100 thoughts on “10 Instagram Hacks You Didn’t Know Before!

  1. @thatvermontlife We are an instagram and blog page focusing on the nature in beautiful vermont, faith and positivity/motivation

  2. Do u have a trick that can help me to get my post back that didn't send and it's appear Instagram has stopped…. Please help me…

  3. @Doug Armstrong how to see the number views my posts has recieved… there are some posts on my account which no one has liked but there are views for it…i want to see who has viewed my posts… kindly respond soon

  4. My friend IG always have that like’ active today’ on her dm while everybody’s like ‘ active 2h ago’ or ‘ active yesterday’ or ‘ active now’ but that one friend is different from other acc. And I want to know what does she do to my IG acc? Does she mute or block or what? Can you tell me? ( I mean I think that she don’t want to chat with me? But I want to know what’s going on

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  6. How can I get back an entire saved collection back because my dumb brother got my phone and decided to delete and unsaved all post I enjoyed and they weren’t even liked so is there a way to get it back?

  7. Thanks for the info, but I cant see what you're doing. Perhaps slow down and show more detail for us dummies. Like when I look ay my profile (home page) I don't see that gear Icon.

  8. How do I get notifications if my girlfriend goes online on Instagram 😊 so I don't miss her and text

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