5 Instagram Tips Tricks and Hacks 2019 | Instagram new features & tips
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5 Instagram Tips Tricks and Hacks 2019 | Instagram new features & tips

Kem Cho everyone welcome back in
today’s episode I’m gonna give you five tips hacks tricks whatever you call it
about Instagram but I’m keep forgetting something oh yes intro welcome back everyone if this is your
first time my name is abu zeid but every console DJ on this channel i share
everything that I learned about foto videos some social media tips and we
just basically have fun so if you like to have fun hit that subscribe and click
on the notification so every time when I post a video you’ll be the first one to
know now on to today’s topic and that is fight take tricks tips whatever you call it
so phi hacks fight rip not trips tricks yes tricks fight tricks for instagram so
the first tip trick tip tip tip first tip is a quick response so if you don’t
know there is a quick response feature in your Instagram how to do it let’s
jump to our phone grab your phone open the Instagram and let’s do this just go
to your DMS select one of the conversations you’re having click on the
space where you usually type I see two icons which is one for the voice memos
and the other one is to share a picture but if you tap on the plus sign you will
see more options the symbol with three dots and a dialog box which is a quick
response if you click on that dialog box with three dots you will get this screen
where usually you’ll see on your quick response so this is where you’re gonna
name or put the hotkeys to quickly get those quick responses inserted if you
type in T Y and then underneath this is where you’re an actual message gonna go
so in this case let’s just type in thank you so much emoji face and a thumbs up
and save it now now if I go back and just type in T Y you will see a pop up
coming up saying hey would you like to insert the quick response yes I would
like to hit that and you will see that they thank you so much emoji thumbs up
appears right away so that’s how you set up a quick response tip number two and
that is something called invisible hashtags now you may be wondering what
is invisible hashtag well let’s find out open up your Instagram swipe to your
right select any picture you’d like to share
well in this case let’s select my son Alicia’s picture which I took in at
Liberty Science Center and we are going to type in hashtag cute boys and once
you type in resize it and take it to a solid color in this case I’m gonna take
it where it’s all black dark area and then once the resize is confirm you tap
on the hashtag again select the drop pin option then you go
and select the area where you have your hashtag it will automatically populate
the text with that particular color and now simply say done and move mind is
blown invisible hashtag tip number three and that is just like asking questions
to your audience now you can actually ask music suggestions so if you go to
your story select any picture let’s just use the existing one which was my son’s
picture and go to your options and when you click on the question now you will
see there is a music icon and when you click that now you can ask suggestions
for music and not only that but if you tap on the color wheel on top it can
change different colors to compensate the picture itself so if you have a dark
picture and you want to go with a lighter color you can do so but if you
have a theme of red or blue or green or pink any color you can do that to so if
you didn’t know now you know tip number four and that is with the new upgrades
or updates updates not upgrades the update you can post to multiple account
at the same time before you used to go and change your account but now if you
want to share any picture you and if you have a multiple Instagram account you
can share the same picture on all the accounts instantly let’s select a
picture and then go straight to the posting section and then at the bottom
you will see all the accounts that you have connected or edit to your Instagram
will be listed there so you can simply swipe to the right or just tap on it and
you can post same picture to all the different accounts there is a
drawback that if you are Facebook or any other linked accounts are active where
you share automatically that will get automatically disabled so if you see if
I unselect the other accounts the Facebook share option will automatically
come on but if I select those accounts it will go off so that is the drawback
if you want to post same picture on the different account tip number five and
that is add animation or effects to your story in this one you will need the app
called adobe spark which will argue to add
different kind of animations and effect to your picture so if you have a new
post and you want to say hey my new poster is coming up or you know new
posters up but you want to take it to the next level adding different effects
some you know fading fade out for the text or some effects for your picture
you can do that so in this case let’s select the same picture of our each and
I am just gonna remove the other picture have single picture there now let’s add
the text well just a cute boy or something and once you do that you go
back to the main section and you will see an option called effects when you
click on that you can now add all different effects for the text or for
the image so in this case let’s go by few of them just to get an idea how this
is what works and you can actually create either a picture or a video so in
this case let’s just select this one where the picture is kind of coming out
it’s expanding the picture I like that effect and then once you are ready to
post all you have to do is just export it as a video or a image and that’s how
you take your animation game to the next level so these are the five tips I want
to share with you guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a
thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys in the
next video till then you

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  1. I am so trying the invisible hashtag trick. I usually just shrink it real small and swipe it off the screen

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