2018 Social Media Day – UM Experts
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2018 Social Media Day – UM Experts

social media is the behavior of the
people so it’s important as we think about how we navigate this world as as
marketers, how we navigate this world as participants, it’s centered squarely on
understanding people. You don’t understand people,
you don’t understand social. Notions of fake news while hyperbolic
because the acceleration, the technology, provides the core basis of is that some
people are dishonest—there’s been gossip for the ages. So social media
provides lots of benefits right and we should not forget that there are issues
with social media when it comes to privacy you have privacy problems but we
need to work on addressing them and by being a bit more careful, maybe of what
you post, what you share. Thinking about that
you can you can make a good step towards protecting yourself and then if you’re
unhappy with the situation contact your legislators or contact your
representatives in the in the Senate and in the House of Representatives to put
pressure on them and say like hey we really need to have stronger legal
protections instead of saying well it’s in the privacy policy so isn’t it fine.
I’m excited that for social media day we’re going to be able to have
conversations about what we as individuals can do to make sure that
everyone has a great experience online. My challenge to everyone is to think
about what are the responsibilities of the people who’ve created the social
media platforms that we enjoy. How can we combat misinformation? How can we make sure people are not abused and harassed? Those companies have a role to play and
I want everyone this social media day to think about and hold accountable those
platform makers.

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