Ooh, what do we have here? Candles? Rose petals? A glass of sparkling rosé? That’s right, fill ‘er up! You may just be lounging in your own tub, but according to your Instagram posts, you’re spending the day at the spa! Ooh, luxury at it’s finest, right guys? Ahh. But in reality, most of your bath time sessions include the beautiful face mask/shower cap combo. Those underarms were long overdue for a good shave. And after the legs, we’re moving onto the big toes. Just keeping it real, people. After a long day at work, nothing beats going out for a big glass of wine with the girls. Am I right? I can already feel the likes and comments flooding in! Well, work hard, play harder I always say! Um more like, work hard, I’m tired, go home and enjoy a big glass of wine in my sweats, thank you very much. You do you, Helly. This is the best Wednesday night ever! That jet-set life is real! Off to another vacation to somewhere fabulous! Wow, check out those clouds! Is that a sunset? Amazing! Hey, wait a minute! You’re just at home looking through an old toilet seat! Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of a “staycation” doesn’t it? Wow you already got 20 likes! Suckers! Ooh! What’s for dinner tonight? Looks like someone is enjoying some fine dining! Hey! That’s just a photo from a magazine! At the right angle, no one will ever know that instead of a 5-star meal, you stuffed your face with anything you could find in your fridge. Woah there, Helly, that’s a lot. Slow down! Ooh, that’s rough. Oh girl, you’re really diggin’ in aren’t you? Aw man, looks like you makin’ a late night run to the grocery store. Now that’s some stone cold reality right there! Easy Time to show the world how much weight you’ve lost! Or um…gained. What?! Aw, Vicky, don’t cry! So you went a little hard on the french fries last night! Woah, is that a magic scale? How is Vicky doing that? Woah! Way to trick your followers, girl! But you shouldn’t have to lie about your weight. You’re awesome the way you are. But there’s no harm in telling a little white lie once in a while. Crop tops are in and you know what that means? You’ve got to have perfect posture and a flat tummy at all times! Well, according to Instagram, anyway. Geez, girl, did you even eat today? Now that’s more like it! All girls get belly rolls, okay? So wear them proudly! But ya, maybe don’t post these… Rise and shine! Yes, I woke up like this, obviously. All it takes to look like this is some good ol’ beauty rest! Just look at how Vicky’s hair sits perfectly on that pillow. Alright, that should do it for my morning posts! Now it’s off to work! I woke up like this? Pshh. How about, it took me two hours to look like this! Um, Helly? Whatcha doin’ there? Are you drawing on a six-pack? Well it is easier than doing a bunch of sit ups. If you want to master the perfect fitness selfie, this is the perfect trick. Ooh, this workout looks tiring…kind of… Woah! Oh my gosh! Those look so real, Helly! Aaaand back to reality. Is there really anything worse than crunches? Aw man, you’re going to feel that tomorrow. Will I ever get rid of this pooch! Why can’t I get rid of you!! Wow Vicky! That eye makeup is stunning! How long did it take you to do that? You make it look so easy! Makeup selfies look super artsy and they tend to get a lot of likes. Wow, that eye is gorgeous and dare I say – tutorial-worthy! Why do your whole face when all you need is one eye? Finding the right angle for your insta pics is an art in itself. Ooh, a little bend here – A little pucker there – Tilt the head? Ugh this isn’t looking any good. Is there anything in there to spice up these photos? What can I do to make things more interesting? Holy moly! I don’t even recognize that girl! Who needs a push up bra when you have a perfectly good pair of knees? Work it, Vicky Your instagram followers won’t even know what to do with all this sexiness! Ever wonder how those super fit girls manage to do handstands for those epic insta pics? Um, me too. Seriously, how does this work? Maybe a wall will help! Nope, definitely not. The truth is, doing a headstand in yoga takes a really long time and a lot of practice. Hey now! These are amazing! Wow, you’re staying up there a long time! Okay, want in on the secret? While someone is snapping your pics Have someone else hold your legs up for you! Just make sure they’re not in frame. Oh man, who knew headstands were so exhausting?! We’ve all been there. Sitting home on a Friday night, innocently scrolling through your Instagram feed when – Aw man, will I ever find love? Or am I destined to sit on the couch with my cat forever? Don’t worry, Helly, we got you covered! Show all your followers what it’s liked to be wrapped up in the arms of your new boyfriend. Aw, don’t be afraid to get a little silly with it. Haha! Yeah, that was a good one. Hey, I knew that guy looked familiar! It was Vicky the entire time! What a good friend. Whoa! That last one looked really real. Freaky. Aw! Look at this cute couple! Looks like they just got back from a steamy date! And cute shoes, by the way. Hey! That’s just you, Vicky! You wear single proudly, girl. Okay, look. We all know that Instagram isn’t always the best representation of reality. But sometimes we can’t help but get all caught up in the photo tricks and embellishments and it’s hard not to completely lose touch with reality! But just remember – we’re all just people, wanting to share our lives with hundreds of our closest family and friends. So take Instagram with a grain of salt and don’t worry about things too much. Because sometimes reality is way more interesting than your Instagram life. See what I mean? Love this compilation? Subscribe to 123 Go’s YouTube channel so that you never miss any of our fun clips and videos! See you next time!

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