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3 Common Questions About Secure Websites | WEO Media – Dental Marketing

if you’d attended a marketing
presentation or a dental convention the last couple years or you’ve received the
high volume of emails on the subject you’ve probably heard of the need for Secure Websites! oh yeah! hi I’m Corey and today I’ll be answering
three of the most common questions about secure websites first of all what is a
secure website well it’s not an insecure website I mean it’s pretty confident it
knows what it wants it wants submitted data to be encrypted from all pages
before transmission you can tell if a website is secure by looking at the
website address if it starts with HTTPS instead of just HTTP it’s secure the
“S” designates SSL encryption also known as secure normally encryption is
only important on a few pages of the website specifically when submitting
sensitive data like a patient using a form to submit personal health
information or paying with a credit card fortunately for WEO Media customers
we have been securing those specific pages for over ten years ten years. what
other marketing company was doing secure ten years ago but what if you don’t have an
online patient form or payment portal do you still need a secure website well
until recently the answer was no but Google has continued to increase the
pressure and now the answer is a resounding yes yes with Google search ranking
Google announced in 2017 secure would be a factor in ranking a website. but as
of June 2018 a full year later ranking data that we were tracking showed that it
still had no effect. our data was later confirmed by Gary Illyes in October 2018
at PubCon in Las Vegas where he stated secure at best is a tie breaker. oh what
a difference a calendar year makes as now we’re seeing signs Google is
incorporating secure more readily into its ranking algorithm maybe even more
concerning than the ranking factor is Chrome’s war on unsecured websites. in
North America, Google Chrome accounts for over 60% of search volume.
that’s not small potatoes. it is a number you can’t ignore. over the last two years
we have seen the passive circle “i” warning changed to the words “not secure” by
the website address. we’ve also started to see an uptick and the outright
blocking of unsecured websites where Google Chrome will render an
unsecure warning page in place of the actual web page and not give an option
to go to the real page. because of the moves by Google and search ranking and
the Chrome browser WEO Media is transitioning all of our hosted websites
to secure websites this is a significant investment in time and resources but is
the right direction to ensure that our clients websites are accessible and
don’t receive a search ranking penalty you might find it useful to know the
steps to make a website secure step 1 WEO media purchases an SSL certificate
for the website domain do not purchase your own it makes implementation 10
times as hard and we’re just not going to use it
step 2 there are multiple authentication steps to apply the domain specific SSL
certificate to the weo media web server yes that is a bunch of nerdy
gob bledygook I agree step 3 we apply Canonical and/or 301 redirects to
ensure the old web page addresses are routed correctly to the new web page
addresses step 4 because there’s one more our team performs a website quality
assurance check where we proactively review the site and fix any problems
that may have been caused by applying the SSL certificate we get it
security is a big deal and the implementation can be confusing and
difficult that’s why we’re here to help if you have any questions about your
website security or are ready to make your website secure give us a call. like, like,
now! like pick up the phone ring ring ring ring ring ring I’m calling you ring
ring ring ring today I’ll be answering some questions
are the most questions of about the secure website things that’s not small
potatoes or potatoes or patatas or potatoes

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