5 (Simple) Facebook Video Hacks
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5 (Simple) Facebook Video Hacks

you’ve heard me talk about this time and time again videos perform better on Facebook than text but how do you create a video that’s gonna do really well hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you five simple hacks that’ll help you create a popular Facebook video the first hack I have for you is to use emotions and smile it’s really simple if you’re creating a video that’s really boring and dull like this like hey everyone today on Facebook I’m gonna teach you how to get more traffic so follow these tips what are you gonna do you’re gonna be like Neil you suck unfollow this page I want to go to a different page but by creating high engaging personality emotion engaging with your audience and smiling you’ll find that you’ll have a video that’s more engaging people leave more comments and they’ll like it even I make this mistake a lot yes I show emotion but I forget to smile if I smile then every single one of my videos I would do better and it’s simple and the reason I know this is we tested videos with smiling and we tested videos without smiling and for some reason people preferred videos with me smiling the second tip I have for you is to make sure your videos are at least 5 minutes long when your videos are really short you’re not going to keep people on Facebook law facebook wants users to stay on Facebook they don’t want them to hop on over to your blog to your website to YouTube even worse they want them to stay on Facebook the longer your videos the more engaging they are right because you’re using emotion so hopefully people are sticking around and the longer your videos the more times they’re gonna stay on Facebook the more time they’re gonna stay on Facebook the more money Facebook makes from advertising because there’s a higher chance that people click on those ads and that’s why you want to have super-long engaging videos short videos like two three minutes from what we’ve tested don’t perform nearly as well compared to videos that are above 5 minutes we even tested one video that was 60 minutes long and actually may have not been 60 minutes but either way it was me doing our presentation my editing team cropped it up and put it on there and we found is the longer the video the easier it was to go viral on Facebook the third tip I have for you is to add a description to your videos most people when they’re uploading videos to Facebook they’re picking a cool-looking thumbnail they’re putting in their title and that’s it take the time to write a description and as Larry Kim from mobile monkey says use the Brill language so instead of full sentences like quick short you know statements for example some people either love me or hate me the reason most people hate me is because my aggressive marketing so today I’m gonna share with you three bold techniques that help me make millions that’s an example of using like that type of bro language as a description funny enough one of the most recent videos that I posted on Facebook I wrote that description or something similar to that but by adding a description what you’ll find is you’ll get way more engagement the fourth tip I hyper used to add captions to your videos not everyone has their speaker’s turned on a lot of people listen to video content while they’re at work a lot of people are browsing Facebook at work because they don’t want to do their job and they just want to check out what their friends are doing so if your video has subtitles right or it has that text the captions people can then end up reading what’s being described on your video without having to turn on their speakers or turn on your use headphones the last tip I have for you is to make sure you engage people if you tell people to leave a comment and they leave a comment it’s gonna help your video go more viral so you know what leave a comment help me out make my video get more views tell people to like your video they’re more likely to like it if you tell people to share it they’re more likely to share it you get the point you need to create engagement Facebook’s not just looking at how long you keep people on Facebook for but they’re also looking at hey are people engaging with your content are they clicking the play button are they listening to most of it are they hearing most of it are they watching most of it whatever it may be they want people to engage so when people leave a comment because you told them to leave a comment like I’m telling you right now respond to them because if you respond to them they’ll probably come back and leave another comment but by following those five tips what you’ll find is you’ll create a Facebook video that will perform really well so thank you for watching if you enjoy this like comment share subscribe thank you very much

85 thoughts on “5 (Simple) Facebook Video Hacks

  1. Please do a video on how to handle all social media tactfully for traffic,how to post or tweets for better traffic and engagements

  2. Great video as always Neil. Facebook really is a powerhouse of traffic in so many different ways. I also use my Facebook Pages to build my email list by simply adding a "Subscribe" button redirecting to my list Landing Page.

  3. awesome as always… great tips… following your amazing tips and going to contact you soon via Neil Patel Digital 🙂

  4. Very useful tips! About smiling: you don't necessarily need to, as you have this power to inspire positive vibes without smiling. Keep being as you are 😉

  5. This was a great tip for Facebook videos and Youtube also works like this.

    I have a coupon website for general e-commerce products. I am leveraging content marketing to get customers to the site. Can you tell me any marketing strategy to fasten the process?

  6. Neil you are the GOAT (Greatest of all time) in marketing. Absolutely love all your Videos. Keep up the amazing work

  7. Who else here is creating videos here on social media? Would love to subscribe to your channel or like your Facebook page. 🙂

    My Takeaway from This Video (Thanks Neil!):
    1. Smile and be engaging.
    2. Make sure my videos are at least 5 minutes long.
    3. Take the time to add a description to your videos.
    4. Add captions to your video.
    5. Engage with people.

  8. Thank you for your tips. Should these videos you place on Facebook be in the website too? Or have different videos in every platform?

  9. i aggre with you Neil but Mark is almost killing facebook pages reach is going zero in links its not the same

  10. Why some other Youtubers cannot say or mention Facebook in the video? Does it something related to monetization?

  11. Neil.. you switching from left to centre, from Centre to the right and back, is it intentional? And if it is why?

  12. What happen when i Do Share my site URL in Comment? It's spam? By This I Loses my Rank?

    Tx for help me in Advance

  13. Hi Neil, always like your video and tips, whether is about SEO or habit(turn on the TV but just listen to the message as white noise.), these tips are useful for me, Thank you!

    Would you make a video about how to make a video? I think many newbs want to know how to make a high-quality video like yours.

    Thank you for your creativity.


    facebook cada vez está pero, está matando el alacance de la fanpage: los link cada vez están con menos alcances. e visto mucha fanpga grande de 5 y 10 milllones el alcances de sus fanpage son bien pobre:

  15. Hey Neil, just wanted to say thanks for doing this video.
    Some great tips in there.
    It's interesting how you say make the videos over 5 minutes long, most of mine are longer than 5 minutes and I got told the other day I should make them shorter.
    I might just have to save the link to this video and give it to them when they say that mine are too long.
    Anyway, thanks again and keep up the great work.
    Regards Ben

  16. Great information! I am just starting to make videos and learned about the CC from you in another post. I thought it would be difficult to do, but not so (at least not on the test videos I have made). I really appreciate you whether or not you are smiling, gesticulating or CC'd.

  17. Hello Neil Patel,
    I know this is an irrelevant question about this video. But Please Answer me…
    I know you are expert in Google Adwords. So you can easily answer this question

    I am new in Google Adwords.
    I am researching some keyword in Keyword Planner tool. My Keyword is : 502 bad gateway
    This Keyword monthly search volume is (US) : 22,200
    Low range bid is : $0.06
    Everything is OK until now but main problem is Forecast tool
    In the forecast google shows me this keyword CTR is 13% and only get 35 click monthly.
    I increase my bid $4 but still shows me 35 clicks.
    My question is if Search volume is 22,200 and CRT is 13% it should be monthly click 2886.
    But why only 35 clicks.
    I made a campaign with this keyword but still not get any click. Almost 5 days gone but I just get only 1 impression no click.

    This problem not only this keyword "502 bad gateway"
    I face this problem also below keyword
    "money for nothing"
    "what is quora"
    "i make money moves"

    All those keyword has the huge search volume with no competition but forecast says you get 10 or 15 clicks per month.
    Whatever my bid is it doesn't mater. So can anyone please explain what is the reason?

  18. I don't agree with your 2nd tip which is "Longer Video" . If you don't have good content for longer videos and u still make it, people will defiantly go away from you because of the content.
    I think we should prefer "Quality of content" over "Length of Video".

  19. Gracias Neil, realmente genial lo que nos compartes, tanto que empezaré a crear mis primeros anuncios, saludos desde Perú.

  20. Great notes here Neil. Love your style. You are one of the few marketers I follow and tell my readers about!

  21. Hi Neil, awesome video. But doesn't FB hate you asking people to leave a comment, tag, share etc? Can we still do that?

  22. All good except that "Bro Language" spiel … ever tested that specifically with an audience excluding tech brogrammers? 😉

  23. Hi Neil, great video… thanks for these tips, are very helpful, but can you explain why lots of consultants recommends short social media videos? (1-2 minutes)

  24. Can you have the same video on your business website and facebook or would google see that as duplicate content?

  25. You should make a video series about how to do YouTube series like these too!! Really good stuff 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  26. Hey Neil,
    have gone through most of your blogs on social media and i must say your explanation are so clear and very easy to understand, keep it up.

  27. This guy is such a genius. Laterally just watched over 50 of his videos the past couple days. Insane amount of knowledge this guy puts out there for free. Props Neil.

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