12 NEW Instagram Hacks!! Unsend DM’s, Mute Accounts, etc!!
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12 NEW Instagram Hacks!! Unsend DM’s, Mute Accounts, etc!!

hey everyone its Adrienne welcome back
to my channel today I am in Seattle so I’m literally sitting on my living room
floor at home in a Seattle obviously hence the not normal background and
whatnot but today’s Saturday and I am bringing you a brand new video I haven’t
done one of these videos in such a long time and it makes me so happy I was just
looking back at my channel the other day sneaking huh what haven’t I done in a
while and what do I miss doing what do people like and it’s of course Instagram
hacks with all of the new updates rolling out with so many different
social media apps it’s hard to keep up and that’s why I’m here to kind of keep
you on track so today I’m going to talk about some new tips and tricks that I’ve
discovered recently that I think are so cool and just very very helpful in
general in terms of building an audience and just making your Instagram posts and
stories a lot more unique and also some random you know little tricks that will
help you not be creepy and awkward like when you send that accidental DM that
you didn’t mean to send and you want to unsend it but you don’t know how but now
you do know how cuz I’m gonna tell you also apologies in advance for the Sun it
keeps like hiding behind clouds and then coming out and so I’m gonna be like as
white as a ghost and then it’s gonna be very dark and I’m sorry that’s just how
it’s gonna be so you guys subscribe if you’re new here click that Bell so that
you’re notified every time I post a video which is every Wednesday and
Saturday I did not post this last Wednesday because I was traveling and I
miss estimated how much time it would take me to get my video up so sorry I’m
working on it I really am but they notified stay up to date I got an
Instagram all my socials are down below without further ado you guys let’s get
into this video alright so Instagram hack number one has to do with Instagram
stories and I know you probably always see people just have these solid colored
backgrounds and what I used to do is go to google and type in like blue
background screenshot it and then use it as my story background but lo and behold
there is a way easier way to do this so now all you need to do is go over to
your stories take a photo of literally anything because it’s not gonna matter
we’re gonna have an overlay on it and then if you click the normal pen button
and then click whatever color you want to use then you just tap and hold on
your photo and the background will turn that color and if you want a tinted
overlay but not completely like one solid color you do the same exact
technique but instead of the pen button you use the little slanted brush pen
button situation and then you get this nice little hinted overlay that is
slightly transparent so it makes it so that if you want to use a photo and type
some words you can just see it a lot better because there is that overlay on
top so there you have it so happy number two
is that you can share other people’s instrument posts onto your story and
it’ll actually have their name and everything on it so basically if you see
a post that you really like and want to share it with your viewers or your fans
or your followers then simply click on the little share button that looks like
a little envelope arrow situation move on that and then tap on share post to
your followers or to your story I forget what it says because I’m not on it right
now and from there it’ll just put the post on your story it’ll automatically
create a background that has to do with the colors in the post that’s super nice
and it’ll usually make it like a gradient background and then I also
recommend like actually tagging the person so that they can see it and know
that you posted but it’s just a cool way to like share a lot of people screenshot
people’s photos and then put it on your story this is just a way easier way to
directly put it on your story right when you see the post so really cool thing I
didn’t notice it but it does happen umber three is the dreaded sending that
DM that you didn’t want to send you sounded a little too thirsty whatever it
is you can unsend it so when you send a DM now simply tap and hold on the
message and click on send now if the person has already seen it then they’ve
already seen it you know I haven’t fully like I’ve tested this you can’t unsend
it but I don’t know if someone gets a notification you know what no I don’t
think you do because I tested it with my fake account or my other account I
didn’t get a notification so yeah just keep in mind you can always unsend it
you can always on send it we’re just you know beep beep ballsy and send it anyway
I’m not here to judge I’m just here to give you some help packet number four is
something that I guess has been out for like a month or so now but I just never
knew you can actually share instead of screenshots of Spotify song you can
share a song directly from Spotify on to your Instagram story so when you go to
Spotify you find the song or the album and then you click share it while you
click the three little dots in the corner and then you click share and
it’ll actually give you that option right there to put it on your Instagram
story and then when it’s on your story the viewer actually has the option of
clicking to Spotify and taking them to that song so it’s just this very direct
way to share music versus just screenshots and then the person has to
go find the artist and whatever searched for it on their own this is just a way
better streamlined version of this and I’m so happy this exists now I can’t
believe I didn’t know it did and also just so you guys know if it’s not
working for you make sure that your apps are both updated Spotify and Instagram
and sometimes it takes another like 24 hours for it to fully roll out like I
updated them yesterday and it didn’t actually work until today when I’m
filming this so just give it some time it will work you don’t have to do
anything else you don’t have to like sync them separately it’ll just work yay
the next hack is that you can now upload multiple photos to your story at a time
so this one has not yet updated on my phone like I was just saying for some
reason I can’t do with this on my phone yet but I’ll show you how you can do it
I hopefully hopefully it’ll show up in the next couple days it’ll roll out
slowly but if you go to your story and you click on the little album button or
you pull up it usually just says last 24 hours but now you actually have your
whole gallery and you can select multiple photos that you want to put on
your story and then it’ll take you to a screen where you can customize each
photo individually so instead of like going your camera roll each time you can
kind of select the ones you want to use edit them and then put them all to your
story right there so I thought that was really really cool
again haven’t experienced it yet cuz it’s not on my phone what’s ironic is I
make videos like this and I make a lot of videos about phones and yet for some
reason I’m always the last one to get the updates when updates first roll out
they like they roll out at different times so someone else might get it
before me like on their phone and I think it has to do with like region
you’re in carriers like all these different things but I’m always last and
I’m like yo I need to make these videos so like give me the updates anyway
things you don’t need to know but just fascinating right pack number six is
another kind of like creepy stalker thing that I think will come in handy
for a lot of you so as you probably know when you’re going through your DMS it’ll
say like active 16 minutes ago we’re like active now or active one hour ago
if you for some reason don’t want people to see that on your profile like if you
don’t want someone to know that you were active because you like didn’t respond
to their message or I don’t know whatever you can actually turn that off
so how do you do that is you go to your Instagram profile click on the little
Settings icon and then scroll all the way down to the bottom where it says
activity status and then once you have activity status it’ll probably be
toggled on so it’ll be blue but if you toggle that off your activity status
won’t show anymore which is super nice yeah so then people who follow you won’t
be able to see when you were last active on Instagram which is just kind of nice
for certain reasons I don’t care again what your personal reasons are like you
can do whatever you need to do but I figured that some people won’t want that
on their so comes in handy pack number seven is
not so much a hack but more of just a fun thing you can do I’ve seen a lot of
people do this and I never really jumped on the train so Instagram templates that
people put on their stories so not only are these a great way to get more
exposure because when people end up sharing them they have your user name on
them but also it’s just a way for your followers to get to know you better so
what you can do is you can find other people’s templates or and you can
probably like Google search Instagram story templates or you can easily make
your own on Microsoft Word on PicMonkey on Photoshop and just you can make a
cute fun background and ask a bunch of questions or do kind of a this or that
Mada model and you can kind of just do whatever you want you answer and put
them on your story just make sure that you put your handle on the template so
that if people share it it’s just more exposure for you and again it’s just
like a cute little fun way for people to get to know you it’s kind of like
trending right now or was like in the last few weeks couple months whatever
I’m always a little late on the trans okay but yeah I just thought that was
like a fun little thing that you can do yourself if you ever want talking over a
is for if you want to mute someone that you follow without the risk of them
being offended that you unfollowed them so you can still follow them and you can
amuse them and you can like not see their post not see their stories this is
a very new feature and so again because I’m always last on all the trains my
phone doesn’t show it but I’ll insert a screenshot here all you need to do if
you want to mute someone and have them not know they will not find out as you
go to one of their posts click the dots in the upper corner and then just simply
tap on the mute button and that’ll just make it so that they are no longer in
your feet and if you you can do the same thing for DM like direct messages you
can mute a message it doesn’t mean you won’t receive the message but you won’t
get a notification for it so can just block out some of the spam but yeah
waiting for this to to happen even though there’s not really anyone I can
think of that I’d want to mute but normally I’m just savage and unfollow
home park number nine is something that you guys may already know but I just
I’ve been noticing it a lot more lately and I keep thinking it’s an effect but
it’s not so on people’s Instagram stories oftentimes you’ll see this kind
of shadow effect like you’ll see a word and it’ll have like this drop shadow I
always thought like oh my gosh is that a new feature but it’s not all you need to
do is type out a word twice make one of the colors darker and one of the colors
lighter and then simply just layer the lighter one like slightly on top of the
darker one and it just creates this really natural like shadow effect that
you create it’s it is some work not really it’s not
that hard but yeah it just kind of adds some dynamic little punches to your
stories I don’t know what fuck number 10 is for if you are someone who likes to
use the instrument filters that like the app provides you I personally don’t I
use like outside editing apps if you guys want to see how I edit my photos I
will link video down below showing you oh my legs are getting tired but if you
are someone who uses the Instagram filters did you know that when you put
the filter on your photo if you tap and hold on your the photo it’ll show you
the originals so if you’re like you know in one of your little editing zones and
you want to like you know remind yourself what the original photo looked
like to make sure you’re not getting too carried away you can just tap and see
the original so very helpful I didn’t know that I don’t know if you knew that
I don’t use the filters hopefully it’s useful on that similar note with editing
on Instagram I never knew this but once you are in that editing zone sometimes
you like forget what you’ve done like you don’t remember did I already sharpen
this like what did I do that achieved this so fun fact if there is a grey dot
underneath the editing tool then it means you’ve used it so if you’re like
in your little editing frenzy and you need to go back and be like oh why does
this look this way you can see which effects you’ve used that’s really
helpful and just random but I never know and there goes the Sun behind the clouds
again not even adjusting at this time and last but not least hack number 12 is
to use the Lux effect on the photo so I actually had no idea this was a thing
how I don’t know you guys probably did cuz you’re smart but above the photo
when you’re editing it there is a Sun button and what that is it’s not
brightness or contrast it’s this button that is well looks obviously and
basically it can help even out uneven exposure and like it can help with
brightness and contrast and add a little bit more details where details are
needed so it’s a little more complicated than just brightness and contrast but
it’s it’s an effect that exists and a lot of people don’t notice it goes
unnoticed it goes under the radar it’s underrated but it’s definitely a thing
so I recommend checking it out all right you guys that’s it for my 12 Instagram
new Instagram hacks that you need to know I hope you enjoyed it give it a
thumbs up if you liked it and comment any questions down below or anything
that you think about these hacks or any tips or tricks that you guys have found
let me know how you like the and yeah subscribe if you haven’t
already clicked the bell I’ll see you guys in my next video I’m so excited oh
and you can always follow me on Instagram I Adrian Finch and that’s
really it I always linger at the end of these videos this is gonna be like the
outro squad if you’re watching this still type down below hashtag outro
squad ok because I feel like I always do this at the end I just talk and talk and
talk cuz I figure oh you’re probably gone anyway by now so then I just like
linger and ramble so maybe we’ll just make our own Club and it’ll be just a
cute little secret thing so comment that down below and make everyone else
confused ok love you so much I’ll see you my next video bye

100 thoughts on “12 NEW Instagram Hacks!! Unsend DM’s, Mute Accounts, etc!!

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