3 Tips to Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Relationship
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3 Tips to Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Relationship

If you’ve ever thought to yourself how
could they not like my post? Or oh my gosh didn’t they see what I posted?
I got no comments this is for you hey guys I’m Robyn D’Angelo licensed
Marriage and Family Therapist and The Happy Couple Expert today I want to talk
to you about social media and how to not let it ruin your relationship so often
we get caught up in comparing our relationships to other peoples and how
can we not we’re seeing the best of the best being posted on Instagram social
media snapchat you name it it’s everywhere how do we not compare well
how about we change the question instead of how do we not compare how about we
change it too how do we take a look at all the relationships that we’re seeing
online and say what is it that I’m feeling when I see these am I feeling a
sense of loneliness am I feeling wow this is something that my husband or my
boyfriend and I would be doing am I feeling really happy for the people that
I’m seeing how you feel when you look at other people’s social media especially
when they are like posting those amazing pictures of romantic dinners or getaways
that is an indicator it’s an opportunity for you to take a look at where am I at
my relationship how am I feeling about the quality of my relationship how
connected do I feel to my partner and use that use that as a conversation
piece with your partner second thing you can do to not let social media totally
ruin your relationship create boundaries around this and there’s a really great
way to do this ask yourself how would I feel respected with my partner using
social media and if your partner hasn’t had the conversation with you talk to
them about it hey not okay to post about a fight we had last night totally okay
to post pictures of when we’re traveling set it up of what you are and are not
okay with in your relationship in social media last tip for you guys don’t post
your fights or any intimate content on your social media
seriously you guys know one number one feels good when their information is out there
number two who really wants to read about this stuff you know how awkward it
is when you actually see someone else’s fight on Facebook or you know drama do
us all a favor and pick up the phone and call us if you want some support social
media is not the place to get that all right you guys hope this is helpful if
you love these quick tips go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel and I
can’t wait to see you guys next week bye bye

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