12 Twitter Tools to Help you Tweet
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12 Twitter Tools to Help you Tweet

If you use twitter regularly, you know there
is not a whole lot you can do to measure and analyze. Luckily, there are many on demand
apps available that can provide you with the information you want. We have created a whitepaper
of 12 twitter tools with analytics to help you tweet more effectively. We will cover
4 in this video. To view the full list, go to www.computermarketresearch.com then click
on resources at the top, then whitepapers. The first tool we will go over is Followerwonk.
Followerwonk is a Moz app with a focus on social analytics. Moz is a Software-as-a-Service
company that sells inbound marketing software tools. Followerwonk allows you to identify
your followers, understand their tweeting behavior, find handles of industry influencers,
and review them in easy to read custom reports. SEOmoz pro members can use the pro campaign
tool in Followerwonk for their added benefit. The second tool we will go over is Hashtagify.me.
Hashtagify.me allows you to search millions of hashtags based on their popularity, relationships,
languages, influencers, and other metrics. With Hashtagify.me, users will be able to
search related hashtags, top influencers, usage patterns, and other tools for in depth
intelligence. The free package includes all the capabilities except for the ability to
drill down reports. The reports can provide information detailing total impressions, total
tweets, and daily impressions. The third tool I will talk about in the video
is Topsy. Topsy is a social search and analytics company based in San Francisco, California.
The company is a certified Twitter partner and maintains a comprehensive index of tweets,
numbering in the hundreds of billions dating back to twitters inception in 2006. You can
search Topsy’s archive of sent tweets and various twitter handles to find interesting
topics of discussions, new influencers, trending topics, and communities of engagement.
The last tool we will cover in the video is MioDatos. MioDatos provides an intelligent,
integrated social media publishing tool that includes the ability to create, schedule and
publish tweets. Once a twitter account has been linked to a MioDatos account, users will
be able to engage with their community, including the ability to find new prospects. MioDatos
is an integrated, inbound marketing platform designed to help you build, design, and push
out your marketing campaigns. Every feature can be condensed into rich analytic reports
that can provide close-looped insight into your campaigns.
Thank you for watching the video. Now that you’re familiar with the tools to help you
tweet, go one step further and learn how Miodatos can help impact overall social media efforts
and extend the reach of your impressions.

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