10 INSTAGRAM Growth Hacks That ACTUALLY Work!
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10 INSTAGRAM Growth Hacks That ACTUALLY Work!

I can’t talk today hey everyone welcome
back to my channel in today’s video we are gonna talk about Instagram okay this
is nothing new for my channel but I still feel like announcing it but today
we’re gonna talk about how to grow an organic following on Instagram quickly
all of these tips in this video are like hand curated and picked and are also so
helpful so stay till the end to get all the tips now I want to give a quick
disclaimer okay I have to say it number of followers on Instagram does not
matter okay there is more to life than Instagram in social media it doesn’t
matter it doesn’t mean you’re any more cool or popular or pretty or anything
else real life is all that matters can we just please take that in it is so
important to me that you guys understand however obviously if you have a business
if you have a brand if you are trying to grow something these tips are very
helpful for that I just don’t want people to lose sight of what this really
means why I’m making this video and before we begin leave a comment down
below with your Instagram handle if you have a public account I’d love to check
you guys out say hello so comment down below your handle and without further
ado let’s get started today’s shout out goes to Tiffany
Hampton thank you so much for watching my videos and commenting down below all
you need to do to get a shout out in my next video is comment something down
below anything although in this case I’m saying call my Instagram handle okay tip
number one is consistency I cannot emphasize how important this is you guys
and it’s hilarious because I know what to do and yeah I just don’t do it I
don’t take my own advice it’s really terrible it is so important that you
post on a regular basis I usually try to post once a day but sometimes I don’t
because I’ll get wrapped up in the number of likes or comments on the
previous post and I’m like no I shouldn’t it’s gonna get really shitty
engagement well newsflash don’t get wrapped up in that because it doesn’t
matter at the end of the day Instagram wants you to be consistent wants you to
post frequently something that’s very important to remember is that Instagram
chooses how many people it’s gonna show your photo to based on the engagement in
the first 48 hours more specifically the engagement in the first two to three
hours so really that beginning window of when you first post that photo is that
prime time to get the most engagement as you get more and more engagement
instagrams gonna say oh hey people want to see this photo and it’s there if
we’re gonna distribute it to way more people’s feeds and the Explo
Paige as well this obviously allows more people find you and potentially follow
you so if we do some basic math the more times you post the more chances you have
to achieve this sort of engagement tip number two is also so important this is
something I’ve personally noticed on my account working like a charm it’s
actually insane and that is to add some sort of call to action in your captions
I’ve always been a little bit like cringed out at people who ask questions
in every single caption but I will say that like if you do as strategically
it helps so much with your engagement and therefore again with the engagement
being really high in the first few hours Instagram then takes your photo and
distributes it elsewhere so I actually had an example of this happen recently
as you can see by this photo that I posted obviously I look fine you know
but in the caption I had people comment down below whether they thought I was
laying on a floor or sitting against a wall I literally got so many comments
and likes on this photo because obviously people were so eager to
comment what they thought and therefore Instagram was like whoo this is getting
really high engagement let’s push it so it led to it having a lot of likes and a
lot of comments now we can take exhibit B which is this Coachella photo and
honestly like I’m really surprised cuz Coachella is a very trending very
relevant topic and thing that’s going on right now and yet these posts didn’t do
nearly as well and I think part of it is because like in my couch and I didn’t
really say anything so this was just kind of like a test for me I didn’t even
realize it but I noticed how much better that one photo did where I had people
comment what they thought down below again you kind of need to be strategic
because people aren’t just gonna comment like what’s your favorite food and
comment or I could be wrong maybe they do I’ve never found that people do when
I ask them like random questions where are you from they don’t really that much
but just be creative with it and any way that you can cleverly force people to
comment something down below do it because that Instagram will put your
photo on more people’s feeds and on the discover and explore page and therefore
will lead to more followers this leads me to point number three which I cannot
emphasize enough all of these points I can and besides mouth especially this
one because I feel like this is something I am terrible at stop posting
what isn’t working okay for example above I learned that it’s better to have
a call to action in your captions so stop posting photos
don’t have a call-to-action right so do the same kind of thing on your profile
post post post post post don’t be so critical of what you’re posting if the
lighting is perfect ya know just post because it’s better than not posting it
all and see what does well and what doesn’t well and when you find something
that does well keep doing it and when you find something that doesn’t do well
stop doing it okay it seems self explanatory but honestly
people just keep posting things that aren’t working over and over and over
and me included and then nothing’s gonna change tip number four is to use an
automated engagement tools such as explode social which I use if you guys
saw my last Instagram hacks video I went into depth on what this service is I
will link that up here in the I if you want to check that out but as I
mentioned it’s an Instagram automated engagement tool that increases your
number of likes comments followers etc and they are all like real people real
comments real engagement so I’m gonna kind of explain this a little bit just
so that you guys know and understand like how this works and that it’s
nothing sketchy or weird I’m always skeptical of things like this and I want
you to know I would never ever ever promote something that was like weird or
suck in any way this is completely legit I’ve been using it for like over a year
now on my business profiles on companies profiles that I work with with
consulting and it seriously works like a charm
it grows your following instantly and consistently so basically what you do
when you sign up and by the way there’s a link down below you can sign up it’s a
three day trial and you can get 10% off using the code af10 but I will get there
so basically when you get in there you can target by location and by username
so what this means what I have mine do is I wrote down all these usernames of
accounts that are similar to mine so like other influencers and creators
female like around my age so by me putting in those usernames it’s
targeting the followers of those accounts because if those followers are
interested in them they will probably be interested in me so then when it does is
I can decide and set whether I want it to follow people comment on people’s
photos or like people’s posts right now I just have it set to liking people’s
posts because I feel really bad about like following and unfollowing like I
don’t want to do that I think that’s kind of like rude it does really work it
does help I will say so it’s really good for businesses and stuff like that where
they probably won’t care as much but since I am a personal brand and I
obviously like care about my followers I don’t want to just be like following and
unfollowing them same with the comments I’m a little bit scared about backs it’s
not really it’s like me riding it but I don’t want
it to be like some really sad post and then my comment is like awesome because
then I just look like it full so the reason that I have it set to liking
people’s photos is because you guys seriously I care about you so much I
care about my followers in my audience and I wish that I could spend hours
every single day engaging with you guys and the reality of it is I just don’t
have the time to do that so it’s awesome about this is that it’ll go in and
automatically engage with people and then all get a bunch of messages from
people saying like oh my god thank you for liking my photo and I can actually
chat with you guys and it’s it’s me actually finding people who I think will
like my content and me being able to then organically actually engage with
them so it’s like doing that work at first bringing those people to me and
then I can talk to them and I can like you know engage with them back and they
can engage with me and it’s this whole thing that honestly I just love because
I wish that I could engage with everyone and I can’t so I love that aspect of it
I have seen my following grow tremendously because of it so if you
guys want to try this out it’s really good for businesses personal brands it’s
also good for people just normal like personal accounts – it definitely grows
it like hands down 100% like total guarantee you just have to kind of mess
with the settings until you figure out what works the best for you so if you
guys want to test it out the link will be down below and I do have a promo code
for 10% off I literally purchased this plan and have had it for like over a
year so I basically hit them up like yo can I get a promo code for my followers
because honestly I make videos about Instagram and you guys are going to love
this tip number five is for if you don’t do this what you’re gonna need to do
then is go in and spend like half an hour to an hour a day actually engaging
live with those types of people so again like target people that are similar to
you and like target their followers like photos comments on as much stuff as you
can and follow as many people as you can it does take a long time it’s like very
time-consuming but it does work it does do the job people genuinely want to like
show you love back and you will gain followers from that tip number six is to
not just post photos Instagram lately is all over the video grind they want to
become this next video platform because they’re owned by Facebook Facebook is
doing this huge video push so they are definitely favoring people on Instagram
who posts a combination of photos carousel post video posts on your feed
and also stories also people going live I don’t go live that often I think I
probably should even just like once a week or a couple times a month
really helps but definitely post video if you can post photos videos carousels
do all of it I think it really helps for the algorithm so we tip number seven is
to be verified on Instagram now obviously this is like easier said than
done you can’t just go around and get verified but in my last ID hacks video I
also talked about all the different ways in which you can attempt to get verified
so if you want to check that out in more detail I’ll link it down below of course
if you get verified it just gives you a little bit of added credibility some
street cred z’ if you will because people see your profile and see that
your verified and your instantly a little bit more curious as like who you
are what you do why are you verified so here is the obvious way that I know how
to request verification it still hasn’t worked for me sad day but you can do it
so basically if you go into your account settings and then if you click on
account you will see a little button that says request verification you
basically click on that and then I think it just makes you upload a photo of your
driver’s license or some sort of photo ID put your full name in what category
your account is and then you push send that’s how you verify it it’ll let you
know if it was successful or not I’m not been successful with it yes there are
several other ways you can attempt but there in my last video so I won’t go
into those again but obviously verification would be huge in terms of
like getting people to follow you tip number is to keep hashtags to a minimum
I think there’s like a misconception that you really should put like 30
hashtags I worry that that’s actually not the move I think that there are
different speculation about this I don’t think it’s the move because a it just
kind of makes you outwardly look like I’m trying to get all these followers
but also I have heard things about Instagram doing like a shadow ban and
just like thinking your account is like spammy a little bit because you have so
many hashtags I recommend usually doing like one to
three because it just like looks better in your caption like people aren’t
turned off by it but also you could do like five to seven so here’s a really
good way to find out which hashtags to use because I also think a lot of people
just really incorrectly hashtag they just put random crap and that’s not the
way to go okay if you go into Instagram and you search a word so let’s say
Coachella because I was just there and then click on tags click on that first
tag Coachella as you’ll notice right here it says related and it has other
hashtags these are the next like biggest hashtags for Coachella so I would just
pull from these obviously the ones that are relevant like if you’re not posting
a picture of your outfit maybe don’t put Coachella outfit but
or kind of how you find them and of course if you click on another one it’ll
do the same thing so these are all like that good outfit hashtag so that’s how I
would find the hashtags that you guys want to use sorry tip number nine is
pretty self-explanatory but post interesting photos you guys again like I
said earlier don’t get so caught up in photo having to be perfect that you
don’t post at all but if you are good at being consistent try to post some
creative interesting photos when people are scrolling through you want people to
stop and really look at your photo and make them like question it or be
intrigued by it or have it be something interesting enough to kind of stop
people in their tracks and click on your profile and want to see more um this is
like a pretty simple tip but it really can make a difference and tip number ten
finally is to care about your audience care about your followers if you guys
don’t go in and respond to every comment and favor every comment it’s kind of
like why should they follow you like it’s a social media platform meaning it
is for social sake it is for engaging and interacting with other people of
course if you get thousands of comments like of course you can’t respond to
every comment but if that’s not you I highly recommend responding to every
single comment favoriting every comment not only does that increase the
engagement on the photo because it’s actually getting more comments but they
actually feel like really special and loved and they will comment on more
photos and maybe tell their friends about you like it’s this trickle effect
that you can’t even see you might think oh it’s pointless that I’m doing this no
not at all so care about your audience if you don’t care about your audience
why are you doing social media that’s honestly my question like it’s not about
you it’s about the followers about keeping content to the followers so
those are my tips I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to check out my last
Instagram hacks video and remember the link to explode social is down below and
again remember you guys don’t take this too seriously don’t take Instagram too
seriously of course if it’s your business and your job like take it
seriously like I fully understand but just you know don’t get too wrapped up
and like the number of followers you have it doesn’t matter at the end of the
day it just matters who really is in your life who loves you and all that but
you know that I don’t need to even say so thank you guys for watching this
video please please please give it a thumbs up comment anything if you can my
channel is like in a weird rut right now and I’m really trying to revive it
hashtag revive Adrienne’s channel so I love you guys and I’ll see you in my
next video bye

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