5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram
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5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram

Glad I’m back in my office today. I tell you
what, [the wind] does not like cameras. If that didn’t make any sense, you should watch
my video from yesterday but today I want to talk about Instagram because it’s the bomb.
Instagram users are all about beautiful photos. So if you don’t have something really nice
to look at, then you are not posting on Instagram. An image of a price tag that’s been marked
down to your financial benefit is not a good picture for Instagram. So today we are going to talk about some ways
that you can market your business on Instagram without getting into whole sales thing because
they just aren’t cool with that over there. If you sell a product, one of my favorite
things to see in photo or in video but in Instagram, obviously we’re talking about photo
is how something is made. If you’re selling a book, then show off where you wrote, where
you got your inspiration. If you’re selling jewelry, show off how it’s being constructed.
This is the kind of behind the scene stuff that people want to see. So snap a photo and
then post it. Always take the opportunity to show off a
happy customer whether they’re in front of the camera or they just tweeted something.
Get that social proof in photo form and pimp it out to your Instagram. Show stickers off
the people in your company or the partners that you’re working with on cool projects.
Your audience will love to see the faces of creative people. If your work means that you
travel a lot or visit a lot of different places, show off the beautiful scenery to your network.
Photos are a great way to live vicariously through someone. So definitely show off where
your work takes you. And lastly if you want any of this to work,
then you will use hashtags. You need to do your research why hashtags are being used
most popularly for your industry where you can get your photos, not just in front of
your own audience but in front of another audience that will like what they see and
jump over and follow you. For instance, this week, every fashion blogger, designer and
retailer is using hashtag NYFW or hashtag MBFW, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York
Fashion Week because that’s where the conversation’s happening right now for fashion. Very good
place to be seen when you’re talking about something that other people are interested
in seeing, thus the community of hashtag. That’s it for Social Thursday. Thanks for
tuning in and hello to all the new people. I guess Guy Kawasaki got wind of my video
about him last week. So hello to all of you who are here because of that. Chat with me
on Twitter at Schmittastic, at Savvy Sexy Social and I am also Schmittastic on Instagram
if you’re interested in my behind the scenes show happening over there. I’ll see you next
week for more Savvy Sexy Social stuff…how exciting….

26 thoughts on “5 Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram

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  3. Thanks for the info.. I've been hesitant for a while to use Instagram… I'm going to start using it

  4. I want to get back on track on instagram and other social media (right now I'm concentrating on insta) so I am rewatching all your videos, taking and notes and starting to implement them 🙂

    You are one savvy sexy social girl hehe <3 lots of love

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