2 Super ** INSTAGRAM STORY HACKS ** Every Instagrammer Should Know in 2018 | DPVLOG 042

So have you ever wondered how you can have or strip or a divider inside your Instagram story? Which can just break apart into different sections? Just like this one and you can write some text over there on that strip in horizontal fashion now Don’t you worry that is exactly what I’m gonna. Tell you and show you step by step process inside this particular episode right after this intro Alright so here. We are again on my phone. Let’s go to Instagram Let’s tap on the stories. Let’s swipe up and the story which we want is This one, so let’s select it let me just mute it and what you need to do is click on the text option and just start typing underscore This is a very nice little trick underscore and just move your underscore Like enlarge it alright enlarge it to an extent where it becomes a kind of strip Which you wish to have so that’s how you have or this kind of divider inside your Instagram story So this is a small little hack now You can tap on this divider change the color, so let’s say we had to read the color now you can type anything let’s say I Want to type follow me on? twit digital pretty alright You can just purchase the text over here in the center, and that’s it that’s how you insert this strip now on top of that if you want a layer for complete video layer of let’s say somewhere of a pink color or bluish color what you can do is tap on this pencil mark or Edit box and now tap on the lower corner where it says paint Tap on that and move that paintbrush to the color Which you wish to have so let’s say I want this blue color now press hold your screen for three seconds And it will have the complete picture like this of blue color but you want an overlay you want your video to be shown so undo this so tap on the second one and Select the paint ball once again and Go to blue color Press hold for three seconds, and now you have a complete layout like this alright, and you can post this story Just like that so it looks beautiful, so these are the two hacks, which you can use to Have a nice little Instagram story and which about the video for this particular Instagram story which is like in a layout form on the top it is image in the Screen you have four different videos playing around how do you create that you have a swipe up on the? Beautiful stories and let me know what do you think about this particular episode right below this episode itself I look forward to see you in the next row till then they can provide an annual guys stay off somewhat less and if you haven’t then subscribe down on the magnification and If I’ve missed out on the previous one do check out this video latest video from digital forms YouTube channel do check out for thing And if you haven’t subscribed to these channels tap on the elusion logos subscribe to the channel turn on the bell notification And I look forward to see you in the next ones and yes, this is how I record it’s all natural

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