10 Dumbest Social Media Posts of All Time
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10 Dumbest Social Media Posts of All Time

100 thoughts on “10 Dumbest Social Media Posts of All Time

  1. Hey Matt, I understand what that woman going through with trying to stop a "Black Lab" from barking. I am the proud owner of a 12 years male black lab, Jacob. He can bark so loud that he had broke the city bylaw and I was given a warning instead of a $50 fine. The officer came to my home and tried to put a mussel on Jacob which went on fine. But Jacob neck is a think fur with a narrow head, so he just used his paw and slipped it right off his head right in front of the officer. But I know of a couple who had 2 dogs, one  mixed breed and the other was a pure breed "Husky", beautiful dogs when they first got the dogs. They had many big bags of brand name food to feed their dogs. However, they kept this food locked up in the bedroom and barely fed their 2 dogs. Within one month the dogs had lost so much weight that their ribs were now showing. People reported them to the SPCA but nothing a done and they were allowed to keep their dogs even through the dogs were badly neglected. That is the messed up world we live in Matt.

  2. Everytime I watch these videos, I can't help but realize how he kept his happy persona while filming even though he was suffering. I'm happy that he's in a better place now 😀 (Please don't click on my face. I'm a germaphobe.)

  3. Good video very humorous however an A.R. 15 is not an assault rifle it is a semi automatic sporting rifle please stop helping spread this miss naming and misinformation about this

  4. An AR-15 is not an assault rifle unless it is used to assault somebody just like a golf club is not an assault club assault is an action Not a definition

  5. I actually think it's good when idiots post proud videos/photos of their animal cruelty on social media. It sounds weird but here's why I feel that way, the people end up getting caught! That way the animals end up being protected (although not in the case you mentioned). I've heard of other animal cruelty cases being discovered in the same way, friends of the cruel person report them and disown them for their disgusting behaviour.

  6. Lost my faith in human intelligence when Tamil Nadu (India) Chief minister (Governor of a state) who was convicted for fraud and tax evasion and just the previous years handled a flood victims so well (LOL) was re elected as the chief minister for the next 5 years.

  7. Who tf talks online about their probation officer and drug tests and breathalyzers? I got into trouble when I was younger too but I didn't sing about it from the rooftops lmao

  8. If I had a friend who bragged about drunk driving and a hit and run I would have to fcking hurt them.. actually I wouldn't be friends with someone who would act like that. That one is the worst so far..

  9. How tf are these teenagers getting their hands on shotguns and ARs?! That is fcking terrifying. I am all for gun rights.. we should be allowed to have firearms. But TEENAGERS SHOULD NOT HAVE SHOTGUNS AND ARS!

  10. Please say I'm not the only person on here who watches this to not feel bad about cringey stuff I posted online.

  11. Animal abusers should spend at least 40 years in prison and the animal should've been taken from her!

  12. wow I looked in the question “are you subscribed or not?”
    And 97% were subscribed wow Mathew!
    Keep up the good work

  13. I m against black lives matter because it mostly racist bull and quite frankly ALL LIVES MATTER. No race is superior then the next. I have lost alll hope for humanity since 2011.

  14. Black Lives Matter, but not just black lives. All lives matter. That video is not the way to go about it. First amendment my foot.

  15. I'm glad you pixel the dog's mouth shut by duct tape. It upsets me to see people abuse their pets.
    Why would you do this?
    And why did she get the dog back? 🐕🤨
    The guy with all that dirty money in his mouth, so gross. I used to work with a lot of money at my job years ago, and money actually stinks. 😧🤭

  16. The soundis doing my head in ! What the hekmdid he say?
    Headache, the guynis screaming away above that monotonous blangelangelagelange lange. .
    Screeem shout . I can onlynsee a talking mouth. Und2rstandnothing anymore.
    Bloody noise overload.
    But without playing it, he has a lovely smile !

  17. Hi, Matt. Why don't you put a "No." as an answer to your poll? I mean you have to give your poll-subjects the free will, or is a famouse youtuber like you affraid of rejection?

  18. Did you hear about that female You Tuber who robbed something, I can't remember if it was a business or people, but she put up a video shortly after where she was talking about the crime(s) and showed a whole bunch of money! How about the idiot who robbed a business and as he was walking away some guy yanked the bag of money out of his hands. Now was this justice? Well, the crook decided to CALL THE POLICE to report his bag of STOLEN money had just been stolen from him!! Lol.. I love these kinds of videos and pieces of information but sometimes it really does make me very concerned about the type and intelligence of some of the people we share air space with lol.

  19. It's not true that "once something's the internet, its on the internet forever.". For example, I could delete this comment anytime.

  20. The only thing wrong with the video (besides the stupidity of the perps) is that an AR isn't an assault rifle, other than good video

  21. His "friends" called the police when they saw his post about hitting a car. With friends like that who needs snitches!

  22. So what was wrong with killing all white ppl… hell yall do deserve it tho… I mean hanging us burning us raped us so I mean it's not like yall dont deserve it tho frfr yall are evil

  23. Ok, the bank robber dude… dumb move and all, but when they showed him with the cash to his face and IN HIS MOUTH!! …. OMG dry heaving ..
    People THE NUMBER ONE CONTAMINANT ON US CURRENCY IS FECAL MATTER!!! followed closely by cocaine…..PEOPLE!! NEH..HEH…HEH..HEHV..ERR PUT MONEY IN YOUR MOUTH!! Or on your face…. ya nasty…. I can't…. I wont… I cant even….. UGH!! NOW I have to go reshower, brush my teeth again, and gargle some peroxide…. check yall later…

  24. I watch quite a few true crime shows…Why does it seem that Ohio is so crime ridden…I understand Detroit, but why this state?

  25. A AR is not an assault rifle. By U.S. Army definition, a selective-fire rifle chambered for a cartridge of intermediate power. If applied to any semi-automatic firearm regardless of its cosmetic similarity to a true assault rifle, the term is incorrect. Assault Weapon. Any weapon used in an assault.

  26. When Martin Luther King Jr said I wanted Blacks and Whites to live together in peace, he didn't mean, DO WHAT PEOPLE DID TO HIM AND HIS FAMILY AND FRIEND (Killing, Beating, and being racist to them)

  27. Don't forget the member of ISIL who posted himself in one of their hideouts and not surprisingly received a visit from military forces shortly thereafter.

  28. "Mom I robbed a bank"
    "Jesus christ"

  29. An AR-15 is not an "assault rifle". No matter what the politicians like to call them, and AR is not a part of this category.

  30. I use the comic book
    <—- as in hex.
    Real guns scares me.
    More a laid back country boy.
    These people are "crazy!"

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