5 Best Practices for Recruiting via Social Media
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5 Best Practices for Recruiting via Social Media

As the labor market gains strength, more recruiters
are approaching potential employees on social media. Recruiters communicating through sites like
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter should follow some guidelines to achieve the best results
possible. Understand the audience. To know on what social media channels and
in which groups a company should post their job openings, recruiters should first understand
where the ideal candidate is online. This can be done by asking applicants how
they found the job posting or by talking to current employees. Reach out to candidates with personal touches. As people feel inundated with information
and messages, it’s important that recruiters indicate they took time to do their research. Be careful to not introduce bias. While recruiters have access to more information
about candidates, they should be sure to use that information to engage with the potential
hire, rather than to screen them out of the running. Continue a high-quality, high-touch experience
throughout the application and interview process. Companies can’t just have a great initial
impression and not continue it throughout the candidate experience. Treat the candidate like a consumer. As consumers, people expect information at
their fingertips, to have a high-tech experience and to engage through the media they consume
every day. For more tips and additional stories about
recruiting, visit our publication at talenteconomy.io.

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