46 thoughts on “3 Powerful Tips to Explode Your Facebook Videos

  1. Awesome Video Sir ! Really, Your Videos Are Amazing & Helpful For All Bloggers & The Beginners !!!! ☺ 🖒

  2. Great video. Also, if you want to use more screen space on mobile, try to upload video in square or vertical format-it performs better than horizontal

  3. NEIL PATEL facebook cada dias se está poniendo peor. cada vez menos alcances en la fanpage, cada vez quieren que pague por publicidad de articulo,:

  4. This is very helpful info Neil as I'm exploring this at the moment, wow, did you read my mind? 😉 Thank you! And yes, übersuggest is a blessing! You're so generous! Simply the best in the field as far as I'm aware my friend. Have a good day! ☼♥☼

  5. Hi bro, I'm thinking to use paid service tools like Semrush, Ahrefs or something else. Which site do you recommend me?

  6. Hi i love your simple and clear videos. Do you have any ideas for ensuring you never run out of things to say? I feel Im in a block and ran out of ideas. If you can do a video on it I will be grateful.

  7. This is great guys, you would this this is common knowledge but I have been sharing YouTube videos ever since I started and always wonder why they dont do great. Thank you guys this has been so helpful

  8. Hi, I once had a test site… Filled with garbage non-SEO based articles… None ranked…didn't know keyword research or SEO back then.

    Now I used ubersuggest, it shows within my niche numerous keywords are 0 difficulty with 6-8k monthly US search volume… Some keywords are 0.01 difficult with 27k US search volumes…

    Now, this shows competition is quite low… But I searched the term on google and saw those top ranking sites, they were from wiki, quora and lot of massive sites…. 1.So how did these keywords yet shows 0 difficulty?
    2.One of my article had keyword on 0 difficulty… My site DA is 6.3(never really used it)… Even 6 months spend now…
    As the keyword is 0 difficult, so it should probably rank within top 20 search…. But I get literally 0 search traffic for that keyword.
    Why is it that even with 0 difficulty keyword, it seems my site is nowhere in first 10 pages.

    Please answer these two questions.

  9. Great video guys. It was nice to hear the clarification on uploading video directly to Facebook, not sharing from YouTube. My team and I sure would love to work with you guys. We would be happy to assist with fulfilment behind the scenes. We are a team of 30 motivated people!

  10. Friend😃, if I don't coment people what can possibly happen…? Am I going to lose traffic…?

  11. Great video ;). If you have a brand new site, what's your best advice for building Domain Authority and increasing your rankings Neil?

  12. Hey Neil how are you.. My question is…There is no meta title and meta descriptions option In SEO Yoast( updated) plugine.. Answer as soon as possible.. Thank you.. Regrads @digital_hafiz_shaikh

  13. For FB video ads, I like them to be more fast paced…new cut every 3-4 seconds just like in TV. We don't want to bore people on FB where their attention span is low

  14. Thanks for the video I also notices Facebook videos did really well. I need your help Neil, what is the best way to promote Facebook page? Page likes/Boosts pots??

  15. I call this "Genuine Quality Content"! ❤ By the way, why don't you start doing vlogs… I think that will be interesting!

  16. Hi Neil, what about a video on how clearing up zombie / keyword spam / duplicate directory listings can improve your chances of being found by customers? I have found that contacting directories works…& if people have to wade through spam to get to your listing they're less likely to find you right?

  17. I watched this for a 5th times now. Awesome Awesome Q&A Sir Niel Patel. I think its okay for a 15min Q&A. 😀 More answer more question.

  18. Notice me for the next video sir. Looking forward for the next week Q&A! – Love from the Philippines.

  19. Hey Neil.. I was wondering if you could suggest some marketing academy or something .. I want to make comedy and music and I`m willing to work for damn 24 hours a day, but it makes ma so mad and sad that I dont know what I`m supposed to do.. Please give me some pointers man..

  20. Thank you so much for answering my question 🙂 It was such a pleasant surprise to hear my question being answered. Guidance from an expert always gives peace of mind that I am on the right track. For the captions on FB, I download the srt file from Youtube and then upload it on FB. I hope it helps you with the captions.

  21. Thanks uncle Neil for the insight. Please what's the software to use in making video animations both on windows & android?
    And please sir, I didn't understand the UBERSUGGEST.

  22. Hey Neil,
    I acquire most of the backlinks by email outreach. Can you let me know that should i always keep it doing or should i put a limit to it ? Also if i have to put a limit on it then how many max. or min. backlinks should i have a week ?

    I would really appreciate your answer. 🙂

  23. What a fool Adam made if himself requesting Neil to do captions for him. Neil this is why you are so awesome! I learn how to handle such situations in the way you responded to him with a smile…salute sergent 🙂 💂

  24. GREAT! Thank you Neil ! Long video but less than 30 min, 5-10 min minimum videos, description with questions, send to website, Tags with Keywords. How to add subtitles easily? I'm gonna search

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