5 Free Tools for YouTubers
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5 Free Tools for YouTubers

-Hey guys. My name is Tim
Schmoyer, and today we actually have a member of
the video creators community here with to share with
you their YouTube tips and ideas, suggestions,
and advice. -Hello fellow video
creators, my name is Andy, and I run a couple
channels here on YouTube. My most notable channel
probably being my tech channel, called MyTechMethods. But you will probably be more
interested in my new project called Channel Empire,
as it’s all about how to create a successful
YouTube channel. And you can subscribe to
that channel at YouTube.com/ thechannelempire, or go
to channel empire.com. In today’s video I
want to share with you some tools that I use to help
me in my video creation process. Basically there are 5 free
software tools and apps that I use every single time
I create a YouTube video. So here they are
and how I use them. The first tool is the
Google Keyword Planner, and this is free
for any Google user. You can find it by signing
into your Google AdWords account at AdWords.Google.com. Then go up to the top and click
Tools and then Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner will show
you all the Google search statistics for certain
keywords or keyword phrases, so it’s a great tool to use when
you’re planning and researching a video idea. So let’s say I want to do a
video about the best iPhone apps. I can get the
search volume stats by entering my video’s
keyword phrases and clicking Get Search Volume. This will give me any
additional keyword ideas and show me the
monthly search volume on Google for my
video’s keywords. So once you find your
perfect keyword phrase, that exact phrase will be
the title and main point of your videos. Now once I know what my
video will be titled, I use a free tool
called Evernote to plan my video outline and
sync it across all my devices. First, I create a
note and title it with the keyword phrase
from the earlier, so I know exactly what I’m
going to name my video when it’s uploaded to YouTube. And in the note area
I outline my video by creating different
segments and covering all the main points that
I want to talk about in my video, along with any
details that I want to hit on. Once my outline is
complete, it automatically syncs to the cloud,
and now I can access it from anywhere using
my iPhone or iPad. This comes in handy when I’m
actually recording the video, because I can look down
at my phone or tablet and make sure I’m hitting all
the main points in my outline, like I’m doing right now. Now after I record
and edit my video and it’s ready for
YouTube, I always create transcripts to
increase my ability to rank on Google and
YouTube, and instead of having to manually do
the transcripts myself I use a free app called Dragon
Dictation for the iPhone that helps me do the
majority of the work for me by converting voice to text. The Dragon Dictation
app will record audio in one-minute
segments, so all I do is hold up my iPhone’s
microphone to my computer speakers and play back my
video one minute at a time until it has transcribed
my entire video. So we won’t be 100% correct,
but it will get about 80% of it right. I then email myself
the transcript directly from the dictation
app, and then I head to my computer to fix
the parts of the transcript that the app did not get
right, and once I have the transcript perfect I
can upload it to YouTube and move on to the next app. For most of my videos
I use a free web app called PicMonkey.com to
create my custom thumbnails. It’s an easy-to-use
image editor online, and it has a pretty
cool features that allow you to
create an image that’s pretty eye catching. Usually, I’ll take a screen
shot of a specific frame of my video, then upload
it to PicMonkey for editing or I’ll design a new image
that is 1280 x 720 pixels. With PicMonkey, you can
add cool effects, borders, text–nearly anything that you
need to edit your image exactly how you want it. Once you have the
perfect image, you can save it to your
computer, then go into your video
settings on YouTube and upload it as the
custom thumbnail. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. We’re down to the final tool,
and this fifth and final tool is called Buffer. This is a free web
browser extension for Chrome and
Firefox that you can use to share your YouTube video
across all your social networks at once. So once your video is
uploaded to YouTube, when you’re on the
YouTube video page you can click the little
Buffer icon in your web browser and it will pop
up a window where you can type in your post and
any custom links or hash tags and then share it across
multiple social networks, mainly Twitter,
Facebook, and GooglePlus. And the cool thing
about Buffer is you can have custom
short links in there to track the clicks on
the link, and you can also share it at a specific
time in the future. So those are my 5 free
tools that I always use when creating a new YouTube
video for any of my channels. So my question to you is what
are some other software tools or apps that you use that
benefit to you as a YouTuber. Just leave a common down below. And you should
definitely subscribe to this video
creator’s channel here, because Tim does the
best job I’ve ever seen when it comes
to helping YouTubers with very detailed problems. If it pertains to YouTube
in any kind of way, you can probably
expect a video about it here on this video
creator’s channel. So make sure you subscribe
and join the community. Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you guys around.

89 thoughts on “5 Free Tools for YouTubers

  1. Great tips!! For apps, I use PicArt sometimes for my pictures but most of the time, I use PhotoScape. I use to use HootSuite to share, but I will check out Buffer. Wish I could find something that will also share to Instagram. Any ideas?

  2. Thank you! I'm going to check out the key word tool today. The dragon diction idea is pretty genius

  3. Awesome video! Very informative. For my videos, I use the built-in camera to record and snap pictures when needed, Pages to create graphics and caption photos and iMovie to edit everything and share on social medias. I use the YouTube Editor on my iBook laptop to add annotations, edit the description and create tags. I haven't done custom thumbnails because it's a bit of a hassle with all the transferring and resizing so I let YouTube give me three options from the video.

    I also have the Action FX app for cinematic creativity and GarageBand for making my own music. I haven't used these two much yet, but I plan to soon.

  4. I cannot live without Pic Monkey. I only use it for the photos I upload on my blog because I don't want anything too distracting from my YouTube thumbnails. But I just love the fonts, effects, artwork they have available, most of it for free.

  5. Some excellent tips! No offense Tim but it is nice to have others talk about their tips. It adds a fresh perspective.

  6. I love Evernote! These are awesome tips!!! I am going to have to use Adwords! I use PicMonkey too!!! 

  7. Great video! Love the advice about the app that does captions. That's one thing I haven't ventured into yet because I thought it would be overwhelming, but that would make it much easier!

  8. Wow look at that stud 😛 Huge thanks to Tim for all the help he gives us YouTubers, and a BIG thanks to everyone here in the Video Creators community. Hope you guys enjoy the tools!

  9. I use Evernote for my initial ideas, but Microsoft OneNote to write my scripts. I also use Google Drive to make sure everyone on my team has all the files we need. At only $2 for 100GB per month, it's a no-brainer, but you can get by on the free plan with (I think) 5GB of storage.

  10. Looks like I'm ahead of the curve! I use or have used all of these tools except for Dragon Dictation.

    I use GIMP for my thumbnails ocassionally. It's free, does a bit more than PicMonkey, and can be accessed offline. I have also used Canva to design some graphics for my YouTube videos. It's similar to PicMonkey in that it's free, easy to use and can only be accessed online, but I've gotten some pretty nice results with it!

  11. Thanks! I'll look into Dragon Dictation. Although…I dabble in African American Vernacular English, so… i dunno how Down they are over at dragon dictation lol! 

  12. Good video… But, I think those apps just over complicate things. I don't think it really has to be that hard. Does it? For example, instead of using some site to make an outline on your computer then synching it to your phone …why not just make a simple note on your phone?

  13. I've been using Gimp and ipiccy for my thumbnails, but I am really curious about pic monkey! Thank you for all these tips! 🙂

  14. Great tips Andy! Some of my favorite free tools are: 1) VidIQ chrome plugin  2) Gleam.io  3) SocialBlade  4) Tubular Labs 

  15. Good tools. Great tip about the transcripts! Can I also recommend canva.com for thumbnail design and ifttt.com for automating video sharing and lots of other processes.

  16. thanks for sharing, I haven't used any of these tools and look forward to checking them out. 

  17. I use pixlr for images, it's free & very flexible. Buffer is great too. Thank you for the transcript idea I will be using that too now. Great video cheers 🙂

  18. Awesome tips for the Iphone but what about android users. Currently use Photoshop for most edits, but between computers at the moment. So, currently using Pixlr.com for my thumbnails.

    Pixlr is missing one key feature which is the selection tool, and I use this tool a lot. For android what you recommend to replace dragon dictation. Most of the time, I edit all my videos myself. I have used pic monkey in the past, did not suite my needs..

    I have say keyword planner is a great tool for free, when comes to doing research.

    Great video and way!
    Thank you for the great information
    Paul Savola

  19. thank you for posting this
    I'm a youtuber / singer from India doing mostly covers of popular Bollywood songs 
    this was very helpful 🙂

  20. Seriously my mind is blown away! I've been here since last year and only now I'm looking at this. Awesome tips thank you so much @Channel Empire I'm going to have a field day lol

  21. Uhh Hello I'm just curious how do you get subscribers fast I know I have made a channel right now and creator already 2 videos I know I should be patient but what could I do to get my videos to be recognized

  22. I use a Sony Xperia android phone and don't see Pic Monkey in my Play Store. What can I use? I really want to learn to make thumbnails

  23. Tim, love all your videos….I was hoping to come to Vlogger Fair this year for the first time to see all my favorite Youtubers. Hoping next year I can make it as I know it would be so much fun! 🙂

  24. This is by far one of the best advice videos EVER!! 🙂 Short, to the point 400% value. I actually subscribed to his channel!!

  25. I record with obs open broadcaster software and movie maker but when i put a video its always corrupted.Can some one help?

  26. tubebuddy is awesome, I did not know about the title tool you mentioned in this video and I will definitely check that out.

    anyone have suggestions for a dictator for windows?

  27. Pixlr is a good photo editing program, Open Broadcaster Software is good for computer gamers, Movie Maker is a good video editing program for beginners like me. Can't think of anything else xD

  28. Tubebuddy is one of the best tool but unfortunately its not been mentioned widely in How to youtube videos. I found this tool after 6 month of research. Now my plan is to make a video to show people how I use this tool and how useful is that. Best part is free version works fine but if you really want to juice out your hardwork its worth going for pro version.

  29. I use QiPress Lite to show my real-time keystrokes in my gaming videos. With QiPress, I can display any key pressed on keyboard. It makes my videos more instructive and I can learn from my own mistakes. Think of it as an After-Action-Review (AAR) tool to teach other gamers the finer points of the game you are playing. It's QiPress v1.070 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 from http://aalapshah.in/qipress. See this tweet: https://twitter.com/frankiekam/status/782962530356371456

  30. i use tubebuddy for general youtube stuff like tags and stuff, i use hitfilm 4 express for editing(i havent upgraded to the 2017 version yet), i use obs studio for recording, mostly gimp for image editing.

  31. Interesting tools here. I use Google Docs for my outlines/scripts and Gimp (free image editor) to create my thumbnail. I actually also use a downloaded font from a website called DaFont. Does anybody else here use Windows Movie Maker for video editing? I actually find it a very useful tool for simple edits. Watermarks and other video effects are added with Redshark's Lightworks free video editing program. Very powerful tool, although I don't find the interface too great or beginner friendly, so I try to add video effects a sequence at a time and keep use of that to a minimum

  32. What do you think about this? I am open to constructive criticism https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mitchiapps.shortcutsforyoutube

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