2 Big Trends for 2019: Ride Sharing and Social Media
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2 Big Trends for 2019: Ride Sharing and Social Media

Chris Hill: Let’s get to our 2019 preview.
Aaron, I’m going to start with you. What is one industry you’re
going to be watching this year? Aaron Bush: I’m really interested
to be watching the ride sharing industry. With Uber and Lyft, and maybe even DiDi,
which is in China, IPO-ing in 2019, it’s really exciting that public market investors will
finally have access to this new, massive, quickly growing industry. I’m excited
to see what the numbers look like. They probably won’t be great
from a profitability perspective. But thinking about transportation as a service,
and what that means beyond just ride sharing, what it means for logistics with food, and are
they going to buy more bike and scooter companies? That type of thing. I’m really interested to hear more
about that longer-term game plan. We’ll learn a lot about that in 2019.
Hill: Matty, what about you? Matt Argersinger: It’s always interesting,
but I think especially so this year, I’m going to be watching the
social network, social media space. We’re already seeing for the first time ever
a real, legitimate slowdown in user growth and usage rates, especially if you
look at the core Facebook platform. My questions are, how does Facebook,
how does Twitter, how do these companies solve for all the privacy risks that people seem to
be somehow aware of these days that they weren’t aware of years before? How do they prevent all the vile and deceptive
behavior without damaging free speech and freedom of expression on
the platforms? These are big challenges. Throwing money and bodies as we’ve
seen Facebook do, I’m not sure that’s going to solve it. It’s going to take a lot of innovation. I don’t doubt Facebook and Twitter can do it,
but I think there’s a real chance we actually see a tipping point in 2019 where the powerful
network effect that has sucked in so many users over the years to these platforms starts
to weaken, and we start to see meaningful declines in time spent on the platforms.
I think it’ll cause a reset of the businesses.

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