5 Underutilized Social Media Hacks to Drive Traffic
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5 Underutilized Social Media Hacks to Drive Traffic

74 thoughts on “5 Underutilized Social Media Hacks to Drive Traffic

  1. Good Morning Neil I have an Idea 2 Hacks to start the Morning off. Coffee and Your Video. Actually see Pinterest driving traffic for Blog posts

  2. Good stuff as always Neil. Thank You. Got a question for you. What is a good way to use social media marketing for unsexy home improvement items like, say, Air Conditioners or Water Softeners?

  3. Hello Neil, i love the approach you told about acquiring links through infographics. So while looking for a post with more social shares on our niche on buzzumo/ahrefs content explorer. Do we need to check for the latest posts or just the post with most number of social shares regardless of it's publishing date. I doubt that if I make an infographic based on an old post will people be interested to embed it in their websites.
    Will choosing new articles improve the conversation rate?

  4. this video is gold but I think it is mostly 'How to do XYZ' niches that do well on social media. How can I promote a product, for instance from a shopify store on Instagram when people are just looking for memes and cat images on it all the time lol!

  5. Neil, I watch your videos daily. The content and insights in all of your videos are truly astounding. The simple (yet effective) strategies you provided in this particular video to drive traffic (through those social media hacks) is incredible. Always impressed by your knowledge and I truly do appreciate the amazing free content you share on your channel. You are making a huge difference.


  6. Hey Neil,
    I see no option to add a URL in the post on Instagram and on Instagram stories as well. What I read was we need to have at least 10k followers to share a URL on Instagram. Is that true?

  7. Plz give some examples between the video means some shortest tutorial because it will be more understandable to us

  8. My question – Whenever I create do-follow backlinks from web 2.0, social bookmarking, forums etc.why most of the backlinks I losses?

    Also, tell me how many backlinks should I make in a day for a single keyword?

    Please Answer Must!!

  9. Amazing knowledge how to boost your traffic..
    Pls sir any videos how to buildlink high quality and high CPC rate

  10. But how can you make a Facebook account if it keeps disabling it, asking for Id and pic, nothing works!! Is anyone making Facebook account these days or what?

  11. Damn your intros are too powerful.. i wonder how much average watch time you’d be getting 🤔
    Let me guess.. 65%-75%..? 💁🏻‍♂️

  12. Hello sir, I got quite much interest In Digital marketing, and i get fascinated by Fb ads, SEM, sales funnels and Other some aspects, and now am completely baffled like from where to start, which to master, shall i master complete Digital marketing or the one fascinates me!
    Am confused and can’t get over it to learn even a single thing!
    Please help me out sir!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. Hey Neil,
    What’s up ? I’m from India I’m a such a big follower of u and u give Mch information about digital thanks for that and I have a question what is the best way to learn digital Marketing?

  14. Neil I did a test on Instagram to promote my LinkedIn article that was informational and added the link in my book. Had a lot likes and a couple of comments. Only two clicked on the link on my bio. Granted it was the first attempt and not enough sample size to test to see if it drives traffic to the LinkedIn site. I'll keep trying.

  15. Our experiments show that best way to promote youtube vids on social media (mainly fb and insta) is by uploading half of the video there (or 20%-30% of it , cut it on part which is creating most hype ) and then drive them to your channel.. Our engagement rates on both social medias and youtube has increased drastically! (Sry am not allowed to share the exact numbers)

  16. Hey neil
    Can you suggest me which platform i should use to get traffic ..i am beginner i write only 3 blogs …everyday i post 1 blog

    Which is cheapest method for more engagement?

  17. Quora banned me. But this was in the early days of Quora. I wasn't blatantly promoting anything. I'm not salesy or spammy. I answered a question and sent them to the link. I wrote to them for reinstatement, and Nope. Nada.

  18. Great info Neil. I have started using Quora a few months ago and have seen that it truly does drive traffic to my site. Have not tried snapchat yet but surely will after this. Thanks for the information

  19. great tips, these tools social media offer can drive traffic anywhere where you provide value, highly recommend use them all.

  20. Great video , Neil. I am trying to market our church by doing Facebook Live videos. Which is the best way, videoing on my personal page then sharing to the church page OR videoing on my church Facebook page? Thank you in advance.

  21. HEy NEil great stuff, i try and follow most tips, but i struggle. im a physio and i have a blog im trying to promote, will do a video for instagram leading people to my blog and to make an appointment, but there is an issue everything is in spanish due to my location. any additional tricks i could use? i have 700 followers on instagram and using pods to grow.

  22. Trying to get some footing on Quora in Español Neil! I have posted some of my Spanish SEO blog articles in Quora but no bites. The comments I leave for others are viewed a couple of hundred times a week but they are in Ingles Neil!
    I created my blog in Spanish thinking that the low competition was going to be beneficial. In reality the competition is from other countries like Spain and I live in Brooklyn New York. Yes Neil, I’m talking to you. Gracias for any input. (My Spanglish was on purpose.)

    P.S. One more thing the SEO terminology used even in Latin America is in English. I never heard of an acronym for optimisacion de motores de busqueda or SEO.

  23. Signing up for these sites make the business more legitament and the more you see it the more likely your gonna click through

  24. Hey Neil, so nice of you to had shared this blog, am so excited because this is going to be of great help to me as an intern in social media marketing.

  25. Question for you, how would you link back to your content if it's not informational? I do Let's Play videos on my channel and I'm unsure what steps I should take in order to generate traffic.

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