5 Social Media Posts That Got WWE Superstars In A Lot Of Trouble
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5 Social Media Posts That Got WWE Superstars In A Lot Of Trouble

Help support us on Patreon… As we all know, Michael Cole is very passionate
about his job. He’s been doused in JR’s BBQ sauce, he’s been on the receiving end
of Rock Bottoms, RKO’s, F5’s and he’s even been “abused” backstage, but he still
shows up for work… even if his boss doesn’t always show him the love back. A good little
boy like Michael Cole surely hasn’t done anything silly outside of the WWE, right?
Wrong! Back in 2011, former WWE commentator, Josh Matthews posted a highly creative tweet
which read, “Chicago!”, expressing his excitement to commentate in one of WWE’s
more rowdy cities ahead of Monday Night RAW. In response, Michael Cole simply replied with the word, “faggot”. News outlets
were quick to report on it and the homophobic slur landed Cole in a lot of trouble. It couldn’t
have come at a worse time too, a week after the WWE agreed on a partnership with the G.L.A.A.D.
As punishment, not only did Michael Cole remove the tweet and apologise, but he was forced
to attend a training session run by GLAAD, who were alerted about the situation. Next
time, Michael Cole should think twice before saying things like that, otherwise the WWE
might have to send for Brock Lesnar on him again. There have been plenty of examples of photos
on social media that break “kayfabe” and one that was no different was the “Luke
Harper fan club”. Chris Jericho posted a photo on his Instagram account with the caption:
“Ladies & Gents, may I introduce the charter members of the #LukeHarper fan club… #yeahyeahyeah”.
WWE superstars Roman Reigns, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt, just to name a few, can be seen posing
in the photo wearing Luke Harper shirts. Although Jericho had no ill-intentions with the post,
WWE management weren’t too happy seeing a mixture of heels and faces posing together,
especially as “charter members of the Luke Harper fan club”. I can imagine Vince McMahon’s
reaction was something like this… As a result, Jericho took down the image, but not before
the WWE pulled Harper from a few shows first. Randy Orton is known for being a bit of a
joker backstage, pulling numerous pranks and ribs, among other things. But on one occasion,
the 13-time world champion took things a little too far after he posted a photo with a fan
on Twitter along with the caption: “Look @KimKlro [his wife] I met the Latino Ms. Piggy
today at the gym. I wish you were there to have a good laugh with me! #MsPig” Unsurprisingly,
the post landed Orton in hot water, not only with WWE management, but with the WWE Universe
too. Fans, angered by his comparison of the woman to Miss Piggy from The Muppets, showered
his Twitter feed with their own comments, calling him a “jerk” and a “bully”.
Orton argued that the fan was rude to his wife on social media but humiliating her online
to his millions of Twitter followers… c’mon now. In the end, The Viper was forced to remove
the post and apologise for his actions. It’s lucky Vince McMahon didn’t fire Orton for
his actions, but it was probably for his own safety, considering what happened last time
when he tried to do that. Sometimes you must be careful with what you
say on the Internet and for the 24-year-old piece of gold, Lio Rush, he found that out
the hard way. Rush found himself in the deep end backstage after he made a joke on Twitter
about the release of former WWE superstar, Emma. The tweet, read, “I guess these are
things that happen when you’re not truly ready for Asuka”. The tweet was met with
backlash from fellow WWE performers, including Bray Wyatt, who responded “You ain’t gonna
make it here with the wolves, kid” and Peyton Royce, who replied with “Wow, kid. Didn’t
you just get here? Professionalism goes a long way”. The heat was so bad that the
WWE almost terminated Rush’s contract but luckily, they didn’t. Instead, The Man of
the Hour was pulled from many NXT events and he wrote a lengthy apology, but not everyone
was convinced. Now that all of this has blown over, Rush is enjoying his time on 205 Live
as the 24-year-old piece of gold, and on RAW as Bobby Lashley’s hype-man, or rather,
the kid who points to Bobby Lashley’s ass. Lars Sullivan sure lives up to his nickname,
“The Freak”, possessing brute strength and freakish genetics that makes him a one-man
wrecking ball. But, on social media, there’s a different side to him that the WWE probably
would like to forget about. In the past, Sullivan, who went by the username “Disenfranchised”
on a bodybuilding forum, was very controversial online with racial and Homophobic posts and
he even called out KFC for being “lower class food” …I’m hoping that post was
a “freak accident”. One of his past comments though, that was no freak accident came back
to haunt him; a derogatory comment he made towards RAW commissioner, Stephanie McMahon.
Sullivan commented on a video featuring Stephanie McMahon and wrote, “Very sexy, thanks for
the fap vid.” Jerking off to his potential boss probably isn’t the greatest way to
start off his main roster debut. That was in the past though, but also, can you blame
him? It has been teased over the past few weeks whether The Freak will be joining team
red or team blue. The shouts heard in his promo package are probably from him getting
off to Stephanie. The sensible choice would be for Lars Sullivan to join the blue brand
as RAW already has their fair share of monsters. But anyway, let’s just hope his past actions
don’t come back to bite him.

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  1. Lars made many racist comments yet he’s still with WWE 🤦🏾‍♂️ he should get the Hulk Hogan treatment

  2. 😂wwe is trash right now they either try to control everything, won't let Superstars leave their contact, and have no problem if their careers end

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  4. I'm still not over people like Bray Wyatt, Peyton Royce, Dash Wilder, and Jack Gallagher responding negatively to Rush's tweet. He made a joke and it was actually hilarious.

  5. I don’t watch smack down no more bc of Lars wishing he would stay on nxt bc nobody doesn’t like him

  6. Lio had funny tweet. It was true. Asuka beat her what twice at least. I'm sorry but I didnt find that offensive

  7. 6:22 ima hella lot younger than the person who did something to Emma and I’m called a man

  8. No matter what you say or do, people are still going to be offended. The world is going soft and everyone is becoming a pussy ass bitch. I believe in freedom of speech and believe that you should be allowed to say whatever you want no matter who it offends because fuck them that's why.

  9. That lady that randy tweeted about deserved it . I don’t agree with him posting the tweet but she was rude asf

  10. Micheal cole telling Renee no cheering, meanwhile he was screaming “TAP OUT BATISTA” at wrestlemania 30

  11. Poor Micheal even though he's a little mean sometimes i got trigged when they F5 Wrestling said they sexually abuse of him poor Micheal

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