5 MISTAKES Newbies Make with Facebook Ads – 2019
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5 MISTAKES Newbies Make with Facebook Ads – 2019

72 thoughts on “5 MISTAKES Newbies Make with Facebook Ads – 2019

  1. awesome tips Jason, but I'm trying to run ads for car dealerships and other local businesses, Should I focus on just lead gen ads and getting customers through the door? Or should I also build their social media and make their websites better? What would you do to get results for car dealers?

  2. I agree with everything you said bro except the first one. It makes no damn sense to spend $10k plus on Facebook ads only to have 200 page likes or followers. I work with a photographer and we spend about $30k a month on ads for his photoshop training and I make sure $1k goes to acquiring likes and followers. He’s grown up to 30k followers on Facebook and Instagram, even when we don’t run ads he still gets sales from his followers and regular posting on his account. So followers and likes and definitely necessary man lol

  3. Great content, but even a 100$ dollars a day is a lot for a person that is starting. Its tu much budged that would be like 2100 a month . Is there something that I don't know about that recommendation? already suscribed!

  4. Hey Jason, I'm an illustrator and just barely starting out with selling a product (vs selling my services). It's been a terrible failure so far. I sell prints (well trying to) and often feel like a bit of an outsider, trying to map these conventional sales models onto that of a dude selling his art lol. Do you have any experience of this kind of business and any similarities/differences to common businesses like real estate/marketing etc. I do suspect that the art audience is a very different mindset than someone wanting to buy, say, a marketing course.

  5. Hey Jason! Let me start off by thanking you for replying to all your comments, Its a real help. I was wondering if you were to recommend something to someone advertising on dropshipping/selling online. what would you recommend?

    Thanks so much,

  6. I’m just 13 years old and i wanna start whit facebook ads too grow my smma, do you recommend starting this early?😁

  7. Hey Jason you talked about Building a custom audience. How can i do this if i am brand new to facebook/instagram and want to start my own smma in a very small town in a state/county with only 367000 population ? I was going to run my own ad to create awareness but how would you go about this ???
    Great Video again thanks for posting these

  8. Jason Hello from Greece:) I am watching videos of you and have to say that is you are very good at that you do! Have any course about gold traffic tactics that you use on Gold traffic?

  9. Can you run an agency out of your software? For example, if I have 15 real estate agent clients, then Arsenal would let me scale. Or is pricing $300 per real estate agent client?

  10. Love the info Jason! I am an urban fiction author and your custom audience/look alike audience model is perfect for me. I make a living writing but never have implemented FB ads. I am going to start using your tips and I will let you know how it goes. Keep posting, I'm watching!

  11. Hello Jason. If I have a sport clothes online shop for women in Lithuania (small country). Question : is
    appropriate to target audience in sport gyms by filling the gyms addresses on the map all over my country and show ads to them about 6-8 pm when the most of people comes to sport ?

  12. “It doesn’t matter if you have $100 a day, $1,000 a day or $5,000 a day…….”

    Looks at his $25 a day ad spend……

    Queue: “Hello Darkness my old friend” meme

  13. At the end of the video you said he was spending 100,000 a day on advertising? That's 36M I am not sure about that.

  14. Subscribed!! Thanks for all the great info Jason. I have one question that maybe you have the answer for. I am my FB Business account is in CAD $ but my store sells in USD $. Does FB convert the value of the sale to CAD or is it just pulling in the dollar amount shown? Why I ask this question is it really affects my ROAS. If FB is just pulling the number from my shopify store I need to increase my ROAS by 30% and scale appropriately. Thanks I advance to anyone for your help

  15. Whats up Jason, quick question…if my clients budget is $150 per week, should I just focus on 1 ad and put the entire budget in the 1 ad, or should i do split testing with different ads and like split the budget?? Thanks!!

  16. Hey Jason, thanks for the vid… Quick question, is it true that adding words such as LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, or TAG in your caption is not allowed now or may lower your reach? Thanks again bro!

  17. Question… I have a campaign that is for 30 days. I noticed the campaign plateaued and I wanted to change it up a bit. I was told it's a bad idea to edit the campaign after it's been live for longer than 24 hours. Is this true? It's best to copy the campaign and do it again? I don't want to lose all my comments and such.

  18. Does anyone know why we are getting this message from our ad campaigns on facebook: "Campaigns turned off because the rule conditions of CC – Issue 4.8.2019 were met."

  19. What type of sales funnel do you think is appropriate for a service based industry. I do branding and graphic design but I'm not sure how to approach it with a funnel strategy.

  20. Hello Jason, Great video. I am just getting started on FB ads. I am taking a successful business from 3rd party sites like AMZN and selling on shopify. I know we have good products since we have incredible feedback and strong sales. Our catalog is large, and all this seems a little overwhelming at the moment. To start I have chosen two popular categories created nice looking ads (using fb instant experience) and I am trying to get content views. In hopes of building up the pixel data and go from there. As I understand it, the budget amount will increase or decrease the amount of time it takes the FB pixel to gather the needed data. In your experience is there a amount of dollars that should be spent to determine if the ad or product is worth advertising? It seems to me based on the sales we currently get if I am failing it is because I am doing something incorrectly and not that the products are not winners. Do you offer consulting or can you point me to someone who does?

  21. if you are just starting out, how many demographics should you target? Is it possible that too many will spoil the results?

  22. hey i'm struggling with my audience i want different people than i'm getting at the moment.
    No mater what i target intrest work etc. how much i pay the same time wasters keep coming to my business 🙁

  23. So how do you DO the tracking? Like where on my screen do I click? Lol explain to me like I'm 5 years old. Could you do a video JUST on gauging performance of Facebook ads?

  24. How do I add an Amazon or Itunes button on my Facebook sponsered ad that leads to my product for sale?

  25. It is necessary to build email list for any kind of service you provide? for-instance "Fashion Designer". Do they need an email list? Thanks so much for your tutorials. It is all i have survived on in building my agency. Gd bless you sir.

  26. Hi Jason,
    For something like realestate seller leads, would you recommend using facebook lead form or a landing page?

  27. the first one hurt me so bad. my followers dont engage or do anything. Likes that actually have interest in your page or service is the best

  28. 3 minutes into the video and you still haven't shared anything of value! This video is about Facebook not Instagram! you are confusing your audience and turning them away.

  29. Hello Jason great video, just maybe correct on 0:14 "Facebook Ass" lol ! take care and keep up the good work !

  30. Hello Jason, great video. I have a question though: If I want to give my audience to opt out of my seeing my ads on their feed, is there an option for that? Asking this as Facebook does take negative comments into account health.

  31. Started fbook ads 2 weeks ago. Good so far. We have an ad where people can click on the image or the Learn More link at the bottom and that will take them to our website where they can RSVP our seminars , which is what we want them to do. My only concern is that at the top of this ad, there is a link that states Like this Page. I believe this only means like this ad not like our fbook page. I learned that for people to receive our notifications they must like our fbook PAGE … not just the ad? Thoughts?

  32. Here is a smarter and budget friendly way of advertising your business online. Try MediaQart – an intelligent automated platform, to run online Ad campaign as per your business needs. We additionally have great opportunities for individuals and professionals through our MQ Partnership Program. Know more: https://bit.ly/2WHYrc8

    (1) 1:28 Focusing on 'Likes' or Followers.
    (2) 4:23 Focusing on the Wrong Audiences
    (3) 7:48 Not Tracking your Numbers
    (4) 10:40 No Business System in Place
    (5) 12:12 Don't Scatter your Budget

  34. I have run a facebook ad for some time now and each time I did that, I get just a single sale while my record shows that my ad reached thousands of people on FB. What do I do to my FB ad to generate constant sales, please?

  35. Hi Jason thank you so much for this video such value 😍
    But regards to tracking audience and having pixel
    Can i install same 1 pixel to a website and separate landing page provider?

  36. Thank you! This was great information. I sometimes get 'shiny facebook ads' syndrome. Thanks for reminding me to just focus on one funnel. Thumbs up!!!

  37. HI Jason, thanks for your video. I got a question here. May i know which campaign is better when running ecommerce business? should be traffic?

  38. I'm frustrated and lost. I've been at this for a year and I still have no idea if I have an audience or how to proceed. Nothing seems to help. I need a mentor because it only gets more confusing the more I try to learn

  39. Thanks Jason
    I have a lot to learn about setting up ads and creating the right funnel. What video do you recommend for developing the funnel before setting up the ad.
    I have a book and some products to sell. I am working up to doing a webinar but am not there yet. I do have a YT Channel, not sure which videos to increase traffic to.

  40. Jason, I have seen a good bit of your videos. My issue is I am working with a client and using my business account and have admin access to theirs. Built an ad for them but I am not sure where to get the pixel code so I can ad to the backend of their website which I have built already.

  41. Great video! Thank you for the insight. I am doing social media for a small winery that does wine tastings and sells wine on premises (not online). Do you have any ideas about the best campaign/ funnel is for this market? Thank you in advance!

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