3 Ways to Find Perfect Twitter Hashtags for your Business
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3 Ways to Find Perfect Twitter Hashtags for your Business

Oh hey there. Welcome. I know that there’s a lot of controversy around
Twitter hashtags and how to use them, so in this video I’m going to tell you about the
3 main types of Twitter hashtags, how they differ from each other and then we’re gonna
jump onto my computer and I’m actually gonna show you how to find the perfect twitter hashtags
for your business. Ok the first type of twitter hashtag that
people usually use the most is what I call evergreen hashtags. Hashtag evergreen. So an evergreen hashtag is a hashtag that
is just never gonna not be popular. It’s used all the time, everybody’s using
it daily, it’s a hashtag that you can basically put in your tweet and know that your tweet
will be able to be searchable and found in Twitter. The second type is a trending hashtag. Really important to be keeping up with what
hashtags are trending especially if it’s really new, if it’s just that day because if it relates
to your industry and there’s a way that you can jump in on that conversation, then you’re
going to be exposed to a whole new audience of people who are following that. thread. And then the third type is a personal hashtag. So a lot of people like to make up their own
hashtags and that’s awesome. It’s a great way for your people, your tribe,
your customers, your community or whatever to be able to follow that exact topic or keep
up with you specifically. But you wanna make sure that you’re choosing
a good hashtag so for all these 3 different types, there are 3 different areas in Twitter
and with other tools that you can use for free to find out which hashtags you should
be throwing into your tweets. So let’s jump onto my computer and I’m gonna
walk you through, starting with evergreen. Ok so for Evergreen hashtags, these are hashtags
that are just always gonna be popular depending on your niche or your industry. So if you are into astrology and you want
to find out related hashtags to astrology, you go here to hashtagify.me, you search for
whatever tag you’re looking for and it’s gonna bring that up to the middle. And then it’s gonna give you all the closest
related hashtags that are popular in Twitter. So when people are tweeting about astrology,
they’re also putting in the signs, ya know. So if I wanted to go down and maybe see..
ok horoscope, that looks good. Let’s see what the related hashtags to horoscope
are. Ok so we have like “zodiac” “zodiac facts”,
this could be a good one if you do like #zodiacfacts and then #cancers are whatever, something
about that sign, that would be a cool tweet and you’ll be using 2 different hashtags. It also shows you down here the most recent
tweets of the one you’re looking for. And if you want a little bit more advanced
analytics, you can click right here and it’ll relate these two. So you click here and you want to see in horoscope
and zodiac facts, you can see the most popular hashtags that are closely related to both
of them by clicking that. So you got aries, sagittarius, virgo, aquarius,
leo, that’s pretty predictable. But you can go through and get more ideas
for the types of hashtags you should be using. But let’s choose something else like maybe
you’re a nutritionist, let’s say #nutrition, k so the closest related ones to nutrituon
are like #workout, #fatloss, #exercise, #healthy, #health, #Fitness, #diet, mmm these are ok. I like to get a little bit more specific but
regardless, even if you’re using something like nutrition which is pretty general, you
can tell a lot of people are using these. So as long as you’re using it, you’re gonna
be ranking right along with those people when people are searching for it. So let’s try like #weightloss. Ok what comes up with weightloss? Same kind athing.. #loseweight #program #fit
#fat.. this is how you get a good general idea for hashtags that you can make a list
for and have like an arsenal of cool hashtags so that when you’re tweeting or scheduling
out your Tweets, these are like “go to” hashtags, hashtags that people are going to be seeing
in your tweet and then hopefully following you and then hopefully looking for more of
your tweets. Now another way to kind of hijack traffic
when you’re trying to get noticed on twitter is to go to your homepage and then look here
on the left for what is Trending. Now I don’t have this set to a certain thing
but you can set it to your location or to a certain topic. So if you want to stick with your topic or
your industry, you can put a certain thing. I just kinda keep, I wanna see the main ones. You can see this one is promoted so Orlando
Studios, the Harry Potter Wizarding World is promoting the hashtag #butterbeer which
I think I’m gonna jump on because I am a Harry Potter fan. So you decide which is best, frozen or hot
butterbeer? These are all the ones that are popular right
now. So if anything like this, I’m not super into
sports, I’m kinda into Christmas, ya know.. If anything like this jumped at me, I could
join that conversation by adding this hashtag to my tweet. So we can click here and see everybody that’s
tweeting about it right now. They’re doing a poll, which is cool, a survey. And then see “Butterbeer is trending so I
must honor the butterscotch goodness”. I’m actually gonna tweet something. Mmm #butterbeer, all these3 people are talking
about it. 4 minutes ago, 1 minute ago, I wanna try #butterbeer. K I’m going
to do a tweet. I’m gonna say “Must visit the Wizarding World
soon! Hashtag butterbeer”. So I’m gonna tweet… and mine’s gonna show
up now in the search and people will be able to view it. Pretty cool. That is a really good way to check every single
day and just jump on a couple times, even 1 time, jump into these conversations and
get your Twitter account seen by your target market. Obviously if its around what you do for business. Don’t jump on a basketball thread unless you’re
interested in it. But if you can be of value, if you can send
a tweet that is of value then that is awesome. Ok so now, if you want to create your own
personal unique hashtag, make sure that nobody is using it, right? You don’t wanna like put all your eggs into
this awesome hashtag that you love and you find out that it’s taken. For instance, me and a girlfriend were talking
and we were like “Oh you know what would be a great hashtag? #MomLife. MomLife would be an amazing hashtag.” So we went to Twitter.com/search and then
it switches to this but then you type in what you want, either to find a hashtag about or..
well Twitter search is awesome by the way for a million other things, I think I’m gonna
do a separate video about how to use Twitter search to find your target audience, but this
is just a great way to check your hashtag or look for a hashtag so umm.. this person
has an account for that but6 all these people are already using the hashtag. It’s pretty popular So I wouldn’t want to
brand “MomLife” with something because it’s not going to stand out because so many people
are just using it like in general, right? But basically this is a great way ti find
anybody who’s using the hashtag #momlife is obviously a mom so if you cater to moms, throw
in that hashtag and anybody using it, you gotta figure these are good people to follow
or reach out to or shoot a message to, become friends with because they’re all obviously
moms, there’s your target audience. So if you want to create a really cool awesome
new unique hashtag for you and your followers or your tribe, throw it into Twitter search
and make sure that half of the world isn’t already using it like this one was. So we decided not to start using that one. So that’s all, that’s Twitter search and the
3 different ways to use hashtags. Ok well that’s all for this video. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the content, then please give
me a like, share it on social media, and definitely hit me up on Twitter. Also be sure to check out DanielleFord.com
to get notified about new videos and keep up on the newest video and marketing trends. Thanks for watching, subscribe and I will
see you next time. Now we’ll go over the 3 types of the most
common types oh uhh blahhhh…

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