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1000+ likes dan retweet twitter dengan cepat | aman 100%

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. on this occasion I try to make a video tutorial about how to get 1000+ likes and retweets namely, by utilizing the addmefast[dot]com in this video I am only using the twitter account of the experiment first copy the tweet id then open the addmefast[dot]com then addsite/page in type select twitter retweets then paste the tweet id that has been in the copy then save changes check your twitter copy back the tweet id open addmefast[dot]com and addsite/page in type select twitter likes paste the tweet id that was previously in the copy for countries you can specify the whole world or a specific country total clicks is the total limit of clicks that you register in the list page addmefast while the daily clicks are the total clicks that you specify in one day cpc is a point that you will give to give a like or retweet then save changes if successful then on the list page will accrue a list because the point is still 0 then you should be looking for a point prepare the account of the victim to seek the point, create a fake account if you haven’t got in this video I use a fake account facebook back to addmefast collect point using facebook post like the way you live follow the steps in this video if when you select the point of the facebook post like but you can share button, then skip, direct click close course check the 500 point free, is it eligible the condition you have to do click 75x if not then go back again looking for a point if the point given is not as you want you can click skip return check bonus point if not qualified, then find another point check back bonus you if not eligible, return the search point now we try to find the point of facebook share the way you live follow the steps on the video return check bonus point you if not eligible, return the search point return check bonus point you if already qualified then it will be your button get daily bonus click the button the point is you will increase by 500 point now check my site whether already get a like and retweet if it is then on the twitter page there will be a number of likes and retweets you get the video tutorial from me, hopefully useful if there are less obvious please leave a comment do not forget to like, comment, and subscribe, thank you. Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

13 thoughts on “1000+ likes dan retweet twitter dengan cepat | aman 100%

  1. Can you please help me to rt and Like my tweet I'm so broke please help me RT MY TWEET PLEASE please please increase my rt

  2. why my twitter ID is Invalid? pls help , I clearly followed your instructions…. but it says Invalid…pls help me thank you in advance

  3. You can try TweetAttacksPro http://tinyurl.com/tweetattackspro4 to auto retweet on Twitter. कार्यक्रम बैच-रीटविट आपके खोजशब्दों के आधार पर ट्वीट्स की खोज कर सकता है, यह नए ट्वीट्स रीयलटाइम के लिए भी देख सकता है और उन्हें एक बार में फिर से ट्वीट कर सकता है।

  4. Auto likes on facebook/twitter – 2018 4liker get 1000+ likes & comments /facebook liker / … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLDDIj90fKE

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  6. hi.. can help me to get 1k likes and 1k retweet in this https://twitter.com/itscokpik/status/1068175773876465664?s=19

  7. ‪https://twitter.com/mochiixxxx/status/1073137562598891520?s=21 Hi there! It would be nice to help me rt & like❤️ please help me thanku🌸🙏🏼‬

  8. Hi can you do me a small favor? Can you like and retweet my pinned tweet? Thaank yoou soo much for the help 💚😘😭🙏


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