3 Ways to Use Facebook Live To Generate Sales

– Reality TV is so popular that YouTube and Facebook
are promoting live video. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share
with you how to generate sales using Facebook live. (upbeat music) See the cool part about Facebook live and even YouTube live, but
let’s focus on Facebook live just for this video is that Facebook promotes
it really heavily. And which, instead of
you watching reality TV such as Keeping up With the Kardashians they want you to watch
reality TV on Facebook. And you can do that through Facebook live. What Facebook live is, is
someone busting out their phone and just being like, oh check out me. Let me just show you what’s
happening in my life. And everyone can see it right
then and there on Facebook. Now the way you generate sales through Facebook live is really simple. You just have to follow these strategies. Number one, offer some sort of education or benefit for the person watching. So, when I do Facebook live I educate people on marketing. Once they’re being
educated, they’re like hmm I’m watching Neil, he’s awesome. He’s a handsome Indian guy,
I’m learning a lot from him. And you know what, he seems smart. Step number two, as
you’re educating people make sure you transition to a bonus offer for that individual. And that bonus offer is
usually found on your website. So for example, if you’re watching one of my Facebook live streams I may end up saying hey, would you like to learn more about marketing? Or, do you want to work with me? You can set up a free consultation call by going to That’s an example of a
bonus or a consultation or a benefit that is just for that person watching Facebook live. And ideally, that landing
page that you have should be tailored just toward
that Facebook live video. And last but not least once your Facebook live video is done make sure you boost it because if you boost it and promote it more people will continually watch it and then when they do watch it you’ll start getting more
visitors back to your website. (upbeat music)

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