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  1. I’m 30 , you should see my life. 1 adopted child and 2-3 foster children . Mother of 3-4 . Full time stay at home mom for the last 4yrs. I’m happy and fulfilled.

  2. None of these women are attractive personality wise or doing their best to look physically attractive just my opinion. They give off sad thirsty energy as well. If i was a man my first impression would be is they are boring and not someone i would have fun with.

  3. 15:40 We can learn a lot from the Muslim faith in terms of marriage. I like how their purpose for dating is for marriage. If both men and women have that same focus, divorces will reduce significantly. Hopefully her husband treats her well.

  4. Im 35, never been married, no children yet and just got debt free last year. I do want to get married but don't want to rush into one that will lead to divorce. Currently married to my job and my endless deadlines smh

  5. لماذا انتم تخافون من شعاركم الذي أعطيتموه لي عندما أضعه بروفايل للفيسبوك

  6. As a soon to be divorced 33 year old, without kids, this episode really touched my heart 😢. I'm somewhere between the lawyer and the pediatrician, I swear they are literally how I feel. The Muslim woman, who I loved, I found truly interesting and inspiring. I wanna see more episodes, on more shows, like this one!

  7. FYI: the entire basis of Christianity is that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he was sinless and died for our sins and raised up again 3 days later. Saying we believe in God, and Jesus was just a prophet is not even close to the same thing!!

  8. I would bet any money that the mom with 8 kids is part of the same cult as the Duggars. They are no different.

  9. Please provide an update on these women..Im in my thirties now and Im interested in the outcome for these women.Thanks

  10. It horrifies me that there are still people who think its ok to have 8, 9 10 children. Thats all fine and well but your great great great grandchildren will not be able to feed themselves. There simply will not be enough food to feed the population of the world. I think it is selfish in the extreme. Your choice to have so many children precludes other people from being able to have any………thats if you care about the planet.

  11. It’s a problem looking early 50’s in your 30’s, as these women do. There’s nothing wrong with their looks, it would just throw people off.

  12. Everyone is clapping for the lady and celebrating her decision to deprive her future child of a father.
    Because she is making a selfish decision about what she wants to do.
    She's not thinking about the child at all.

  13. Hell no I wouldn’t want so many damn kids in my 30’s…. and then be their teacher. That’s insane. Of course it had to be due to religion. Thank “God” I’m not religious. I’ll just keep making money and travel as much as I want. Yikes

  14. Oh the beauty of Islamic match finding is so stress free. You don't have to beat around the bush if you're looking for a serious relationship. In the Indian sub continent, the parents look for matches from known families in the community. I feel for women who have to go through dates after dates in bars and parks and hope they will be lucky.

  15. Enjoying the pace of each segment. Relaxed, engaging guests. I wonder what the Lawyer Dechane is up to these days. Glad we can revisit these shows via Youtube.

  16. I can't agree there aren't miracles. My hubby is medically sterile, and even though we took 3 years and also did fertility treatments and still could not get pregnant…. we got prayed over and got pregnant with zero help a month later!!!

    Ironically, after having 2 biological sons, I decided I wanted to adopt. Hubby said no, now that we can have our "own" children we should have more. I did not agree, I was willing to get pregnant again after we adopted one child. We both held our ground, 13 years later Hubby agreed to adopt….and we did. We adopted our daughter, then decided why not adopt one more. Loved adopting so much we made it fully our plan A. Hubby went in for a vasectomy for his if lucky, 6 sperm. 😲😄😄😄😄 He asked the doctor for a discount, the doctor laughed…..the irony!!! After his procedure, we adopted 2 more kids. And we are considering adopting again soon….its funny now, from zero kids to SIX kids!!!! So yes there are miracles, and they came both from my womb and my heart and all these kids are my own…..God is good.

  17. I am 36 and have never been married. I don't date. I've been single for almost 16 years. I used it worry about finding a man because people have told me that I'm going to hell, and I need a man to make me an "honorable" woman. I now know that isn't true. I don't need a man. I can finance myself. I now love who I am and don't care if I die an unwed woman.

  18. I'm 31 in relationship met when i was 18 is being single that bad? I have kids but no career and going through early menopause the joys lol

  19. From a young age, women are conditioned to think that the best thing a woman can achieve in life is marriage. Many women by their late 20s and 30s learn through life experience that there is so much more to life and that marriage is not an achievement, especially to most of the single men out there who have little to offer to women who are totally self sufficient but stress. And quiet as it’s kept, many mothers are miserable and burnt out from working the “second shift.”

  20. My God, there’s a lot of propaganda in this discussion. People need to research for themselves to understand Jesus’ title as “Son of God and Son of Man” . There’s so much misunderstanding regarding this title.
    You believe in he’s a prophet, and you believe he performed miracles: name a prophet who ever raised anyone from the dead!! Islam is shrouded in top secrecy you can only know what goes on in their society from people who’ve been Muslims and have come out to talk about what goes on! Islam may be “growing fast” only because their ideology forces you to join them! They want the WHOLE WORLD TO BE ISLAMIC!

  21. As a gay person in 2019 who started dating at 19 in 2014, I can say that dating has been overall a bit worse. In 2014, I could easily find someone to date online like POF or Tinder and hang out and have a great time, but because I wasn't looking for a relationship, I never committed.

    However, now as I use dating sites today, people are more narcissistic, and believe everything revolves around them. But there are good people still around 😃

  22. To everyone asking for updates! My good friend is Jenna, the one who had infertility. She now has 2 healthy girls – 1 adopted, and 1 natural!!!

  23. Background checks are very important to do, the problem is you cannot check for mental illness or psychopathy etc.

  24. Help!! Oprah Winfrey !!, I informed you so many times that Pharrell Williams or his artists wanna murder me ,and signed some images to you , Why you still no reply ?All my actions and messages just procrastinate their murder plan .
    Next defunct composer is me ! Do they wanna murder their ghostwriter "ME" ?? They never deny my accusation.
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  25. Nobody is going to think your children are a bonus. It's not personal. It's just life. Only weirdos will think another person's children are a bonus!!! Watch out!

  26. I remember when younger I used to lie and downplayed what I did to avoid being intimidating to men and be regarded as more attractive

  27. I wish I could find out how they are doing now! You don't need a man to complete your life! I have my own cooking show and this keeps me going these days!!😄

  28. I do need to say this: Men & Women are equal. We women have fought for equality. Men can't control anything about a woman and women can't control anything about a man except themselves. Men have the right to not want to pick up where divorced dad left off just as women have that same choice. I chose to wait it out or be single. At 35, I was told by my friends that men our age are divorced and have children. I said, "No. Not true. I'M not divorced with kids, so there's someone like me FOR me out there." I did NOT want to be a step-mother and have my own child placed behind his first children. I didn't want to be getting into it with the other woman he was married to. I didn't want to have one set of rules for her children and one set for mine, so I chose to wait it out. I kept my faith and I stayed true to myself. I married my "never before married" husband when I was 36 and he was 38 and we welcomed our only child exactly 3 weeks before our first anniversary. I was adamant that I would not bring anyone's drama into my life anymore as I had dated men prior who had children and I was ALWAYS treated badly by the ex-wife. To this day, 18.5 years later, we're still married.

  29. The problem with the millennial generation (I am one) is that they think they can put off having kids for a LONG time. But many of my friends tried to get started after 30 and found out their fertility window has closed and struggle.

  30. Sorry for sounding judgmental, but I think these women who can't stop having kids or who "want more" after having EIGHT are suffering from a serious mental illness.

  31. i dont understand what oprah is saying about men finding women intimidating because they look at the whole package and think can i afford those. She is single and working. she can afford herself obviously. Sure shes high maintenance but she is allowed to be because she is the one maintaining!! But i guess the 2007 mindset was different

  32. Why is Oprah asking the Muslim lady about her religious beliefs? What how does that contribute to the story about being 30 something and dealing with dating, marriage, etc?

  33. The very function that is a woman is to be pregnant? Bwahahahha omg what is this the 1950s? Ridiculous! I choose to be childfree

  34. Black and educated I swear it’s so hard I’ve literally lowered my standards just for a guy to tell me you’re to established! NEGRO WHAT?😩

  35. At age 24 I had 2 kids, a man, rent. So many responsibilities, many many many days of sadness because I haven’t been able to live my youth. Or enjoy anything sometimes I hate my life

  36. So many women want children, and so many children NEED mothers. If your heart is not open to adoption, is your heart open at all?

  37. Jesus, this is depressing. Not the fact that there are single women in their 30s but the fact that they're treated abnormal like some sort of lepards or something. And the fact that they had to make a show about it.

  38. DeChane is off 'de chain'! She is no longer chained to societal expectations and she is chasing her destiny real good, not men. Bravo!!!

  39. Leave the MIRACLE TO GOD, WHO HAS ALL POWER! Just maybe Gods plan for you is to adopt a child who needs loving parents.

  40. I understand why women independent and self reliant as am I.. have these challenges..there are to many “questionable” intentions out there and narcissists predators etc make a commitment confusing and perhaps “risky”..

  41. To any couple that can not conceive, travel, find joy in the little and the big things, create a life of joy a child would want to enter into. It is said many time after a couple adopts a child, they conceive. The more tense a couple is, the less likely having a child is. You have you have fun, you have to create joy everyday to allow the joyful spirit of a child to enter into your life experience. Many blessings!💜

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