– Yeah I don’t want to expose my boob You don’t…you don’t even have to use pens I can’t do that Here’s a pen So weird… You really want me to do that?
– I don’t know! Well… No, I’m sorry Ain’t happening No, I don’t even have any fat here
that I can squeeze it in Give me… give me the pen Trying to play-doh it down WOHOO! I’m sexy So the aim is to balance as many coins
as you can on your collarbone The more coins you hold the sexier and thinner you are I don’t like this one Actually I don’t like all of them but this one is like promoting anorexia Do we have any coins to test this out? Alright we can’t do this one Oh but apparently you don’t
have to use coins Look at that You can use eggs
– Ohh Should we try eggs?
– Alright omg these are raw eggs If they fall there’s gonna be a mess to clean up Well I don’t know if you’re
supposed to look like you’re playing the freakin’ violin Well I think…
I think you’re still a pass I’m trying to catch it if it falls Do both Let’s give it to you It feels weird that it’s… what the hell a third boob? What? Really? Yep
– Really? Hey man, actually out of all the ones
that we’ve talked about this is the one which I may agree with Cause you could pass …easily No!
– That’s why you agree with What? Ok maybe But umm I actually mean it not in that way It’s a contest
It’s an online contest It’s promoting a different kind of beauty The point of this is to promote
self acceptance So you don’t have to fit in to this idea
that women need to be perfectly shaved and you’ve got to chop your bush
here and there Um Whoa That one’s quite a lot You can groom her armpit hair Ah you don’t have hair This is kind of like going against all the other points in a way This one’s saying hey
it doesn’t matter what you look like I really don’t get it all the
other one’s were like… You do it No, i don’t wanna do that Eeuurgh, don’t do that I’m sweaty Kind of cool Julia Roberts Man she’s sweaty as well Ok it’s expected from her Ok this is kind of turning into an
even weirder video than expected Yeah So would you ever do that
grow it out Maybe if I’m older, you know… Don’t do that! You should grow it out
I want you to grow it out Like a porcupine I dunno… I’m scared
I dunno… You’re scared
Why are you scared? It’s ain’t gonna… It’s not the boogeyman
It’s not gonna come out of your pit in your sleep

100 thoughts on “5 WEIRD Chinese Beauty Trends on Social Media

  1. I mostly shave my armpits in the summer bc the extra hair makes it warmer and thus more sweaty. Plus deodorant doesn't work as well.

  2. Well… time for me to go Anorexia… again… I just want to be beautiful and skinny men! Then maybe people would like me!!!

  3. Haven't heard of the underboob pen challenge or the hairy armpit selfie, guess I'm falling behind with all the trends :'D

  4. Kento I love your point of view on this one it amazed me that was you instead of the girl understanding why is not that bad trend

  5. even though im extremely flat, i tried the underboob pen challenge. as someone who gets made fun of for small boobs, this hurt me a lot more than all of the insults everyone gave me combined.

  6. I hate these challenges because they make us become stricter about our bodies.we do not have to fit ourselves in this strange standards.we do not have to be 'beautiful'.

  7. Think of it this way… The best ribs are the ones with a lot of meat on them, but just enough fat to make it melt in your mouth.

  8. Fuck the armpit hair thing is just fucked dude it’s so gross, dudes don’t flaunt there pit hair, please stop it’s not attractive.

  9. I hope you realize that you’re brutally commenting bad on a girl saying “she looks like promoting anorexia” How do you know. Btw you’re both awkward and not funny at all

  10. I thought this vid was kind of funny until you mentioned anorexia is should not be used as another word for skinny.

    you can be healthy or overweight and still be anorexic just as you can be skinny and not be anorexic. It depends what is going on inside your head

    anorexia is a serious mental illness that happens to have physical side effects

  11. The A4 challenge isn't really measuring your fitness but rather how small you are.
    People shaving their armpits is still weird to me. It's like shaving isn't imposed on them by society.

  12. i think for the last in general in japan and korea woman don't shave, both up and down…it's cultural, not any sort of rebellion against standards.

  13. Please dont use the word weird, it might just sound weird to you, but not to the culture. Learn to respect before saying anything.

  14. Beard, armpit, or crotch hair getting to the point where I could run a comb through them, Fuck the beauty side of things, that's just low personal hygiene standards to me 🤢

  15. I’m a blue eyed Asian girl… I wish light eyes were a trend in Asia but never will…never will

    And I know China isn’t all of Asia

  16. If you said noob can hold pens it's good boobs …….. the fat people will say : wow we got Good boobs .

  17. Those stupid standards are just a way for tiny, small-jointed women to brag. With no physical effort like exercise or anything.

    I dont think most men find skinny, childlike bodies to be attractive.

    Most normal men that is…

    Many Asian women do not even lift. So voluptuous and shapely legs and buns are rare.

  18. ok so you are supposed to be super skinny, with tiny knees that your phone is able to cover it, and a tiny waist fitting in a A4 paper, but with big boobs…
    those who invented these trends doesn't know the real average human body (I know these are exceptions, but I don't know if these exceptions are fitting in a A4)

  19. Wow those girls have slim legs, but dayum waifu’s got nice thighs and legs! I agree, I don’t want her to pass that test. Nina’s legs are goals! XD
    P.s. the ideal thigh size depends on the person’s physique… Some locals in my country have such slim legs but also overall slim build complete with small chests (NOT necessarily flat!) I know the thin legs wouldn’t be proportionally good for someone a bit bulkier.

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