13 Sins Of Instagram: Maximise Your Growth By Avoiding These Mistakes
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13 Sins Of Instagram: Maximise Your Growth By Avoiding These Mistakes

100 thoughts on “13 Sins Of Instagram: Maximise Your Growth By Avoiding These Mistakes

  1. Does anyone know how to get our pictures larger 4×5 as mentioned in video on Instagram. I'm not very tech savvy so I'd appreciate if someone get direct me on how to do this. Thanks! 🙂

  2. your content is always QUALITYY and sooooooooo useful literally every video is what i need in my life thank you thank you thank you

  3. Notification squad!❤️❤️❤️ !!! The better way is to get a lot of followers in 4$ for IGROCKET. COM instead of spending a lot on camera LOL

  4. Sorelle Amore, thank you for this! Literally crying!!! I've been targeted by an ex's new flame – she copies my everything shamelessly despite me having lots fewer followers. Bullying is what it is. You made my day better, thank you love.

  5. I follow you on YouTube, and am heartened by your honesty. I've been thinking about creating an Instagram account, to help start a photography business, to sell the photos I take. I started taking photos in 1990. Thank you for your important points about Instagram. I'm a few more steps closer to creating an account. J 🙂

  6. Omg. I totally agree on the not buying followers thing. It doesn’t feel and look authentic. Your turn out for events will only be the real followers, which is a few amongst the followers you have because of the fake ones you bought.

  7. New subscriber. Wishing you all the best from another 'hippy' 🙂 @loveamberx

  8. Can all 653k of us do one single flash share

    Like everyone just press share on her account to any other social media

    Road to 1m

  9. I'm really loving the videos. the best part of a Wednesday and Sunday. AMAZING!!! BTW what are your thoughts about IGROCKET *.COM * ? Should we use it initially to built some authority of our account? thanks

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  11. I honestly think that there are some tips everyone should do, but also when everybody is doing the same thing it gets so boring!! but I love these tips, super helpful 🙂

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  13. If mine (_moka_and_cookies_ self promo here) is bright colours does it have to be same colours or is it fine to be semi rainbow in a way?

  14. I’m myself but it seem people don’t follow me because they like seeing smooth faces, bug coloful makeup, big lips everything too big and not natural. Had to get this out of my lil chest

  15. I'm so happy I found your channel, you are now one of my favourite youtubers out there. Really enjoying your content. Thanks a lot!

  16. I just stumble across your channel, I love the energy and all the tips you gave, I found them really useful.
    I just started my channel last week and I am still trying to figure out my niche, any ideas on how to do that? Thanks a lot, I appreciate the help!

  17. This is a great video for those seeking ways to enrich their ig and I appreciate that you’re sharing great tips ! ,However, always remember that it is just an app. Of course, it’s a great way to get employed or even to make you famous! But when you’re marrying the world, you forget the essential…. Likes are forgotten but love isn’t. Followers feed your ego, but accomplishments build it.
    Most important: Live your life to the fullest so you won’t feel the pressure to show it to the world <3

  18. That’s so great that you have the money and time to conveniently have your “theme” of traveling the world to take images…cause everyone else has that sort of time and money, too! (Said no one, ever.)

  19. I love this. Especially the give away part. Your content isn’t valuable because people become more interested in your giveaways than content. It’s hard growing but hopefully it’s worth it for me.

    It would be amazing if you can subscribe and support me ❤️❤️❤️

  20. I like your images a lot. 🙂 Just followed you on Instagram? Do you recommend apps like "when to post" to zero in on the perfect time of day? Is once a day a good way to go? And sooooo many people follow me clearly to wait for me to follow them back and then unfollow. I wish this wasn't a thing…

  21. Also! Have you spoken with musician influencers? I wonder how to build yourself on a platform with original content… I write my own songs which aren't going to be searchable… What advice can you give? Would be awesome to see a podcast like dialogue with other artists in other medias… <3

  22. The shadow ban link isn't working, it says it's stopped 😬 On another note, love your video⏩⏩⏩ Subscribe! 🤩

  23. This video is so well done and clear 🙂 Loved this straightforward and practical advice! My IG edits are always different because I can't commit to a theme LOL

  24. Hey! Thanks for the great video. The shadow ban link is not working. It's giving a 403 error. Are there any other places one could try?

  25. This comment will probably get lost BUT if you get a chance to read this i want to say first of all your energy and giggle are just everything! I used to hate Instagram, then made an account purely as a food diary when i changed to "the V word"🌿💚 lol then i really got in to gaming screenshots and editing before becoming fascinated with everyday photography. People like yourself and Peter McKinnon for example are just so infectious and amazing and really what this world needs. Thank you for sharing your passion and talent with us!

  26. I am fairly new when it comes to content creating and being a social media influencer. In your video you made a point about buying followers. I want to know how long does it take one to actually get to 10k because a whole lot of brands work with influencers start working with people from 10k

  27. Is there also a from 1 to 10 top list in what is the best selfie camera in a mobile phone. Sounds weird but I just would like to know.

  28. I rarely comment on YouTube videos but I absolutely love you Sorelle. Your energy is contagious, you always come out with really great advice and not just clickbaity lists of things that people already knew or wouldn't help. Your advice is so real and I just love listening to it cause it genuinely feels like a person connecting to another person. As a content creator I aspire to be more like you. I've always had trouble feeling both like a business and a person at the same time. (not instagram but different ventures) This was helpful. Thank you for the advice.

  29. I've been stuck at around 170 for a year and a half and I have no idea why. I get around 40 or so likes on my pics but that's about it. I've tried changing it up and trying different things but nothings working. Any tips?

  30. I get inspired and motivated by ur IG photos😄 i want to know more of different styles in the world! My ig account is ananda.173 <3 Love the feeling of entering a new world.

  31. Love you and your content Sorelle! Just wanted to let you know the shadowban test site you have linked here is no longer working 🙁

  32. Girllll I have done quite a few of these and now I know what to do. Thank you! I'm trying to grow my channel and I'm documenting my journey as well. Here's to reaching all our goals! 🙂

  33. Sorelle! You totally do give me the spiritual one love feeling of hippies but with muted more natural color!! It’s like hippie with a whole new color palette

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