10 Instagram Hacks You Didn’t Know Before!
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10 Instagram Hacks You Didn’t Know Before!

[Whoosh; ‘Ta-da’ fanfare] Hey, guys! My name is Doug Armstrong. How are you doing? So many of you have seen and loved my ‘Snapchat hacks’ video. It is on – oh my god – like, 300,000 views; it is insane. So today, I thought I would continue the trend of hacking into social media accounts. Wait, no, that’s not right. Hang on… I mean, of sharing some hacks for social media accounts and today, I’m gonna be doing Instagram, one of my faves. Although I’ve always had an Instagram, I didn’t really use to use it that much but have really gotten into it in the past few months and am loving it. I post, like, almost every day. So, cheeky plug, you should go follow me. My Instagram is @douga_ and I love stalking people on Instagram, so make sure you leave your username down in the comments below and I’ll be searching lots of you on there very soon. So today, I’m gonna be sharing some hacks, tips and tricks all about Instagram and how you can get the most out of it. Plus, I also went into the actual Instagram offices the other day and they shared with me some best practices about how to get more followers and get more exposure so whether you’re just a consumer or you want to build your Instagram audience, then this is the video for you so let’s do it, here we go: Instagram hacks. [Whoosh] So, I thought I’d start with the basics. This one’s fairly simple but, just like on Twitter and YouTube, you can get notifications when your favourite people post. You turn these on an individual basis so all you have to do is go onto the profile of the person that you want to get notifications for and then just click on the little ‘dot dot dot’ on the top right hand corner and you can click on ‘Turn On Post Notifications’, so that means whenever they post a photo to Instagram, you’ll get a notification and you won’t miss all those sexy pics that they’re posting or, you know, it might just be pics of cheesecakes, if that’s what you’re into. Not me. What? Next up, if you want to see all the posts that you’ve liked on Instagram, altogether in one place, well, then, you can do that. Go onto your own profile, click on the little ‘Settings’ icon in the top right hand corner and then, right in there, in ‘Accounts’, there is ‘Posts That You’ve Liked’ and there are all the posts that you have liked. Seems to be a lot of topless guys. Hmmmm… …suspicious. Now, if you are keen on stalking people on Instagram, [‘Oh Yeah’ — Yello] I mean, not that I’d ever do that, I think that’s terrible. Then, in a totally non-creepy way, you can stalk through someone’s feed without the risk of accidentally double tapping on a photo. All you have to do if you’re gonna be creeping on someone’s profile is go up and turn ‘Airplane Mode’ on, so when you are then scrolling through someone’s feed, if you do accidentally double tap on a photo it won’t actually like it because you can’t because you’re in ‘Airplane Mode’. That’s my friend Sammy. Hi, Sammy. Now, if you have been searching inappropriate things, things that you wouldn’t want people to see… [Gasp] You didn’t see that. Fear not, there is a solution for you. All you have to do is click on the little ‘Settings’ icon in the top right hand corner, scroll down and there is an option at the bottom to clear your search history. Whew! No-one’s ever gonna know you’ve been searching for cheesecake porn. [‘Oh Yeah’ — Yello] Oh, my goodness! This one blew my mind. I just found it out before this video but if you’re posting a photo — let’s pick a photo. Oh, my god, secret stuff in there. Don’t look. Scroll all the way to the end and there is this button called ‘Manage’ — you might have seen it before, you might have just dismissed it and not really noticed it — but basically, there you can turn off different filters and rearrange them. Now, that’s pretty cool but what I didn’t realise is if you scroll all the way down, there are loads more filters that are, by default, turned off for everyone, so, for example, ‘Dogpatch’. I just found this one and it is really cool; I really like it, so I’ve enabled that. Same with ‘Skyline’ and ‘Vespa’; they’re pretty cool as well. So, just check out all these other hidden filters that you probably didn’t know existed before and they’re right there, at your fingertips and you can start using them and be super cool because you’re using filters that a lot of people didn’t know were there. [Whoosing noises] ‘Dougpatch’. Dougpatch! #Dougpatch. Dogpatch. OK, so let’s do a little secret thing. I haven’t posted this photo to Instagram yet but I’m going to by the time this video is up, so go and find it on my Instagram and comment the word ‘#Dogpatch’. [Maracas] Now, if you are into posting your Instagrams, as well as stalking other people, and you really care about your theme and the way it flows and, like, your look and stuff on your feed, then here is a really good tip for you. Y’all need to get yourselves a second account. Here is mine. It’s a fake account. No-one knows about it — apart from all you guys now but it’s private, so you can’t follow me anyway. Soz — and it is literally just for me and for my eyes only so I can test out posting photos to my feed and simply keep the flow of my feed looking good and if they work with all the photos that are round them as well. So, top tip: you will find that so useful if you start doing it. Get a second fake account. Post whatever crap you want to test out if it works. Now, if you like editing photos on Instagram, like, you like all the filters and effects and stuff but you don’t actually want to post it onto your Instagram, then you can just use Instagram for its photo editing capabilities. Interesting. So, first of all, you need to go into your settings, scroll down a little bit and see that option, right in the middle there, under ‘Settings’, where it says ‘Save Original Photos’. Just make sure you have checked that on and it will do just that. So, this is super easy if you do have a fake account, like I was just talking about; you just post it and then you can delete it but then it’ll be saved in your Camera Roll and you can use the photo for whatever other application that you want to use it for. Now, if you don’t have a fake account, not to worry. All you have to do: take your photo, do your edits and then turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ and post away and then it will be saved into your Camera Roll. You can just press the little X to remove the pending post, turn ‘Airplane Mode’ back off and your Instagram will remain as it was before. [‘Oh Yeah’ — Yello] Now, when you’re typing out your caption for a photo, you might not know — it’s quite easy to miss — that you can actually do line breaks, right here ’cause at the moment, if you see on the keyboard, there is no return button on my phone but if you click on the ‘123’ button, the return button appears and that means you can do a new line and post stuff on multiple lines. Now, one caveat of that is if you post lots of new lines and you hit the return button lots of times, to try and hide something down the bottom — for example, you might want to post a sneaky little hashtag and not let anyone really see it — when you actually post that caption, unfortunately, Instagram is mean and it gets rid of all those unnecessary line breaks and gets rid of all the white space. However, there is a way round that. If you just do a full stop and then a line break and you do that a few times — I think you need about four, or five, maybe — Sha, shag, shag, hashtag. Hashtag. If you then post that, you will see that it has done a ‘more’ button, so basically, it’s posted the, the first few lines, or the first line, and then it’s hidden the rest down below in a little ‘more’ section, so people have to click on the ‘more’ button to be able to see all the rest of the caption. [Maracas] Here’s a quick and easy one that lot of people miss and don’t really realise. When you post an Instagram video, if you want to find out the number of likes that a video has, then you might think that you can’t but if you click on the views, then you can also see how many people have liked it so, for this one, I’ve got 1,300 views and 900 likes. As I mentioned at the beginning of this video, a few weeks ago, I went into the actual Instagram offices and met the real people behind Instagram. How cool is that, I know, I was very lucky. So, as I was lucky enough to do that, I thought I would share some of the stuff that I learned from them with you guys. So, if you are trying to build your Instagram, get more followers and just do it a bit better, then here are the top tips from them, direct from Instagram. The biggest thing that they said was basically just post more, so, like, once a day is a good number to aim for. You can post more than that as well but once a day is a really good number and just posting more photos will get you more exposure in different ways, so you’re more likely to gain more followers. The other big thing is just to maximise the exposure that you get through different ways. For example, collaborate with your friends, take photos of each other and tag each other in it. Always tag the location where you took the photo as, when you do click on the location, people will see photos taken from that location. It’s another avenue for people to discover you in your photos. And finally, use hashtags. You can, by the way, hashtag emojis. How cool is that? So, for example, if you’ve hashtagged a palm tree, someone else might be looking at the #’palm tree’ feed and it’s just another way for more people to find your stuff, so do it, just hashtag all that you can. Not too much because that might put people off but do a lot of hashtags that are relevant and especially emojis because they’re a lot of fun too; and it’s also a cool way of finding other people as well. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and remember to check out my other ‘hacks’ videos, so I’ve done a ‘Snapchat hacks’ — you’ve probably seen that already — and I also did a ‘Google hacks’, so Google search hacks. That one’s really good; some sneaky stuff in there that you might quite like. Also, subscribe if you’re not yet a regular viewer as I post videos every Wednesday and Saturday, so I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the next ones as I am posting all the time. Remember to follow me on Instagram @douga_ and leave your Instagram username in the comments below but otherwise that is all from me. Thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you again very soon. Bye!

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